How could President Trump’s charges transform the 2024 race? | The Fox News Rundown

How could President Trump’s charges transform the 2024 race? | The Fox News Rundown

FOX News Radio Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar joins the Fox News Rundown to discuss how he believes Donald Trump’s remarks following his arraignment seemed to be received by his supporters, why the former president’s Republican presidential opponents are defending him despite their desire to beat him in 2024, and how he predicts the former president’s legal challenges could work in his favor as he prepares to head on the campaign trail.

Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Congressman Rob Wittman, joins the podcast to explain the threat of China’s rapid military expansion, their negative impact across the globe, and the state of the nation’s commitment to military aid to Ukraine.

Plus, commentary by former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker. #FoxNews

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I'm Jimmy phela I'm Madison allworth I'm Bill hemmer and this is the Fox News Rundown Wednesday April 5th 2023 I'm Jared Halpert for the first time in American History a former president is arrested And arraigned on felony charges but it Isn't slowing down Donald Trump's Front-running Republican campaign the Overall sense of grievance the overall Tone the overall belief that the elites And the establishment are out to get the Average guy I mean that is the sweet Spot for Trump's rhetoric I'm Alex Hogan The nation's top defense officials Testified before Congress warning that The U.S military must outpace China's in Order to maintain peace however some Believe that our military's development Is growing weaker we are well behind the Chinese and that ought to just sober us All to the threat that we face and I'm Nicole Parker I've got the final word on The Fox News Rundown [Music] Not guilty Donald Trump the former President and candidate to service 47th President uttered those words entering a Plea in a New York City courtroom on 34 Felony counts the former president Surrendered to authorities he was booked And walked showing no obvious emotion Into a courtroom to face a judge the Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg

Says Trump falsified business records to Conceal hush money payments made to Women alleging Affairs ahead of the 2016 Election Donald Trump was arraigned on a New York Supreme Court indictment Returned by a Manhattan grand jury On 34 felony counts falsifying business Records in the first degree Bragg says He took office additional evidence was Made available that his predecessor did Not have leading to his decision to seek A grand jury's indictment I bring cases Women already having now conducted a Rigorous thorough investigation the case Was ready to be brought and it was Brought photographs from inside the Courtroom showed former president Trump Seated at the defense table between his Team of lawyers he did not make any Remarks to reporters on his way in or Out of court instead immediately flying Back and holding a campaign-style Response surrounded by hundreds of Supporters at Mar-A-Lago the only crime That I have committed is to fearlessly Defend our nation from those who seek to Destroy it Trump also addressed separate Investigations in Georgia and if the U.S Justice department looking in the Potential criminality surrounding Allegations that could also lead the Char charges and more Court proceedings The legal Peril has so far had no Noticeable impact on the former

President's third run for office his Campaign reports raising millions of Dollars over the past few days and Polling shows Trump Remains the Far and Away front runner for the Republican Nomination it's never good legally when A former president presidential Candidate is going to court and pleading Not guilty to a felony Josh crossauer is A Fox News Radio political analyst that Said when we look at Republican primary Politics these days Donald Trump is Still beloved by the Republican base His voters and Republican voters writ Large view him as being wronged by brag By by the other District Attorneys and They agree that he's being aggrieved and Look that this Dynamic is not going to Change anytime soon Trump is now sucking The political oxygen out of the room Right before a lot of Republicans like Rhonda Santos were getting ready to Announce their their presidential Campaigns and I I think the challenging Dynamic writ large for Trump's Republican Challengers now is that it's Going to be hard for them to get a whole Lot of attention as long as this cloud And perhaps future legal clouds are Hanging over the former president Because that's really an important part Of this story too right is we saw this History happen yesterday in lower Manhattan the first time ever that a

