Hannity: If Trump wins this, it is OVER.

Hannity: If Trump wins this, it is OVER.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the state of the 2024 race as Trump is poised to battle Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary. #FoxNews

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I was disappointed when they asked him Whether or not he'd run and he said I Have no comment because to me when you Say no comment that means you're running And we took it uh I think I took it Quite seriously and it doesn't matter Now because he uh got out so that's Water under the brid now between totally As far as I'm concerned look he endorsed Me you know he endorsed me and I we have Policies very similar actually I think Those people will all come to Me Donald Trump exclusively telling Fox And Friends he's confident D Santa Voters will give him their support after He dropped out yesterday Sean H he Joined us now to expand on that so Lawrence sat down with the president uh Steve was on the road with Governor Haley saw that so Sean first off welcome Oh it's great to see good to see you in Person think we meet here once a year Yeah every four years usually we have a Marching band wake you by the way I TR I Was trying to play the drums and the kid Didn't want to give me I F like I was Trying to Ste I felt like I was stealing His uh I don't know favorite toy it made Me feel horrible his he going to he's Going to go going to say he was like no I'm not giving you my my drumsticks not Happening right I don't play him they Always say don't give up the microphone Too you just pointed out when you sat

Down did you see The Insider Advantage Pole 6235 this is Matt Tower I've known mat For decades uh he nailed Iowa had Trump At 52 had the santis and Haley tied at 19 was very close to that number uh so When that poll was taken after Dan Santis dropped out it was taken it was a Poll I think he did 800 over 800 people So if if this is anything near true I Would argue that a president Trump to Tomorrow night wins by double digits Although to be honest a win is a win if He wins in New Hampshire there were Expectations with Governor sonunu Indorsing Nikki Haley that that might be You know helpful to her um but if you Look at the size of the crowds he's been Having and the rally size and these Polls I mean there's not a single poll That came out last week except ARG which Nobody which they won't even count in The Real Clear Politics average right uh ARG came out and they were Trump was 46 I think Haley was 44 with the polls all Over the place no no that's the only Poll that doesn't have Trump up by Double digit right right right the only One that was my point I was just saying What it was uh but bake news CNN I don't Count them but the The X Factor is all Of the independence because here there Uh in the state there are 300,000 Democrats 300,000 Republicans 400,000

Independents if they all show up they're Going to make a big difference it Definitely is a possibility I don't Happen to like I love the people of New Hampshire I love the state of New Hampshire I don't like their system what They call an Open Primary where people You know they were switching in the last Number of weeks from Democrat to Independent oer so they could wreak a Little Havoc inside the Republican Party They're thinking is okay if we help one Candidate in this case it would be Nikki Haley um get over the the hump then okay That's more money that whoever the Inevitable Republican candidate is it Seems like Trump by a long uh Shot I think if Trump wins this tomorrow By the margins we're seeing it is over I Think a question for Nikki haly who I Think ran a great campaign Ronda santz Ran a great campaign all the you know All the money Monday morning Quarterbacks don't mean a thing to me um He went to all 99 counties Ron did in uh Iowa ultimate retail politician retail Politician and he went out he asked People for a vote in any other year what Do he have 21 22% that would be a great Showing in Iowa um but this I keep Saying about Donald Trump that he de Defies all conventional political Gravity that's an understatement right That's well to you it is that what's

Happening to you Steve you're are you Moving to the left on me what are you Doing I am screen left right now that's True what all the court cases all of This that's happened to Donald Trump is That helping him it certainly that's Where it defies conventional political Gravity you would think somebody gets Arrested or somebody gets a rain that oh Your poll numbers are going to go down But it's all by Democrats every single Case and we saw that in Iowa in the exit Poles 80% of the people of Iowa smart People salted the Earth and they see Through this starting with the Russia Hoax impeachment one impeachment 2 you Know 51 Intel Uh former Intel people lying about Hunter's laptop uh charge after charge After charge they see this for what it Is they see it as as purely political And you know we've got to be careful as A country because if we don't have equal Justice under the law and equal Application of our laws we don't have a Constitution and it gets to be that Serious or we weaponize and use our law To criminalize political differences Another bad idea when Alvin Bragg was The first they say that was the biggest Miscalculation by the illegal offensive On him because they realized it was the Weakest case and the last by do you even Know what Bragg's charges are cuz I

Don't think anybody knows what his Charges are you know what he knew there Shouldn't be charges he walked away from It the White House put some legal uh Some legal person in there and they said Go dig up the case and go charge him and Then that SUV line goes in he comes out His poll numbers go up and every Candidate is forced not to talk about Their policies Donal Trump and the last One was Colorado when Colorado kicked Him off the ballot every if you watch The other channels every Democrat goes Oh my goodness you just gave him jetfuel Because everyone knows it's going to get Kicked out of court and it looks totally Like you're afraid to fight him it's so Funny saying this because Trump at one Point said oh I'm just one more Indictment away from from winning you Know by a landslide right it's it's it's Been overkilled yeah Sean Lawrence Interviewed president Trump last night And Lawrence I think you can hear us Right yeah is Lawrence on with us okay Listen to the sound and then we'll bring Lawrence in so y'all can talk about It this new approach of unity um do you Feel like it's going to be effective With winning back those Independents and Even some of those reasonable Democrats You know who you sound like Sean Hannity Right he's my mentor he is your Mentor He loves you but you sound just like

Sean Hannity were your ears burning my It did make me laugh I'm not going to Lie LJ's laughing too well to be honest Yeah I I I text you right at the end end Of it I go Sean he says I'm just like You now I can't escape you uh you are Trapped Forever I don't know what to tell you Here's the thing if he wins by a large Margin on Tuesday night where we are in New Hampshire which is expected and all The polls show that if that happens if That unfolds I mean Insider Advantage This morning was a massive poll if that Happens he then becomes the nominee and I think at that point the party better Unite because we see what life has been Like under the Democrats and Joe Biden I Cannot in be intellectually honest and Think of a single good policy that has Benefited the American people yeah not One are you better off than you were Four years ago I was talking to a bunch Of Independents yesterday and I said why Are you breaking for uh and they were at Nikki Haley events why you breaking for Nikki Haley and the the primary reason Was because of Joe Biden's policies a Lot of them had voted for him yeah you Know what's what policy is working how's It looking down at the border lately U That's going to be one of the biggest National Security you know disasters Have you seen the Middle East pretty

It's getting worse never it's worse in My lifetime yeah well when Donald Trump Left office in the Middle East he had Forged together an alliance that nobody Thought possible he had Israel the US The Saudis the Egyptians uh the Jordanians the Emirates and they were All at a level of friendship and sharing Intelligence against Iranian hity Joe Biden comes in office he turns a blind Eye Iran is selling their oils on the Market again they're getting rich they Ferment more terror than the number one State sponsor of Terror and you know Just and then he wants to give him six Billion and that didn't work out so he Ended up giving him 10 billion when he Allowed aaq to pay uh a bill let's make It 20 all right we're going to see you Tonight at 9:00 what are you doing in Between then General gym we got this Little radio show it's on about 750 Stations in the country you going to do That I'm going to do that today okay From New Hampshire yeah all right all Right right Sean you want to read what's Coming up next all right up next bill Hammer Dana Perino for what's coming up At the top of the hour and by the way I'll be on their show tomorrow man he's Busy such an introduction we are honored We are honored thank you so much hey Guys good morning I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley Airhart and

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