Hilton: Biden clearly doesn’t have the mental capacity for this

Hilton: Biden clearly doesn't have the mental capacity for this

A new report suggests the White House is concerned about ‘age-related mishaps’ with the president as he is expected to announce his 2024 re-election bid Tuesday. #FoxNews

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Breaking tonight our worst fears realize The Secret Pentagon intelligence Assessments again leaked to a gaming Site reveal that thanks to Biden's Surrender to the Taliban and Catastrophic withdrawal Afghanistan has Once again become a Haven for terrorist Plots against America Evening everyone welcome to the next Revolution more on that story in a Moment with Congressman Mike Waltz who Joins us live tonight But first as if we and the world haven't Suffered enough we're told that the Announcement which according to an NBC News poll out today 70 of Americans Don't want to see is happening on Tuesday yes he's really going to go Through with it he can barely walk Barely speak barely makes sense barely Do the job he's got now but whatever Four more years four more years He'll struggle to get through four more Days that's not being mean it's what Biden's own people think as I'm about to Show you this is the most perfect Delicious morsel of truth from the White House itself about the decrepit Husk in The Oval Office I spotted it in a long New York Times piece about the coming Biden campaign honestly this is so good I've been looking forward to sharing This with you all week here it is this Is from the White House remember they

Briefed the New York Times that they're Gonna try and keep Biden off the Campaign Trail for as long as possible To avoid quote the risk of age-related Mishaps age-related mishaps just Savor That for a moment the White House the Biden White House is saying that Biden Needs to be hidden away because of the Risk of age-related mishaps the risk of Age-related mishaps the entire Biden Presidency is an age-related mishap And we saw the substantive consequences Again this week of having a senile President On the debt ceiling debate house Speaker Kevin McCarthy put forward a clear Incredible plan including such wild and Radical ideas as keeping the federal Budget at 2022 levels and saving unspent Covered money in response despite going On and on about what a disaster it would Be if there's no agreement the White House is saying Biden won't negotiate Which Biden then repeated at the end of Some rambling speech in Maryland on Wednesday I made clear to speaker McCarthy about How we should proceed to settle our Differences and no one should do Anything to jeopardize the full faith And credit of the United States America Instead I'm making threats of default if I don't go along with what they want Which would be catastrophic of the

Country If we don't do it they say they're going To let the fault take place What When you see that it's obvious what's Going on here it's not that Biden won't Negotiate he can't negotiate who thinks For one second that man you just saw That bumbling incoherent mess could sit In a meeting and coherently debate the Details of the debt ceiling as a Wall Street Journal editorial observed over The weekend quote in 2008 Hillary Clinton ran an ad saying that she was Prepared to take a 3am phone call in a Crisis could an 84 year old Joe Biden Take a 3 pm call Biden clearly doesn't have the mental or Physical capacity to negotiate the debt Ceiling the federal budget or anything Else but it's Biden's job to negotiate When the voters choose divided Government it's the president's job to Make a deal a president incapable of Doing that shouldn't even be serving out His current term let alone asking for a Second one if there's a default because Biden can't do his job it would be the Most costly age-related mishap in History But guess what the White House is Counting on to overcome the age-related Mishaps and win the election here's what They told the New York Times quote if Mr

Obama had soaring oratory and Mr Trump Had concert-like rallies Mr Biden's Advisors feel his strength is his Governing ability and projection of Competence of course Biden's governing Ability and projection of competence how Could we have missed it in fact Biden's Lugubrious Lackey Senator Dick Durbin Pointed to the president's governing Ability just this morning he was asked About an editor in the New York Times Even there saying Biden's quote refusal To engage with the public regularly Raises questions about his age and Health to which Senator Durbin said I think his schedule reflects an active Person mentally and physically who is Engaging with the American people on a Regular basis I don't know what more They're asking for Well I don't know either Senator David Let's take a look at Biden's schedule Shall we what is Biden's big launch week Look like well CNN showed us on Friday Monday partisan photo op Tuesday the big Launch except is not an actual event They're just releasing a video Wednesday Photo up with the South Koreans Thursday Nothing Friday a donor meeting and That's it there's basically only one Thing in the entire week the meeting With the South Koreans that you could Even vaguely describe as governing and This is their launch week not exactly

The greatest Showcase of governing Ability I've ever seen what about the Other part Biden's quote projection of Competence well I mean they're spoiled For choice so much competence to project There's the Border competence of course They'll want to project that for sure or The fentanyl that's coming in and the Drug cartels running operations now Right across America in nearly every Major city There's the economic competence can't Leave that out creating inflation with Reckless spending claiming it was Transitory when it was obvious it wasn't Blaming Putin then spending even more Making sure the inflation lasts longer And the high interest rates needed to Control it cause even more pain maybe They'll project competence with the Recession this year to add to the two Years of falling real wages oh and the Trillion dollar deficit achieves in just Six months they'll no doubt want to Project the competent way Democrats are On our great cities tipping them into Crime squalor and Decay rampant Homelessness drug addiction murders Robberies assaults that's competence for You that is what you call governing Ability chaos all across America But it's not just here in America don't Overlook Biden's masterful governing Ability and projection of competence

Around the world The supremely competent way he Surrendered to the Taliban and scuttled Out of Afghanistan let China become the Peace broker in the Middle East North Korea back to terrorizing its neighbors With missile tests Saudi Arabia cutting Oil production dumping America in favor Of our adversaries China and Russia India now being driven into the hands of Russia Brazil striking a deal with China To ditch the US dollar and use China's Currency for trade I mean you've got to Ask have we ever before seen such Governing ability and projection of Competence seriously when have we ever Had a lever as competent as this Or this Or even this Are they even talking about age-related Mishaps with Biden it's just non-stop Competence and governing ability Let me start off with two words Made in America thank you all God bless You all let's go let's go late and lick The world An egg or you know being the you know The guy who's pushed them out The guys who are the kleptocracies I'll paraphrase the phrase in my own Neighborhood rest of the countries the World's not a patch on our genes think About what you'd think about [Music]

Oh Um what am I doing here Well that is the question isn't it what Is he doing there I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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