Hunter Biden’s bank records are a ‘sad day in history’

Hunter Biden’s bank records are a ‘sad day in history’

Hour Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to explain how it is ‘likely’ that former President Trump and President Biden did not know about additional Chinese spy flights. #foxnews

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All right let's bring in representative James Coleman republican from Kentucky House oversight accountability committee Chairman Mr chairman thank you so much For being here you heard Peter mention It there's new information that our U.S Intel agencies so the eight the Trump Administration may not have been aware Of it but the Intel agencies were aware That there were additional Chinese spy Balloons how is this going on Well I've been talking about this for Several months now and we have a fourth Branch of government and that's the Government bureaucracy and they're not Operating under any type of checks and Balances they're not communicating uh With the the appropriate leaders they're Not abiding by the Constitution and I Think it's very possible that uh that This happened and and both presidents Didn't know about it both president Trump and president bite we've got a Problem with our military we've got a Problem with our intelligence Community We've been talking about that on Fox for A long time but I think it's coming to Light in more ways than just interfering In elections they're not communicating Properly with their leadership the President is the boss the president is The chain of is the top of the chain of The command in the military in the Intelligence community and everything

Else and yet we find more and more Reports where the intelligence Community Does not share basic information Important critical information with the Commander cheap yeah it's really scary About who's in charge is it the Administrative State or the intelligence Community or is it the person that we Elected Um so we we call it a spy balloon I Heard Stephen Mosher say we should stop Calling it a spy balloon because it Makes it sound like it's a birthday Party like this is a spy airplane Essentially or some sort of craft so That's one thing I want to I want to Point out this is really serious I also Want to move over to Hunter Biden who we Now know Um had some dealings with Ireland as Well and now he's there so what does That tell you does is this trip also Part of his business plan You know the business plan for all Practical purposes is the Biden family Takes money from our adversaries around The world for doing things that we Haven't yet determined now there is no Business but with respect to seeing Hunter Biden on Air Force One seeing Hunter Biden lead the president of the United States around that's a sad part Of our American history right there Because just from looking at these Bank

Violations that I'm going to talk more About next week when we return to Washington various Banks in the bank's Own words this is how they would Describe Hunter Biden who is leading our President United States around uh on the On the international stage this past Week uh they they suspect him of Laundering money they suspect him of Being an unregistered foreign agent they Respect him of of taking money from Countries that we have uh sanctions on They suspect him of doing business with An agency under investigation for human Trafficking they suspect him of of owing A significant amount of taxes this is Not my word this these are the words of The banks where the Biden family was Doing business and this is the guy That's leading our president United States around on the international stage That is a sad part of our American History right there and we have to bring A should shine a light on all the Wrongdoing that this family is doing and I hope that next week we're able to give A report to the American people people Of what all we have found from looking At these Bank violations that we've had Access to in the treasury cabinet for The last two weeks amazing how can you Deny bank records if you if they're There of millions of dollars flowing uh From Chinese companies to Hunter and

James Biden you wonder if there's a Moment at which the media can't ignore This It's we're going to get to that point if If we're able to have a press conference Next week which is my my goal uh and Present facts to the American people This will be hard for the mainstream Media to ignore they ignored for all Practical purposes the last batch of Information that we provided which was Essentially the first batch where we Showed that uh three million dollars Went through that Robinson Walker LLC And was laundered then back a million Plus to the Biden family to to four Different Biden family members they Didn't cover that this next report it's Going to be hard for the mainstream Media not to cover you can take my word On that so uh we'll see what Joe Biden's Future plans are we'll see how Joe Biden Plans on explaining this to the American People and I will tell you if the Mainstream media doesn't report this Next thing We've got seven or eight more reports That we're going to be providing the American people this story is not going Away it gets worse every day every time We find a new bank account a new hidden LLC then that opens up another Pandora's Box and it leads to more bank records And the more llc's and the more direct

Deposits from our adversaries around the World so this is something that is going To be very hard to explain for Joe Biden All right Congressman James come we'll Be following that investigation this Week we appreciate you being with us This morning thank you for doing this to The American people thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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