Rep. Comer: What was the Biden family doing to receive this money?

Rep. Comer: What was the Biden family doing to receive this money?

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the investigation into the Biden family influence, the number of family members involved in alleged peddling and the DOJ meeting with Hunter Biden’s lawyers. #FoxNews

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They're talking about impeaching Biden How could how could we not impeach Biden If this does in fact reach him I I Wonder what their defense will be I mean This is this is just going on too much And and the um Like I said the documentation that I've Seen I can't comment on all of it but What I can comment on is that it is bad And it is getting worse and it is Showing uh it is showing Illegal monies from Chinese Communist Flowing into this White House Strong words of potential impeachment From house oversight Committee Member Congressman Tim burchett with me on Friday on mornings with Maria over on Fox Business on the potentially Compromised position President Biden is In when dealing with communist China After the house oversight committee Report on millions of dollars the Biden Family has taken in from communist China House oversight committee chairman Congressman James Comer revealing that Six more members of the Biden family may Have benefited from the family's various Business ventures around the world the New information comes from examining the Suspicious activity reports those Reports sent by Banks to the treasury Department in transactions involving President Biden's family joining me Right now to get to the bottom of it

This Sunday morning with more in an Exclusive interview is house oversight Committee chairman Congressman James Comer Mr chairman good to have you this Morning welcome Good morning what can you tell us about Your latest findings and the Biden Family receiving money from adversaries Well we went into treasury after a long Battle to have access to those treasury Reports uh thinking that there was a Certain number of suspicious activity Reports the number that had been Previously reported and we thought that There were two or three Biden family Members that would be implicated in These Bank violations uh nearly three Weeks later we walk out of Treasury Having read poured over thousands of Pages of documents and I can tell you That there were more suspicious activity Reports that had been previously Reported and many more abiding family Members that were involved in the Influent peddling scheme we now have Nine and Counting Biden family members Who are zinged by at least one bank for Receiving suspicious wires for my Adversaries around the world Urge adversaries and including China Sent money directly to to Biden family Members into their accounts There's the key Maria they sent money to These llc's that the Biden family

Members created now that's another Aspect of this we went in thinking there Were around a dozen llc's through our Informants and through our research over The past year and through other Investigative reporting we thought they Were around a dozen of these llc's that Were created by Biden family members to Disguise or launder uh where the the Source of the revenue was coming from But there are many more llc's there are Many more Biden members Biden family Members many more llc's and many more Countries that were involved I'll say This China was probably the most Reputable country that the Biden family Was dealing with and the question Remains what were these family members Doing to receive this money right There's no Rhyme or Reason for some of These Biden family members to to receive Any type of payment from our adversaries Around the world much less the the Number that we've uncovered and we're Still digging through these Bank Violations that's unbelievable I mean it Couldn't be that they just wanted to Hang out in the vice president's office Right what were they paying for One Source sends me this one of the huge Benefits the Chinese May well have paid For was then Vice President Biden Presiding over the signing of a Memorandum of understanding an mou on

May 7 2013 between our public Company Accounting oversight board and the Chinese Regulatory Commission to waive Federal auditing requirements for Hundreds of Chinese companies listed on U.S exchanges was that part of it Thousands more traded in our markets all In violation of U.S federal Securities Laws There are six specific decisions that Joe Biden made either as vice president Or president that are very concerning to Us that we believe could potentially Lead back to payments that were made to These llc's that were then laundered Down to the Biden family member so you Have to look at the number of the llc's And look at the transactions and look at The limited bank records that we have to Realize the Great Links to which this Family went to try to Disguise the sender of the money and Then deceive the IRS so when we hear About the the Biden family lawyers are Meeting with the doj to talk about a Potential indictment of Hunter Biden I Want to be very clear Maria it would be Impossible for the Department of Justice To just cherry pick hunter Biden for an Indictment and not do anything to the Eight other Biden family members because They were essentially doing the same Thing and receiving the same types of Payments for my adversary around the

World that Hunter Biden was doing so They were trying to make it look like The numbers were lower because they were Dispersing money to other family members How many family members were involved Well right now we have nine but I Believe in the end that number will be At least 12. I mean this was the Biden Family uh influence peddling scheme and And you know when people say well they Were involved in Ventures around the World I haven't found a legitimate Business on the Biden in Maria I found Legitimate businesses that that were Paying the llc's that were then turning Around and laundering the money back to The bidens but I haven't found any Legitimate business dealings on the Biden uh it looks like if there was a Legitimate business dealing in any of These llc's it was influence peddling And you know if you want to get Technical and if you want to get uh to a Legal term that's called being a foreign Agent they weren't registered as a Foreign agent and I'm sure the ethics Laws would prevent immediate family Members of high-ranking government Officials from being foreign agents Either way this is bad there are more Laws that appear to me that have been Broken than just tax evasion and there Are a lot more bidens involved than just The president's son and his brother wow

So the lawyers for Hunter Biden meeting With the doj this upcoming week do you Expect Hunter Biden to get indicted do You expect other family members to have A Target on their back or not well this Doj just ignore it all Well they're in a pickle here especially Now with the IRS whistleblower I mean There's no Rhyme or Reason Why Hunter Biden shouldn't have been indicted years Ago even before the the last Presidential election but one of the Challenges that I've learned that the Department of J if there are any Legitimate serious people left in the Doj that are really trying to do the Right thing is what do you do with this Many family members of the president I Mean there's not going to be anybody Left for a Christmas picture if the doj Did their job and went in there and Indicted everyone that that has any type Of fingerprints involved in this Influence peddling scheme I mean it's The entire family Congressman can you Name the six decisions that Biden made Whether as vice president or as President that helped China so that we Could better understand what he was Doing for the money he was being paid Well we're going to talk about that Later we hope to have a press conference Very soon to update the the American People and if anyone in the mainstream

Media is going to really care about it We have a lot of new information those Six decisions are going to be involved In in more investigations I think some Of them that the American people know About some of them have been out there For a long time but there are some new Ones that I think have just popped on Our radar screen here lately again There's no reason and there's no Explanation for this family to receive This many suspicious wires from Adversaries around the world if Joe Biden weren't directly involved in some Type of decision making because I am Confident that these people who are Wiring the bidens were expecting to get A return on their investment and they're In a single one of those family members That had the ability to do anything to Influence foreign policy other than uh The big guy Joe Biden so is that the Reason he's so soft on China you know The surveillance balloon was met with no Response the origin of covid-19 no Investigation is this the reason Nothing on coveted nothing on Tick Tock Nothing on the Spy balloon China Continues to steal our intellectual Property they continue to manipulate our Currency they're buying companies around The world that are a problem for us from A national security standpoint and yet This President does nothing about China

It makes you wonder Maria whether or not He is in fact compromised because of the Millions of dollars his family has Already taken in from the Chinese Communist party all right we're going to Continue to watch your investigation so We so appreciate your time this morning Thank you Thanks for having me Maria house Oversight committee chairman Congressman James Comer thank you sir hi winner Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a Favor I want you to click to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page this is the Only way that I know for sure that You're not going to miss any great Commentary any great news bites any Great interviews coming your way on Fox You can get it all here on YouTube so Subscribe right now

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