Guy Benson exposes expelled Tennessee Democrats | Guy Benson Show

Guy Benson exposes expelled Tennessee Democrats | Guy Benson Show

Guy Benson exposes expelled Tennessee Democrats | Guy Benson Show

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I want to start the program where I Began yesterday's program as well Talking about the much vaunted Tennessee Three The greatest heroes of our time According to our news media And other leftists The tribe has spoken And these are the new famous people Who must be just showered With attention and Applause and Approbation for their truly Courageous stand On gun control In Tennessee where of course they ground The legislative process to a halt and Drowned out actual debate Violating chamber rules Which of course is all very good when Good people seeking good things do it if The bad people seeking bad things do it Then it's bad That's like the style guide in newsrooms And I don't have to tell you which side Is good and which side is bad and which Side the journalists fancy themselves to Be on obviously So you've got this Gloria Johnson The woman who actually wasn't expelled From the chamber Because she had done fewer disruptive Things didn't have the bullhorn was not As active in the participation of the Breaking of the rules so some

Republicans with some Nuance said okay Was her conduct different they narrowly Decided not to expel her she thanked Them for that Nuance by calling them Racists Then you had representative Justin Jones Who actually has again been sworn in so He was temporarily Reassigned to this seat right he was Appointed for the time being to the seed Pending a special election so that's how The system works down there he has been Sworn back in So the expulsion lasted a couple days In this hero's journey of martyrdom And then there's also representative Justin Pearson And I will return to Mr Pearson in just A moment But first I want to linger On representative Jones Who seems to be the ringleader he's the Real radical And in the whole media hagiography of This man and and this whole triumvirate Because there is a lot of hagiography Going on look how great they are they're On Good Morning America Gloria Johnson Posted a photo of them Hamming it up for The cameras mugging for the cameras look How giddy we are reveling in their Newfound Fame flown to New York to be on National Television to be praised by Their ideological companions at ABC News

Just couldn't be more thrilled to talk About gun safety of course and those Dead people who were not really talking About so much anymore because they're Like three victims ago Right you have the actual murdered Victims I mentioned this yesterday and Then the trans Community the next true Victims capital T capital V and then the Next round of true victims the Democrats Especially the Democrats of color Because it wasn't their conduct that got Them thrown out it was their skin color Right so we we are way past the dead Christians in the lead-up to Holy Week In a Slaughter Undertaken by and perpetrated by a trans Person that's like such an afterthought That when the vice president hightailed It down there lickety-split to show her Solidarity politically it was with the Latest capital T capital V true victims The ousted Democrats and she didn't even Bother to meet with the families of the People who were dead The shooting wasn't that long ago But that's the political priority of This Administration And she went down there and gave an Angry political sermon Joe Biden Had a virtual meeting with the Tennessee Three Apparently there's a White House visit

In the works it's like the full red Carpet let's have a state dinner for our New national heroes why not And what the news coverage just sort of Wipes away and air brushes out Is some relevant information for example We told you yesterday that Justin Jones As a Divinity student at Vanderbilt a Couple years ago was at the Tennessee Capitol protesting something else Because apparently that's like His major passion in life maybe his Full-time job agitation He was there all Angry doing what he Does This was before he got elected And he tried to shove his way past Police To assault the Republican Speaker of the House And when he couldn't get to the Republican speaker he threw according to Police documents a cup of hot coffee at Him into an elevator and the coffee Splashed on the speaker and another Republican lawmaker And as a result then pre-representative Justin Jones was banned from the Building understandably After these charges Then the Democrats in Tennessee said That's great that's exactly who we want Let's nominate this guy and get him Elected to that same body which he did

Then he showed up and had the bull horn And drowned out debate as a champion of Free speech obviously and norms and the Children Can't forget the children In their mind that stuff That array that constellation of facts And emotions Justified whatever they Wanted to do including breaking the Rules But he clearly has experienced life Experience lived experience even when it Comes to Disrupting the legislative process and In fact allegedly assaulting Members of the Chamber of the body that He eventually joined And I didn't see a bunch of like Hand-wringing Pearl clutching when the Democrats embraced Someone who had resorted to this kind of Assault and elected that person But that's what they did down in Tennessee and then we've seen the Results that little story That previous example of this person's Conduct just Strangely absent In a lot of the coverage I can't imagine Why We also mentioned this yesterday I want To play the sound for you there's Another member of the chamber The uh the lower chamber in Nashville

Representative Sabi Kumar doc Kumar Who's an indian-american first Generation immigrant And he pointed out during the debate the Floor debate about the expulsions Kumar Pointed out the racial language that Jones had used and directed at Kumar In the past and you'll hear the clip Here from Kumar telling the story and Then the response from Jones seeming to In his mind justify the racial slur that He used with a context clarification Which does not make things better cut 24. in those 53 years in America I have never encountered a racial slur I'm really not aware that any of that Applies to me I live a good life Yet you on tape call me a brown face yes Sir it's on tape and what I told you was What you just exhibited as the only Member of their caucus who is not of the Caucasian persuasion I said that you put A brown face on white supremacy Oh there's the clarification well yeah I Called you a brown face but only in the Context of saying that you're a brown Face of white supremacy oh that's a lot Better What an insulting racist thing to say And then he doubled down you just did it Again there's your brown-faced white Supremacy again Kumar And he's just like he's the good guy In his mind