Former president has faced a judge been Arrested all of that but I think the Point you're making is it may not be the Last time you have the investigation in Georgia you have the special counsel Investigations at the justice department Those two could end in some sort of Legal Peril for Donald Trump and if they Do How is that campaign sustainable Right a few months ago if you asked me Whether Trump you know faced bigger Political danger or legal danger you Know I thought that this was going to be Litigated through the political system Through the primary uh campaign you know And I I actually think now that Trump's Fate may end up being determined through These cases whether it's uh D.A Bragg's Case which I think looks like the Flimsiest okay the good news for Donald Trump Jared is that uh a lot of legal Voices on the left a lot of anti-trump Republicans like Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush Have been very critical of D.A Bragg and And the case that he brought it's not as Substantive if you believe the legal Analysis as a lot of anti-trump uh folks Had hoped for but as you know Jared There are two other big cases or you Know you have the The Fulton County case With fonnie Willis in Georgia uh focused On whether Trump undermined the the Georgia election by threatening the

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger and you have the the Special counsel Jack Smith's uh Investigation over January 6th and also The former president's alleged Mishandling of sensitive government Records so there are a bunch of legal Balls that the Trump folks are going to Be juggling potentially and you're right That we don't know where that's going to Go politically though boy just look at Every every poll that's come out in the Last few weeks both right around the Time of the indictment and the few polls We've seen post indictment Trump has a Surged to a 30 35 point lead in the in The primary he's doing his butt as well As he he's done in the polls ever since Leaving office and it's hard to see in The short or medium term that that Dynamic changing anytime soon One of the issues as well as we sort of Look at how the legal aspect of this and The political aspect of this intertwine Is this uh looming question of a gag Order and the judge overseeing uh this Case is not imposed one but is sort of Uh warned both sides that you know the Rhetoric needs to stay respectful in That he could change his calculation as It relates to a uh a gag order you know In the remarks that Trump made it at Mar-A-Lago he in passing sort of made a I think he called the judge a trump

Hater or his family Trump haters Um it's been obviously very critical of Prosecutors is that going to be a a Needle that Trump is going to have to Threat as he goes back out here on the Campaign Trail over the next uh several Months because again the next court Session is not expected before December 4th That's right I mean look Trump listening To that speech is playing with legal Fire he he went after the prosecutor Brag he went after the judge Smith Judge's daughter uh boy I mean look you Know I I certainly think that Trump's Lawyers are going to be talking to him And urging him to zip it up going Forward uh that may have opened Trump up To some additional legal Jeopardy I Don't know how the judge will respond But boy that was a frontal attack Against the judge who's going to be Hearing the evidence and deciding uh or At least overseeing this case uh in in New York and I boy I can't imagine Trump's legal team listened to the Comments at Mar-A-Lago and thought he Was doing himself any good Let's talk about the field the emerging Republican field by and large even those Who are already in the race or those who Are probably very close to jumping in The race have been Very supportive of trump as it relates

To this indictment right they have Questioned uh the validity of it they Have accused the the D.A of this Political prosecution and not a legal Prosecution what is the strategy here if You are challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination how do you sort of Appeal to that base which is sizable While also trying to chart your own Course and if you have not yet gotten Into the race are you reconsidering it After what we've seen over the last few Weeks Well number one the fact that almost Every leading rival to Trump for the Republican nomination defended the the Former president tells you all you need To know about where the Republican party Is Circa April 2023. he usually when When a candidate is indicted you go out You attack them you would think that Would be like the first line of attack Right that is like you know my opponent Has been indicted case closed right I Mean yeah that's that's politics 101. Politics 101 candidate indicted the fact That everyone other than Chris Christie And newly minted candidate ASA Hutchinson that that Rhonda santis Nikki Haley you know Glenn young everyone in The mix for the presidential campaign Defended uh the the front-runner uh it Tells you all you need to know about Where the Republican party is and

