How will the Secret Service pull off Trump’s arraignment?

How will the Secret Service pull off Trump's arraignment?

Security expert Chuck Marino shares likely planning efforts by the Secret Service to keep former President Donald Trump ‘very safe’ during his arraignment in Manhattan on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Now let's just look towards Tuesday from A president Trump Allegedly reportedly plans to fly to New York Monday then turn himself in on Tuesday now this is going to take high Levels of coordination between the Secret Service and the NYPD so how are They going to pull it off Chuck Moreno is a former secret service Agent and he joins us now Chuck great to Have you with us tell me how you expect Tuesday to unfold Yeah good evening will look while it's Certainly an unprecedented situation Here that we find ourselves in Regardless of the situation what will Stay consistent is the extremely Thorough protective methodologies that The Secret Service employs with local Partners around the country on a daily Basis so for example prior to Tuesday The Secret Service is paying close Attention to the intelligence to keep an Eye on potential protests disruptive Activities and also for any specific Incredible threats that may emerge based On the increased media coverage and the Divisiveness of the decision to bring Charges against the former president They're also working on the site Security that is the security around the Courthouse they're working very closely As they do in New York each and every Day with the NYPD to make sure that that

Venue is going to be safe and secure for The former president and then finally You have the protection detail which Remains with the former president 24 7. They are the ones that will make the Trip to New York and anywhere else the Former president decides to go they're The tip of the spear to keep the former President very safe yeah in in Chuck I Mean there's been some question and There's some doubt about whether or not A traditional booking would take place First of all for most white-collar Criminals in in or alleged criminals in Any case but much less a former President United States in terms of Handcuffs mug shots fingerprinting Um but I would assume to the extent of Your knowledge when it comes to this he Would always always be accompanied by Secret Service Absolutely no doubt always within Eyesight I will tell you the one thing The Secret Service will not put Themselves in the middle of and not be a Part of is any negotiation or talks Between the District Attorney's office And Trump's legal team it's not their Place not their wheelhouse they are not Going to get involved in any type of Process decisions as those are made well What an unprecedented day in American History never happened before we expect It to go down next Tuesday thank you so

Much chuck Thank you will hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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