Hero Justin Jones a hero in his own mind Before he became a hero to our nation According to our news media and the Organized left which of course is one in The same But Justin Jones at least seems to be Authentically radical where he was Throwing hot beverages at Republicans Back when it was not as cool However there's also Justin Pearson the Other guy who got expelled And some folks have turned up some audio And video of him from the not so distant Past when he was a student at Lilly White Bowden College This little potted Ivy up in Maine Where he was running I guess for student Government And he has close cropped hair and this Very traditional suit and tie and he was Just talking to the Bowdoin Community About the importance of dialogue and Bringing people together and centrism in Moderation and having important Conversations here's Justin Pearson back In 2016 cut 31. Dustin J Pearson and I'm Running for president of BSG there are a Few reasons that we're running this Campaign this year one has to do with Representation how can we represent all Voices in a conversation I want to do This by partnering with organizations From the booty Democrats to the Boon

Republicans I want to bring together Different voices dissenting voices Voices that may be more liberal or more Conservative in order that we can reach A point of sort of the radical middle The radical middle Neither Republicans and the Democrats And more liberal and more conservative And let's do this radical middle and Let's talk about ideas how high-minded Of young Justin Pearson he's still quite Young Now he's an Ousted member of the Tennessee Legislature and here's the same guy that Was back when he was running for President Bowden College of like the Student Union or whatever Here he is last week Giving uh a riled up sermon I believe he Referred to Mother God in this sermon Quite the transformation of this young Man cut 32. seemed like the NRA and gun Lobbyists might win But oh that was good news for us I don't Know how long this Saturday in the state Of Tennessee might last but oh we have Good news folks we've got good news that Sunday always comes Wow Everyone Hillary Clinton put on the fake Southern accent I Ain't No Ways Tired That whole Performance

I mean that was Amateur hour compared to This By the way here was uh Justin Pearson After the expulsion vote the radical Middle let's talk to each other Republicans and Democrats right and left And then cut 33. we can never normalize The ending of democracy we can never Normalize the tyranny of the way that These people in positions of Power are Operated due to white supremacy and due To the maintenance of patriarchy that's What we're up against White supremacy and patriarchy that's What we're up against I love this the ending of democracy Thing while the people are screaming in The background trying to shut down the Actual operation of the democratic Process but that's bad when the outcomes Aren't what the left wants see in the Mind of many on the left democracy is Simply synonymous with what they want When they get what they want it's Democracy when they don't get what they Want it's an attack on Democracy or Ending democracy even if they're the Ones actually doing the ending of Democracy In furtherance of an agenda Means to an end Now look I get it people change I was Maybe a little bit more dogmatic as a

Conservative in college than I am now You could probably find some Embarrassing stuff that I said or wrote In college I'd be like okay Benson back It off a little I was 21 or whatever But I mean It's it's an amazing amazing Juxtaposition Justin Pearson Adapting to the melu at Bowdoin College Seeking the presidency of the student Government Talking about holding hands and talking To each other and the importance of Dialogue from the right and the left Republicans and Democrats to really come Together in the radical moderate Center And then just a few years later he's an Elected Democrat he figured out What he needed to do at Bowdoin To try to attain power The tone he needed to strike the Appearance he needed to give Then he went down to Tennessee and Figured out okay the path to power now For me to get that seat that I want is To Talk very differently and grow out my Hair and drop the moderate part of the Radical moderate and just do radical And play act at that I mean maybe this Is an authentic transformation from this Young man maybe Or maybe he is a power hungry political Actor who has wanted power over other

People for a long time and he is Correctly by the way reading the Incentive structure in our politics Right now and acting accordingly doesn't Make those clips back to back any less Hilarious But that is what we are fostering in This country right now A transformation that maybe was truly From the heart But I have my suspicions It's incredible that audio is absolute Gold I wonder if that's going to get widely Reported outside of like a viral Conservative social media Craze It'll probably get reported and Discussed just as much as Justin Jones And the assault on the speaker of the House and the racial slur against Brown Face Kumar Which is to say almost none Because there's a new Hero on the left Three of them in fact and they are to be Deified and held up and promoted Whereas when there's a new Hero on the Right the media immediately jumps into Finding every single nook and cranny of Their lives forever to see if there's a Way to tear them down and figure out That actually they're pretty damn Problematic the rules are completely Different

And sometimes people wonder why we're so Polarized and why people see this and Get so pissed off and view the media for Example as the enemy This is what exhibit 2053 of the year I've gone long we've got a break it's The guy Benson show we'll be right back

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