Hannity: Americans are fleeing these cities

Hannity: Americans are fleeing these cities

Fox News host Sean Hannity shares example after example of lawlessness running rampant in American cities in Friday’s opening monologue.

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And welcome to this special edition of Hannity liberal lawlessness now tonight For the hour we're going to show you What happens when Democrats rule over Cities and states for decades and the Damage that they are doing in D.C it is Being felt by every single American and They have literally taken a wrecking Ball to the entire economy China is on The March and you're President Joe Biden He's building sand castles and sitting On a beach in Delaware but first there Is a reason that Americans are fleeing New York New Jersey California Illinois These liberal states and there's a Reason two million Americans left America's big cities just in the last Two years High income taxes High Property taxes High sales taxes punitive Regulations and for what the roads are Covered with potholes the streets are Littered with tons of trash the homeless Crisis that's worse than ever and the Public School Systems they're a disaster And by the way for example look at Baltimore 23 Baltimore more City Schools Zero students not one is proficient in Math 23 schools not a single student now That's what 1.6 billion dollars or 20 Grand per student bought the taxpayers Of Baltimore and forget about Public Safety take a look at your screen here's What Public Safety looks like in Chicago Mob beatings in broad daylight last

Weekend hordes of teens taking over the Streets smashing cars assaulting Pedestrians and breaking windows in a Statement Chicago's radical incoming Mayor responded quote it is not Constructive to demonize youth who have Otherwise been starved of opportunities In their own communities what okay now Of course the murder crisis in Chicago That's even worse now fake news CNN they Would have you believe that guns kind of Magically walk down the street and act On their own and commit these acts of Violence all by themselves they almost Never attach a human being to the Violent criminals who are actually Committing these crimes and that's Because these violent offenders they're Walking the streets thanks to democratic Policies and Democratic DA's where Killers they get a free pass in fact the Majority of murders in Chicago do not Result in charges meanwhile here's What's happening out in California the Golden state is now being wrecked by Looters take a look there that's a local Gas station in Compton California but The problem is Statewide and Nationwide And in many blue areas for example the Whole Food store in San Francisco They're closing down why because of the Horrible conditions in the city and of Course New York City is also suffering From a crime wave robbery grand larceny

Is way up after Manhattan DEA Alvin Bragg vowed not to prosecute theft to Establish quote racial equity in other Words if you're a criminal you can steal Whatever you want don't go to jail and Meanwhile felony assault is up 15 Percent here there's a police officer Getting attacked in broad daylight on Monday for no reason at all whatsoever And look at this new video also from New York where a driver is plowing through An outdoor dining space striking police Officers during a Pursuit now naturally AOC had to weigh in she's very angry What is she angry at the police take a Look you're talking about funding Violence prevention outside of the Police and yet Eric Adams has just Increased police wages by 28 percent is That misplaced I I think so we are Defunding safety defunding our Public Schools defunding our public pools Defunding our Parks defunding our Libraries when we are taking all of Those resources and demanding that every Single Department except the militarized One because we are sending a message About who and what we care about Now one New York City attack victim who Lost an eye because of a random beating At the hands of a Maniac on a subway Platform just responded to AOC and here Is what she had to say take a look at This

I believe safety come with police Officers and once there's police Officers then people feel more related To go places they wouldn't feel scared To go to school they wouldn't be scared To go to a public pool we wouldn't be Scared to be on the train station just Going to work you know there's times and Place for everything and once you put Safety First everything else will go Right after it I cannot call a teacher If I need help if a man is running me Down I cannot call a teacher I'm gonna Have to call the police I'm going to be Praying for a police not a teacher Oh there is no doubt that police play a Critical role in public safety but Democrats they don't care for them Political messaging virtue signaling That's way more important and now the Less defund dismantle and no bail laws They are destroying major cities they're Not protecting the innocent it is Impacting the entire country so it's not A mystery why Americans are now fleeing Blue States and blue cities you have Law-abiding hard-working taxpayers They're getting fleeced by democrats Spending their hard-earned tax dollars On far-left pet projects government Handouts billions and billions of Dollars on new green deal initiatives And of course massive payouts to public Sector unions who collude with Democrats

To steal money from American workers or You could look at New York City Second Avenue subway for example you have three Stations and just over a mile of new Track it costs taxpayers a whopping four Point five billion dollars and took 45 Years to complete if it wasn't so Pathetic it's laughable and by the way It is now filled with human waste and a Lot of homeless people this is not a Good life for workers and their families And now they're voting with their feet And by the way who can blame them hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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