Hilton: The establishment is on a mission to destroy Trump

Hilton: The establishment is on a mission to destroy Trump

Fox News host Steve Hilton explains the political motivations behind the indictment of former President Donald Trump on ‘The Next Revolution.’ #foxnews #fox #thenextrevolution

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All right so earlier this week Donald Trump was arraigned in New York on Charges that even such well-known Ultra Maga Trump loyalists as Mitt Romney the Russia hoaxes Andrew even CNN's Fareed Zakaria described as politically Motivated and which Biden had all but Confirmed were politically motivated Anyway last year We just have to demonstrate that he will Not take power Um by uh if we if he does run I'm making Sure he uh under a legitimate efforts of Uh Constitution does not become the next President again But let's take a step back from the Details of the case and make sure we are Really clear about the big picture about What is actually happening here you've Heard the term get Trump a lot in the Last few days it's what New York State A.G Leticia James and New York D.A Alvin Bragg promised their base in their Election campaigns get Trump But the truth is the ruling class in This country and make no mistake people Like Alvin Bragg Leticia James Elite Universities leftist politics they are The ruining class in America today the Ruling class has been trying to get Trump since day one you saw it with the Russia collusion hoax You saw it with impeachment You saw it with that election

Interference in 2020 bearing evidence of Biden corruption it was non-stop from The moment Trump showed himself to be a Viable candidate the smug sanctimonious Self-regarding establishment in politics The media Corporate America they have Been United in their total contempt for Trump and their total determination to Crush and humiliate him anyone in his Orbit and anyone who supports him and do You know why They say it's because he was a threat to Democracy but they're the ones who Silenced and censored opposition who Abused the FBI and the justice system to Pursue political rivals they say it's Because he had extreme policies but They're the ones parroting Trump now on China manufacturing now even the border For goodness sake they call Trump a Bigot but he was the first president Elected who supported gay marriage no it Wasn't anything substantive as so often With those in power these days it was Embarrassingly superficial the real Reason they're so dementedly determined To get Trump is that he was in their View a vulgar Outsider who had the Impertinence to challenge the ruling Class were still he identified with the Working class that's why the elites Constantly sneer at Trump for eating McDonald's Let's call this what it is it is class

Contempt their mission to destroy Trump Really is an attack on you they want you To watch your president drag through the Courts to humiliate you for all their Talk about diversity and inclusion the Ruling class has total hateful Patronizing contempt for anyone who Isn't exactly like them for anyone who Doesn't talk like them think like them Read the same books as them who didn't Go to the same schools as them who Doesn't eat the same food as them who Doesn't live in the same wealthy Coastal Enclaves as them that's what this is Really about the ruling class want to See the person who is a living symbol of The fighting spirit and patriotic pride Of working people and Heartland America Locked away in prison in order to Forever demoralize anyone else who's Even thinking about challenging their Political Monopoly hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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