Heritage President Kevin Roberts’ Closing Remarks from 50 Anniversary Gala

Heritage President Kevin Roberts' Closing Remarks from 50 Anniversary Gala

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I wanted to leave you with one thought Of course I've told you sort of two Thoughts I'll be abusive like Tucker was Thank you for being here tonight thank You for those of you who have been here For the last few days but I'll cut to The chase in the interest of time Because we have so much in store for you For the next little while And that is every single time That Americans backs have been at the Wall 1763 French and Indian War 1776 you know that one 1781 the first few hours of the Battle Of Yorktown if you know weren't really a Given The War of 1812 I mean right where we're Sitting basically the British were here And the future of this young country was Undetermined Civil War obviously both World Wars the Wars of more recent times plus the the Political cataclysms that happen in a Republic every single time Every single time no exceptions People thought it could never be worse People despaired people were despondent Because of human nature and yet there's Something about the American Spirit Represented best by that flag that ought To tonight and every night every night Instill in us a hopefulness about the

Future not just a perseverance not just The great cardinal virtue of fortitude Which is kind of quintessentially American But a hopefulness that as we fight as we Charge Hills as we bear the burdens we Have that we always know for the United States of America Bestowed with so many virtues as a Society by our creator there's always More Thank you for celebrating 50 years with The Heritage Foundation and don't you Ever doubt that when the chips are down We're going to be there charging the Hill with you God bless you

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