House Republicans to hold field hearing on NYC crime following Trump indictment

House Republicans to hold field hearing on NYC crime following Trump indictment

NYC Judiciary hearing witnesses Jennifer Harrison and Madeline Brame joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ alongside Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Wis., to discuss the hearing as crime cripples city streets. #FoxNews

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Meantime the house Judiciary Committee Is meeting this morning here in Manhattan to hear from Witnesses of Violent crime which Republicans say is The result of D.A Alvin Bragg's Progressive policies but to hear New York city mayor Eric Adams tell it There's nothing to fear listen Well we should be clear that New York City is the the safest big city in America and that is often a loss when You see a dangerous act highlight my job As mayor is to make sure New Yorkers and Visitors feel safe in our city and we're Doing that we're doing it every day Scott Fitzgerald is a member of the House Judiciary Committee Madeleine Brame and Jennifer Harrison will testify At today's hearing they all join me now Before we get into the specifics first Of all thank you all for being here Jennifer when you hear the mayor say That what's your reaction It's reprehensible and it's completely Out of touch with reality you know Almost immediately after Alvin Bragg's Ten years started he issued a day one Memo we saw two police officers gunned Down a 19 year old girl was murdered in Burger King when she was at work we Michelle go was murdered Christine and Crystal Nieves Christina Lee Alvin Berg Is all responsible for prosecuting those Cases we haven't heard how they're being

Handled so I don't understand how Anybody could feel safe here what do you Want to tell the committee today Jennifer For so long victims of violent crime and Survivors of homicide victims have been Erased from this equation and silenced And I'm just grateful Beyond grateful That we have a voice today and get to Shed some light on what is happening Here in hopes of changing the depraved Indifference towards human life that's Sweeping across the country your Boyfriend was killed The Killers Released early if I'm not mistaken Madeline what do you want the committee To take away from your story Well first thank you for having me Um I want the committee to take away From what happened to my son Sergeant Hassan Korea that um what happened to Him can happen to anybody all right and It's been happening every day all day Across this city so no matter what mayor Adams says about this being the safest City in America you know it's that's a Bunch of nonsense because what's Happening on a daily basis in black and Brown communities Just at will you know people are doing Whatever they want to do however Whenever they feel like it to whomever With no consequences so when we have a Society that is completely Lawless like

That a society cannot stand and it's Decaying from the inside out especially In black and brown communities so I Think it is um very very disrespectful All right and very hypocritical and Disingenuous of Mayor Adams to even make That statement all right when uh he Knows good and well what's happening in The hood on a daily basis yeah the very Communities that Democrats always Espouse hey we're doing everything for You and in reality they end up hurting Those communities just quickly to review Your son was killed Bragg's office Struck a plea deal with the female Defendant to free her no jail time Another defendant just got seven years That's reprehensible Congressman Democrats say this hearing is political How can you hear these two stories and Say it's political article well that's The most disturbing part I think it's One of the reasons that chairman Jim Jordan wanted to bring the committee to New York was to demonstrate that you Know these crimes are happening here on A regular basis and yet he's still got Time to go after former president Trump So I think first and foremost that's one Of the things that many of the members Of the committee kind of want to outline Today is uh why are we here and how did We end up here I'll just tell you I mean There's 72 counties in my home state

State of Wisconsin each one of them has A district attorney It's hard for us to Fathom that all 72 Of those would have the ability to go After any federal official so I think That's going to be a question that's Going to come up today as well Much for getting up early appreciate you All being here I want to quickly go down The line before we let you go do you Hope that something positive and Positive change will come out of today's Hearing first to you Jennifer I do okay Madeline absolutely and you're confident As well Congressman I am I think it's Stuff we can take back to DC with us we Need something done here this city is a Disaster you folks have lived through The tragedy hopefully you and your Colleagues can do something to prevent The next one Congressman Madeline Jennifer thank you so much

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