How has #socialmedia complicated public discourse in America? #freespeech

How has #socialmedia complicated public discourse in America? #freespeech

In conversation with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen discusses the challenges that social media presents to the founders’ views of public discourse.

Social media has obviously changed the Whole media landscape of public Discourse in a way that's the founders Nightmare we've talked a lot about how Madison hoped that a class of Journalists he called the Literati would Slowly diffuse reason across the land Like a Atlantic uh magazine for the 18th Century and people would read The Federalist Papers and discuss in coffee Houses and just social media the speed Of discourse and rage to engage and the Fact that you're rewarded for playing to Your most inflamed and fous base rather Than cooly deliberating and reading Makes even readers in Politics difficult to talk to the other Side so it's very hard

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