Frankly if they can they're not going to Go after Trump for you know being Indicted uh it's gonna be hard to so I Mean What do they do to run against Trump Then well ultimately that's what they're Doing right they're trying to convince Republican voters that you know even if They are all in on everything that Trump Did as president it's time to turn the Page it's time to move on how do you Make that argument while also saying he Is you know being made an example of and This is unfair and this is unjust and They're going after you and the movement In all of that right The best way I think to understand the Republican strategies for looking at DeSantis or Haley or the leading Challengers is that they're they're kind Of praying or hoping or keeping their Fingers crossed that the legal Jeopardy The legal challenges that Trump faces Become so significant that maybe he Can't feasibly run for president and Deal with his legal case and if that is The case then perhaps being seen as a Pro-trump republican uh will carry some Weight if Trump isn't actually running In the end I I think that's wishful Thinking I think given how uh legal Experts have analyzed the New York case I think uh that's going to push him out Of the presidential campaign is is

Fanciful there's been a lot of Wishful Thinking in Republican politics for the Last uh eight years or so and I think This is one more example of no one being Willing to frontally attack Trump They're worried that the voters in the Republican Party overwhelmingly are Supportive of Trump no matter what and They're afraid to be the one person Going after him and finding their own Support dissipating if they do so we'll Finish with this the speech that the Former president delivered at Mar-A-Lago Here uh following his arraignment in New York City covered a lot of ground it was About 20 minutes or so 21 22 minutes is That the model now for for the events For the rallies he's going to have Moving forward in other words did we Sort of get a preview now of what a I Guess we could call it a stump speech Might look like uh while he is moving Forward and fighting these criminal Charges I don't think so I I think his campaign If you talk to his advisors tonight that They don't want that to be the stump Speech they they'll rather have a Two-hour greatest hits of 2020 than than What you saw look that was a parade of Grievances he got into quite a Litany of Arguments against some of these cases Against him but uh that that's not the Greatest hits that was legal minutia and

And just kind of just an angry Trump Letting off some steam in Mar-A-Lago it Reminded me a little bit more of a low Energy performance uh in Mar-A-Lago when He announced his campaign uh last November so I I don't think if that's What you're going to be seeing from Trump uh after after his legal Predicament that then maybe it is good News for the other Republicans looking To make some inroads but look I people Have written Trump off Trump has been Down but he's never been out and uh I I Was surprised Jared just watching him on The campaign Trail seen him in person I Expected more of the the kind of Original uh kind of despondent figure And he turned things around and he Actually uh had a had a pretty sharp Message at CPAC and at some of the other Events he's done over the last couple Months so look I I don't think his Advisors want him to repeat that speech That they want him to avoid the legal Talk on the campaign Trail uh the more He talks about minutia like that the More he's gonna put his audiences to Sleep but he does the overall sense of Grievance the overall tone the overall Belief that the elites and the Establishment are out to get the average Guy I mean that is the sweet spot for Trump's rhetoric and I think you'll be Hearing those broad themes uh and you'll

Continue to hear those broad themes in The in the campaign trail from Trump in The days and months to come all right Well we are uh months away from the First uh ballads being cast caucus goers And primary voters casting ballots and We'll have a lot more discussions uh Between uh now and then uh Josh Crossauer always a pleasure enjoyed the Conversation uh we'll talk soon thanks Jared [Music] This is Nicole Parker with your Fox News Commentary coming up How long will U.S support the war in Ukraine and what does China's rapid Expansion of its military mean for the U.S those are just a couple of the Questions that Army General Mark milley Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff And defense secretary Floyd Austin took From members of Congress General Mark Milley explains we don't want a great Fire war with China we want to prevent That the way to prevent it is a strong Powerful military a demonstrated will to Use it if necessary and that they Clearly and unambiguously understand it China has been a main focus these Hearings as concerns from top defense Officials grow that the Chinese military May outpace our own as the U.S is Grappling with a military recruitment Crisis defense secretary Lloyd Austin

