Hamas was LAUGHING at Biden for doing this: Former ambassador to Israel

Hamas was LAUGHING at Biden for doing this: Former ambassador to Israel

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman joins ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ to discuss President Biden’s unchecked funding to ‘hostile actors’ in the Middle Eastern.

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[Music] Welcome back America we have a good Friend of mine David Freeman former US Ambassador to Israel Mr Ambassador uh first question Is this you were the most successful Ambassador in the history of our country Uh working with the state of Israel how Often has the Biden Administration Consulted you or asked you for advice on Uh policy in the Middle East if you add It all up together mark it would be zero Um it's uh and by the way it's great to Be with you uh no they haven't consulted With me and I've offered by the way and I I've offered several times and Unfortunately they haven't taken me up On it uh Mark I want to thank you for Your uh your earlier comments about President Trump and the things he's done For Israel because they've been out you Know outstanding and if I can just give You a little background on that because You know uh it's not as if uh you know He just sat there signing orders and Making declarations you know whenever I Was back in the Oval Office and it was Probably um at least once a month you Know during the first year um we'd sit There um and and Jared would be with us And Jason and others and the basic uh You know the basic goal of the Conversation was how do we make our Allies stronger and how do we make our

Enemies weaker and of course in my case The most important Ally was Israel and We would talk about all the things that Could be done to make Israel stronger uh That would in turn also uh help America Make America stronger more safe more Secure and how do we deal with Israel's Enemies which were Prim at that time and Contined to be Iran uh overwhelmingly Iran and then you know the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and you know um During those discussions you know all These incredible things that you Mentioned came out most importantly um The sanctions against Iran we took them Uh to the point of bankruptcy and now of Course they're a very very wealthy Country we ended the financing of the Palestinians we ended the financing of Hamas of unra of all those things and You know what during as a result of all Those things everyone said you know You're going to create violence you're Going to create Wars there was no Slaughter of Jews during those four Years there was no you know attacks Against Israel that Israel couldn't Handle couldn't manage um there was no Push for a two-state solution and uh it Was all because you know it wasn't just You know a president sitting there as a Rubber stamp um you know issuing Declarations that were put in front of His desk it was based upon an activist

President who sat with us and said how Do I make Israel stronger how do I make America stronger and how do I weaken These vile enemies that threaten Israel Very well put Mr Ambassador but then I Ask you this question so Joe Biden comes In office he brings these Obama Holdovers with him top to bottom uh John McCain in an incredible speech years ago About blinkin when he was up for deputy Secretary and he said absolutely not This guy is completely off the- wall but They do represent the Obama ideology Obama was the most hostile president the State of Israel until now I think this Administration is by far the worst That's just my Opinion they come in there's peace Breaking out all over the Middle East And rather than take the Paton and Continue with the Abraham Accords and All the rest of they blow the whole Thing up and they start rearming Iran And they lift all the waivers on Iran And they're giving hundreds of millions To the PLO they're giving Millions to Unra which gives Millions to to uh to Hamas and they did it without any Demands they did it without any with any Challen es without any disc none of it How what do you make of that yeah I Think first of all they they clearly Don't understand the Middle East I mean They have this ridiculous notion that by

Throwing money at hostile actors you Gain their respect you gain their trust Just the opposite they they were Laughing at us you know Hamas and the PA Were we're laughing at Biden saying this Guy is giving us money and we don't have To do anything for it we don't have to Agree to end the terrorist activities we Don't have to disarm we don't have to Stop paying terrorists to to kill Jews We don't have to we don't to end the pay For slay pension program that the Palestinian Authority notas the the the Supposed Good Guys the Palestinian Authority their pension plan that pays Terrorists more money to kill Jews the More Jews you kill the more money you Get no no accountability and then they Made Iran into a very wealthy nation and Then on top of that you know on top of The um the you know all this insane and Malign Behavior they start advertising Normalization with Saudi Arabia as if Somehow you know that's going to make it More likely to happen just the opposite You remember back when we did the Abraham Accords the first Abraham Accord Was announced August 13th of 2020 before we announced that that deal Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates you know how many people knew About it like six people in the whole World knew about it and that's how you Make deals in this world you don't you

Don't start broadcasting it and creating Trial balloons but Biden started you Know he started uh advertising so of Course uh you know things went sideways So there's a combination of gross and Aptitude and and a real failure to Understand the Middle East in a way Where you know we we are literally Empowering our enemies look look at look At this number right now they're talking About um roughly a $4 billion Aid Package to Israel our most important Ally in the Middle East well just in the Last month Biden's given Iran $16 Billion right first a $6 billion you Know sanction gift and then a $10 Billion one so in just a month they're Giving Iran more money than they're Giving Israel I mean it's it's it's just Unexplainable hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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