Hannity: Nikki Haley should have a little reflective time

Hannity: Nikki Haley should have a little reflective time

Fox News’ Sean Hannity reacts to former President Trump’s victory in New Hampshire and Nikki Haley’s decision to stay in the race. #foxnews #fox

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Sean Hannity host of Hannity is here With us now Sean great to have you with Us exciting night very interesting to Watch what's going on here so um you the Former president Came Out Swinging a bit Against Nikki Haley tonight uh you know Obviously happy that he won but not Happy that she wasn't penitent enough I Guess well I don't know about penitent That's that is a good word though um uh I think probably he heard that she's Still in it and basically the fight goes On and I think he took the challenge um I would prefer probably look at Biden But you you got to stand back and we got To look at this there has not been a Candidate that has won Iowa and New Hampshire since 1976 um you look at the record that he Set in Iowa I I think the record prior To that was 1988 and Bob Dole had 12.8% And he wins by 30% in Iowa if there was A single state that I would say Nikki Haley really has her best opportunity I Would argue it would be New Hampshire uh Heavily independent uh then you have the Ability up till whatever date in October Democrats if they want to wreak a little Havoc in the Republican primary they can Switch over to independent or Republican Vote in that primary there was a little Of that that certainly went on here uh But you cannot you know this is it's Going to be a 10-point lead or somewhere

Thereabouts maybe 12 whatever it happens To be this is a decisive victory for Donald Trump now looking ahead n Nikki Haley can't get any delegates out of Nevada she won't be a part of the caucus The caucus and then they head to her Home state of South Carolina okay right Now the real clear politics average has Are down by 30.2% now let's say Donald Trump wins by Half of that that is a massive number And winner take all and it's win or take All and he has the support of the Governor McMaster he has Tim Scott he Has Lindsey Graham today Nancy mace uh That is a lot of congressional support And he's loved in South car Carolina I Think it's Nikki Haley to me should Probably have a little reflective time Four years from now there will be an Open Primary if Donald Trump did become President again he can only serve one Term now if I'm Nikki Haley's campaign Manager what I strategize and what I Think about okay do we really want to go Into your home state and maybe lose by a Significant margin what would be the Long-term impact of that um whether or Not that that kind of thought process Will happen I don't know that's what I Would be asking if I was a campaign Manager in the modern era the former President is the only candidate to win The New Hampshire primary three times I

Had Nixon historians call me and say Wait a second Richard Nixon won in 7268 And 60 so I want make things like that Wrong I want to make sure that it's the Modern era but just take a step back Where he's been bouncing back from all That he's been facing legally then even Going before that the Russia Investigation all of that the storyline To this moment of two big wins in a row I it's pretty stunning if you think About it it's stunning I I'm being Repetitive to everybody out there please U give me a little Grace here but he Defies all conventional political Gravity he is unlike any candidate we Have ever seen in our lifetime any that I can think of in history and you have To look at this as a phenomenon that We're actually Liv through and having You know the ability to cover which I Think is a lot of fun in a lot of ways Absolutely and and to watch him he's Unlike any other person which makes him Unique now I think at the end of the day This is now his nomination to lose I I Don't really see a path in hicky haly if She does not do well in South Carolina Where does she go from there super Tuesday States I would argue certainly Favor president Trump over Nikki Haley Um it's a big night for him the one State I would have been worried about if I was Trump's campaign manager would

Have been this state of New Hampshire Wasn't too long ago that the governor of In New Hampshire sonunu said it was Going to be a landslide he said she's Going to win in a landslide this that Was like 10 days ago Governor suu is a Very powerful force in this state Welllike Governor um I know he doesn't Get along with President Trump however He did say he would support him in a General election over Joe Biden things Have gotten so bad here's the most Important part I think to remember if You go back to 2016 what was the theme That Propel Donald Trump to Victory the Forgotten men and the Forgotten women in This country and if you look at 60% of Our fellow Americans are living paycheck To paycheck many people for ban Necessities they're using credit cards At grocery stores uh people cashing in Their Pensions the stock market gains are Great but that impacts about 8% of the Population quickly before we have to let You go the Democratic side this right in President Biden's going to win but Dean Phillips is going to get over probably 20% in the New Hampshire primary and if You look at that and the weakness of the Approval of the president that tells a Story in N of itself I think it does and I I really think it was a huge mistake I Was watching Bill hemmer earlier tonight

Point out that when Joe ran in 2020 Joe Biden he got I think it was 8% of the Vote here in New Hampshire F yeah fifth Place he kind of took a middle before it Happened South Carolina exactly um and I Just look and I'm I'm paying close Attention to this I think for him to Break with that tradition this is the The first state Primary in the election Cycle it has a history to it he may not Like it he may not like how he did he Would have won this year and I think it Was a big mistake for him to bypass both Iowa and New Hampshire and I think he Should have run a traditional campaign That way it's not like he would have had To debate anybody however we have Pointed out in as of Friday out of 27 Days he' only been public for five of Those 27 days that tells me they're Going to try and hide him in the Basement once again and that saved two States of campaigning right with that Method so here's the message it's going To be simple they're going to talk about Democracy in Peril January 6 we hate Donald Trump and uh abortion and Republicans are racist sexist and they Have every phobia known to man Martha You may not know Sean it's always great To see you thanks for you guys have been Doing a great job you've been all day Throughout the day so uh great job to Both of you great to see you thanks for

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