Hunter Biden investigation is turning into a ‘coverup’: GOP lawmaker

Hunter Biden investigation is turning into a ‘coverup’: GOP lawmaker

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., discusses an IRS whistleblower raising concerns that the investigation into Hunter Biden is being ‘mishandled’ and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dropping his lawsuit against Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, on ‘Fox Report.’ #foxnews #fox #foxreport

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For more on this let's bring in California Republican Congressman Daryl Isa he is a member of the House Judiciary Committee the Foreign Affairs Committee and the select subcommittee on The weaponization of the federal Government this IRS whistleblower we Don't know the name of this person yet Uh he or she is looking for some Protections uh from Congress before uh Testifying but the Whistleblower Suggests that uh family connections Political power are protecting Hunter Biden do you see that see it that way We not only see it that way but we've Seen it that way before you might Remember the name Lois Lerner who was uh Very much politically leaning in her Efforts for for years to thwart Conservative groups from even getting Their IRS number so we've seen it before In this case we haven't seen the the Linking of the IRS to the Department of Justice and of course that's Particularly concerning with the Attorney general uh being at the center Of two separate violations one would be The IRS and pushing back but also the Fact that he was a campaign operative if You will uh early on just as Mike Morrell very clearly pointed out that he Only signed that that document one of 50 People who signed it for two reasons one He wanted Biden to win he's Unapologetic

And the other is that it had already Been pushed but now secretary blinken And so he he said oh I'll be one more Yeah here you've got the guy who is now Our secretary of state accused of Engineering this letter that described The hunter Biden laptop as a Russian Disinformation that's a disinformation Campaign all in and of itself Well in John there's one more thing That's not in that was two parts in the News and that is that as soon as they Got in through the the Secretary of State's office they began if you will Creating disinformation organizations That supposedly were going to stop this Information but actually just stop for Conservatives from being heard If there isn't some kind of democrat Deep State at work you know in the same Week that the Democrat mayor of New York City Eric Adams is criticizing the Biden Administration heavily for its border Policies and for the number of illegal Migrants who have come to New York City You've also got these Hunter Biden Laptop uh uh uh in you know stories and And the IRS whistleblower it it almost Seems uh like you've also got Robert Kennedy actually announcing his run for Office seems like a lot of Democrats all Of a sudden don't want Joe Biden to run Again Well clearly he doesn't have the support

Of the American people or the majority Of his party but what he also has is he Has a time bomb ticking that his cabinet Officers can only forestall the Inevitable prosecution and and Conviction of his son and perhaps him uh So time's running out Uh the district attorney in New York uh Wanted to keep an ex-prosecutor of his From testifying in front of the Judiciary Committee uh now he's Withdrawn that appeal what do you make Of that Well there was a scathing 35-page report From the district uh uh judge who made It very clear that you can't claim some Sort of uh privilege after somebody's Printed a book and gone on television And that's what makes this particular uh Effort so Preposterous so it seems like Um the the the sort of scandals or the The bad news let's put it that way is Piling up for the Biden Administration These days Well the fact that we now can push back And make people aware of actual use of Government power to thwart the other Party and people who agree with the Other party that's giving us some Ability to get the American people aware Of just how bad it can be and how quite Frankly the Democrats are trying to Create a situation in which they stay The one party in charge forever

So there are you know allegations of Maybe impropriety or improper conduct by The attorney general and the Secretary Of State I mean two of the highest level Cabinet officials that there are It just Um boggles the mind I guess as to what's What what other shoes might drop here Well you know uh I'm just old enough to Remember in my youth the term Watergate And as old as old as it is uh there are Parallels here in the way that this is a Campaign misconduct that now is turning Into a cover-up by the administration Yeah do you expect that there will be Charges filed against Hunter Biden the The Delaware district attorney has had This case since 2018 the world didn't Find out about it until 2020 which just Happened to be you know an election year Well if it were you or me or anyone else We know we already would have pled to Something because he doesn't have a leg To stand on when he clearly hid about Four million dollars of income about 1.8 Million in taxes that there's no easy Way to put it you and I would not be Getting away with it we'd already have Served our sentence by now yeah California Congressman Daryl Ison good To talk to you thank you Thank you John hi winner Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I want you To click to subscribe to the Fox News

YouTube page this is the only way that I That I commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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