Tried to assure lawmakers that the Military was tackling this issue this is Not the first time that the military has Been faced with challenges in recruiting It'll take a while to uh to come out of That bathtub and and get to where we Need to be but I am confident that we'll Get there meanwhile lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been emphasizing their Concerns as intelligence shows that China has been heavily investing in its Own Armed Forces well listen it's grown Significantly joining me is Congressman Rob Whitman of Virginia I put a slide up The other day in our hearing there on The house armed services committee and It's staggering the growth that we've Seen in the Chinese military from Essentially 1999 to present and then the track that They're on for future military growth They outpace Us in just about every Element of our strategic forces whether It's ships whether it's weapons whether It's land systems you know those things That you need for an army land Vehicles Tanks artillery all of those elements They have outpaced us in space although We are catching up there they have uh Also had another uh area that's that's Really concerning to me and that is Hypersonics so they have uh really Accelerated uh what they're doing in Hypersonics we're running the catch up

The single place where we have an Advantage over them is in in the Undersea world are submarine forces About the only place where we have any Superiority and if you take the total Formula and add it up we are well behind The Chinese and that ought to just sober Us all to the threat that we face it's What keeps me up at night the challenge That we face now and it only gets larger In the future if we really don't get our Resolve on track to counter what the Chinese are doing so what is it Specifically that you're proposing well On a number of different levels for First of all is is you know we cannot Capitulate to the Chinese we have to Work in all the different areas this Isn't just a strategic battle it's also A battle in in the fiscal areas we have To we have to be very aggressive to make Sure that uh people know when they are Investing in funds that actually go to The Chinese Communist Party another Thing too is U.S companies cannot Capitulate to China and turn over their Intellectual property which is how China Operates we also have to build a Military uh that has the ability to Counter China and we have to build it in Smart ways we have to build things that Can immediately pose a threat to China Going off of that at the military budget Hearing you argue that the budget

Doesn't meet the realities of the Threats from our adversaries but Secretary Austin's counter argument to That is that really what we're looking At is the quality of the Coalition not Specifically the quantity the numbers Noting that allies and partners would be A part of that Coalition and ensuring That there would be extra support so What is your response to his counter Argument my response to his counter Argument is that's not correct period It's it's not correct from this Standpoint quantity has a quality all of Its own if you look at all the aspects For the Chinese outpace us not only in Quantity but now in quality they are Putting together platforms that are Incredibly incredibly uh effective and Can hold us at risk at long distance I Mean to the point where we can't even Get inside that that threat ring to Deliver our weapons and you know it's Great to have friends but the question Is will our friends be there if an Outbreak occurs we don't have a formal Agreements that say if there is a Conflict with China that these allies Will be there with us it's totally up to Them as to whether or not they're going To be there so the question is is China Tries to take Taiwan will those friends Be there it's great to have these Relationships but will those friends go

To battle with us Yeah well speaking of impacts of other Countries around the world other Territories and you've talked about this Uh at a great deal saying that we need To be watching what China is doing Around the world so in terms of of Aid And investments in Africa and Central America what are some of the points that You're arguing in that Well I'm arguing that where China is Investing is in areas that will provide Them resources that they need to grow Economically but also to grow militarily And strategically if you look at uh Rare Earth elements critical critical Minerals they are around the world Getting into these countries South America and Africa uh exercising their Negotiating skills with those countries Getting agreements that allow them to uh To access to process those those those Rare Earth elements those critical Minerals you know they they they have About 70 percent of the extraction Capability uh throughout the world Seventy percent of what's available in The world they have the extraction Capability there they have about 90 Percent of the refining capability so Let's put this in reality of what China Is doing around the world and this and They're not there to be friends with Those countries they are there as a

Trans actional Nation they are there to Say hey here we'll give you a little bit But in return they have these long-term Agreements that let them extract and Process these critical minerals around The world would that not be somewhat of A similar argument that maybe China Would have in response to the U.S and Other allies making investments in General around the world in other Developing countries well we are not Making those same sorts of Investments Yeah I really wish wish we were they are Making strategic Investments you know When usaid goes to these different Countries and helps you know we're Looking to do basic things like feed People like provide Health Care to People those are the places where where We are investing uh China's versus 100 Transactional they'll come in and build A road or build a building and go look Look how nice we are to you but then They are there to exploit those natural Resources so even people in the country Aren't benefiting from this that's how Transactional China Now Switching gears a little bit back to Another main topic that we heard at this Military budget hearing was Ukraine so One of the repeated topics both in terms Of of weapons provided and the long-term Commitment to supporting the war so what Were some of the the feedback the

