Hunter Biden accused of playing ‘destitute’ artist to lower child support payments

Hunter Biden accused of playing 'destitute' artist to lower child support payments

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the court order and why he is petitioning to lower his child support payments to the mother of his daughter. #FoxNews

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[Music] Tomorrow morning Hunter Biden is Expected to appear in an Arkansas Courtroom to try and explain why he is Petitioning to reduce child support Payments to the mother of his Four-year-old child according to her Attorney Mr Biden claims to be nothing More than a Yale educated attorney Artist who is somewhat financially Destitute and he needs child support Adjusted however for an artist living on Meager means Mr Biden is living lavishly Fox News contributor and New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine joins us now Miranda thanks for being here so Hunter Is going he's destitute and he's heading Hat in hand to try to make the case that None of that Biden money should be going To the mother of his child Yeah look I it's a pretty uh nasty Situation really Um I I think that the money is on uh his Lawyers Hunter Biden's lawyers settling Before 9am in that Arkansas court when He's supposed to turn up the judges told Him to turn up in person uh tomorrow Because the last thing that Hunter Biden And the White House want is for Hunter Biden to have to open his kimono on all His financial statements and that's Exactly what London Roberts the mother Of his four-year-old on acknowledged Child wants she just wants the proof

That he's too broke to pay her the child Support that he promised her he would Pay and that she had to fight to get him To pay she had to remember getting to do A DNA test to prove that it was his Child and so I think this is one of the Few times in Hunter Biden's life where He's actually having to some of the Consequences of his actions but Miranda I'm I'm curious do you find this for of Course for anyone who's paid attention To this story we know that the laptop is Credible and real but Hunters tried to Walk this fine line of well it's it's Mine and I have an expectation of Privacy but it could have been tampered With what I'm getting at is this the Judge has already asked about the laptop Because he wants to know if it proves up Hunter's Financial abilities to pay Child support so does the does the Prospect exist at the End of This legal Proceeding that there has to be some Proven ownership or culpability for What's on the laptop Well I thinks though because London Roberts lawyer is making it an issue in The case and we've already had the Embarrassment for Hunter Biden's lawyer Where he's had to sort of argue that the Judge said well I mean what is this luck Job is this laptop real and he says oh Well I can't possibly say that you know I don't know why the other side keeps on

Talking about a laptop because you know Hunter's never acknowledged it with his And she says well is it and he says well I'm not authorized to say that so they Are going to Abby Lowell who's his very High priced very top-notch lawyer Um already has got himself a little Embarrassed because he wrote a letter Which basically acknowledged that the Laptop was real and then when we at the New York Post put that on the front page That finally Hunters admitted it Abby Lowell had to run another letter to kind Of claw that back so um I think that Hunter is putting his lawyers in a real Predicament All right well it's the great Miranda Divine we love having you on thanks for Breaking that down there's always more Of this at the New York Post thank you Miranda thank you Miranda I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm aimsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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