Hilton: Biden is pandering to the far-left climate zealots

Hilton: Biden is pandering to the far-left climate zealots

Fox News host Steve Hilton examines the Biden administration’s plans for a ‘clean energy revolution’ on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

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[Music] Welcome back so guess which states are Doing best at delivering on Environmental goals and reducing Emissions is it the blue States who Never stop lecturing everyone about Climate and seem to keep out doing each Other in climate extremism well our Friend Benji backer from the American Conservation Coalition laid out the Facts on Twitter the other day it's Actually red states that lead the nation In Wind production for example all of The top six wind producing states are Actually Republican but the real point Isn't even about wind it turns out that Wind power and solar for that matter They don't do all that much in terms of Clean energy production according to This chart in the Washington Post that Benji shared the top six states Producing the cleanest energy actually Use nuclear and hydropower over any Other energy source as a result their Carbon emissions dropped significantly But even though the facts suggest that Nuclear and hydro are the best solution For producing clean energy in America The extremist climate zealots on the Left oppose these proven clean energy Options they are totally obsessed with Wind and solar anyone would think They're funded by big wind and solar Corporations oh wait looks like they are

It's gotten so extreme and crazy that in California the official state categories For energy sources list hydropower as a Non-renewable alongside coal at the Federal level Biden these days is Programmed by the far left activists who Control his party to spew out climate Extremism in every speech Nothing gives me more hope for the Future than seeing my five grandchildren Challenge expectations they see Breakthroughs in technology we can't Even yet imagine but there where they're Going to get a chance to fill all that Potential because we take drastic action Right now to address the climate Disaster facing the nation and our world And science tells us that how we act or Fail back in the next 12 years will Determine the very livability of our Planet so today I'm announcing my plan For clean energy Revolution It outlines what we have to do to meet This challenge to head on and how we're Going to get there What a load of old toot clean energy Revolution Biden's just announced that He's cutting spending on zero emission Nuclear energy what utter charlatans They are The solar power they go on and on about It's made with coal from China meanwhile The actual emissions reductions we Achieved here in America over the last

Few years a better performance than any Other major economy it was mainly thanks To increased use of natural gas not wind And solar yeah natural gas which they're Trying to get rid of But actually it's even worse than that They're not in fact against fossil fuels They're just against American fossil Fuels and as usual the absolute worst Most stupid and self-defeating extremism Well of course it came from California In the years the Democrats have been in Charge Imports of foreign oil have gone Up from 12 to nearly 60 percent while Oil from California has been cut from 50 To 25 they're destroying energy jobs Here so they can bring it across the Ocean in giant tankers the most Polluting form of transportation on the Planet as Arnold Schwarzenegger has Pointed out the biggest 15 tankers Produce more emissions than all the cars In the world put together These clueless climate extremists want To ban gas stoves ban gas-powered cars Ban gas for heating and hot water Electrify everything make us completely Reliant on electricity while making Electricity completely unreliable by Attacking base load power generation Like natural gas and nuclear then when They finally realize the lights will go Out panic and tell the gas plants to Stand by to fill the Gap only to realize

That the years of attacking natural gas Means those plants are aging haven't had Any investment and in any case a way More expensive to use for filling the Gap left by wind and solar than they Would be for base load power so their Next genius idea is to pass a blank bill In the state legislature to avoid public Scrutiny then later on fill it with a Demented scheme to charge utility Customers by income to cover the cost of Energy infrastructure so they can reduce The price for electricity usage which Will incentivize people to use more Electors to even as they're also telling People to use less electricity because The grid can't cope now that they've Undermined nuclear but actually they do Want you to use more after all because Everything has to be electrified because Climate Out of all the appalling ideology driven Departures from common sense and Practicality that these extreme Democrats have pushed these last few Years there is nothing nothing as Totally clueless contradictory Incoherent and destructive as their Energy policy hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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