Comments that marked you the most of What was most that maybe possibly the Largest takeaways from that topic well It's not I think there's several things One is is that we need to do everything Possible to make sure that the weapons That we're sending there are in the Hands of Ukrainian military members and That they are being utilized on the Front and I understand we have inspector Generals there on the ground that's Great I understand that we are going to Extraordinary links to make sure we're Tracking all of that that's great but I Still think that there's some elements That are missing I haven't seen or heard From anybody that there's actually an Intelligence operation trying to gather Intelligence on who might be trying to Intercept these weapons I think it's I Think it's fine to help Ukraine I do Think in the long term that helps the United States especially if this could Spill over into NATO countries that Would invoke Article Five and then we Would be involved with boots on the Ground but I think it's incredibly Important to have a strategy because you Can't just keep writing the check on Infinite and without any understanding About what's what's the what's the Strategy and part of that conversation During the hearing was that the goal According to President Biden has

Remained that Ukraine must remain a free State with all of its territories intact In one of the conversations in that was That Ukrainian president bolanimir Zielinski has said that territory Includes Crimea which has of course been Contested since 2014 so did that alarm You well that you know that's that's Another condition that makes it Incredibly difficult going forward uh to Seek any sort of agreement with Russia I Don't know that that's where any sort of Negotiation to end the conflict would Would end up and and obviously Russia Wants all the Eastern territory in Ukraine as well as Crimea essentially a Land bridge to Crimea and Ukraine is Going to want all that territory to Remain Sovereign in addition to the area In Crimea that it was taken against Their will so I understand that's where Both sides are going to start off the Question is is that where they will end Other topics discussed of course at this Hearing or the development of Technologies whether that's Hypersonic Technology artificial intelligence Investing in training the family members Involved health care for service members Continually protecting our country in All of this was there anything that Struck you that you were you were Especially pleased with during this Hearing well yes I I think that they're

Uh that there are efforts to make sure That in the area Of taking care of our military families That folks are very aware how incredibly Important that is in fact I was just Speaking today with General mcconville Who's the chief of the army and they Understand that there are issues with Recruiting and for that matter of Attention really center around what are They doing to take care of soldiers and Their families and and I think that's Key you know it's it's one thing to Realize that but it's another thing to Make sure that comes to fruition also You know the effort to modernize our Military has to take place at a at a Significant rate and what I call the Rate of relevance we have to make sure That we have a force that's relevant Tomorrow and the day after you know the Days where we had years and years and Years to develop new platforms because There was nobody that was competing with Us those days are gone we have to have a Level of urgency in how we develop new Weapon systems and we have to be Thoughtful too because there's not an Unlimited amount of resources in the United States I want to make sure that Each and every day Xi Jinping wakes up And goes no not today because he looks At the scenario and says no I just don't Think things are going to end well if we

Try to take Taiwan if we try to take on The United States today but I'm still Very very mindful that he will I believe Try to test Us in every in every way Possible Congressman Rob Whitman thanks So much for joining me thank you for Your Insight and your time Alex thank You [Music] I'm Gianna jalosi what's that smell Smelling other people's body odor is Usually undesirable but a study from Sweden suggests Bo could also be an Alternative therapy for social anxiety The lead researcher said when people are In a certain state of mind and then Sweat their perspiration includes Certain molecules or chemo signals that Convey their emotional state and elicit Corresponding responses to those that Smell it the researchers collected sweat From volunteers who watch clips of Movies to induce emotions next 48 women Who were experiencing social anxiety Were exposed to different odors some of Which included those sweat samples along With mindfulness therapy they found that Sweat therapy when combined with Mindfulness produce better results in Treating social anxiety than mindfulness Alone but researchers were also Surprised to find sweat produced while Someone was happy had the same effect as Someone who had been scared by that

Movie clip the researchers planned to do An additional study to confirm these Findings and they're working to Determine which molecules in human sweat Reduce anxiety levels for the Fox News Rundown I'm Gian jalosi [Music] New from the Fox News podcasts Network I'm Dana Perino join me for season three Of my limited time podcast everything Will be okay based on my best-selling Book of the same name make sure you Subscribe to this series wherever you Download podcasts and leave a rating and Review subscribe to this podcast at it's time for your Fox News commentary Nicole Parker what's On your mind who wants to feel that they Were hired for a job in order to fill a Quota Certainly not me on February 24th 2019 a Fellow FBI agent told me there was a Photograph of me published On The Wall Street journal's website I was puzzled As agents we avoid the media I check Their website sure enough there was an Article titled FBI's most wanted more Applicants for special agents it Included an open source photograph of me Wearing my FBI Ray jacket conducting an Investigation with the caption the FBI Has shifted recruitment efforts to reach More minority and female candidates I was demoralized as it implied that I

Was some token female agent hire that Was exactly what I tried to distance Myself from being labeled as my entire FBI career I shared this with humility I Was told by an FBI interviewer that I Earned a perfect score on the phase 2 Oral exam he explained it was rare as he Could count on one hand the number of Candidates who had received a perfect Score in his 20 plus years of testing Applicants I was not a courtesy check The box to fulfill the female special Agent quota hire and no one should be Tenacity perseverance and integrity Enabled me to financially support myself Since I got my first job at the age of 15. There has been a lowering of the Eligibility requirements to become an FBI special agent and many believe that Hurts the agency's overall performance This concerned many of my former Colleagues who surmised that the Standards were lower to accommodate a More diverse Workforce as a woman I do Not believe it is appropriate to reduce Any hiring requirement or process to Accommodate my gender one should be Hired based on their Merit period These are a few examples that illustrate The lowering of agent requirements the FBI lowered the physical fitness test Also known as the PFT score necessary to Enter Quantico significantly

The FBI has made a drug use requirement More lenient in 2010 when I started the FBI Academy at Quantico the new agent Training was 20 weeks it has been Reduced to 16 weeks FBI special agents Should be hired and promoted based on Their credentials agents must be fully Confident the individuals going through A door with them on a dangerous Operation are qualified You must be willing to put your life on The line to protect one another and Innocent civilians unfortunately some Skilled individuals who may have wanted To apply for the FBI in the past may not Have an interest now because of its Tarnish reputation furthermore there is A general disrespect for law enforcement Because of the defund the police Anti-cop atmosphere that has swept the Nation This has led to a mass Exodus of Experienced Law Enforcement Officers Although candidates are allegedly Applying to the FBI in droves what Matters is candidate quality not Quantity No one should be hired in order to Fulfill a quota As a female I find that insulting no one Wants to feel like a Pity hire but more Importantly there is much at stake Competent and qualified FBI agents hired Based on strict criteria equate to

Safety and Security for Americans in Times of Crisis most do not care what The identity of the person is protecting Them they care that they and their loved Ones are being protected by the bravest Most capable and honorable agents the FBI should keep their standards high for New recruits Americans deserve this this Is Nicole Parker former FBI special Agent You've been listening to the Fox News Rundown now and now stay up to date by Subscribing to this podcast at listen ad-free on Fox News podcasts Plus on Apple podcasts And Prime members can listen to the show Ad free on Amazon music and for up to The minute news go to Hey it's Will Kane co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend join me as I share my Thoughts on a wide range of topics from Sports and pop culture to politics and Business so will Kane podcast subscribe And listen now at or Wherever you get your podcasts Love Fox News click the Subscribe button To get more of the news and opinion you Trust and click the Fox News rundown Playlist for the latest episodes

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