HUNTER THE HANDLER?: Biden ripped for ‘SNL’-like moment with son in Ireland

HUNTER THE HANDLER?: Biden ripped for 'SNL'-like moment with son in Ireland

OutKick host Bobby Burack joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss why he is disappointed by the incident and growing calls for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D., to resign. #FoxNews

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So with that we're also interested to See what outkick host Bobby Barack Thinks about all this Bobby great to Have you on the program so to review now The influence peddling Hunter Biden Apparently runs comms for the White House is that right Yeah Todd uh you know I was disappointed Watching that video and not for the Reasons that most people are because That guy is running our country or Supposedly running our country but you Watch that and that is the ideal living Parody of an SNL skit I mean you have a President who can't answer questions From kids he can't form this Conversation he's relying on his corrupt Son who can't answer his own questions We saw the interviews he's done over the Past few years refusing to answer why He's been involved in international Relations and his Chrome credentials and How much his name Biden has contributed To his success and ways through life so To see that I mean this is a golden Opportunity for SNL to make fun of that Situation but of course that doesn't Happen you watch that video and you got To double check Todd just to make sure It's real because how bizarre it is that His son is now running comps for him Because he can't answer those simple Conversations I mean it's funny on one Hand but also quick concerning on the

Other yeah I mean and then when Joe Biden told the families of the U.S Embassy they could ask him anything yet It's literally an act of God to get him In front of a Podium to speak to the American people but I want to go back to To Hunter Biden Um as far as how this looks to Americans And the people who have really been Following this Hunter laptop story for Years now and the Biden family business Dealings I mean we're right in the thick Of this investigation and yet they're Taking this trip to learn more about Their Heritage over in Ireland I mean it Doesn't look good to the American people Yeah absolutely and it's so bizarre Actually because the Biden campaign in a Lot of ways ran an optic saying that you Know Trump and his allies were Inappropriate not politically correct And fighting Administration and Talma Harris are going to better represent the Country a lot of it was about perception And image but the entire Optics around Biden's presidency now had been like you Said bizarre and insulting to the American people I mean I don't I don't Think people realize that the hunter Biden stories are some of the most Trafficked columns and articles online The interest in his dealings are Skyrocketing is substantial so all sorts Of Americans are fascinated by what's

Going on with him so to see him do this And almost just make a mockery of the Country at home of course it doesn't sit Well and the objects are horrible as Everything with Hunter Biden has been Since the initial laptop report from the New York Post which by the way was Suppressed by big Tech all the way now Here we are going on two and a half Years later it is an insult to the American people and the White House is Just thumbing its nose at these numerous Investigations by even inviting Hunter On that trip in the first place meantime Fellow Democrats are now calling for a California Senator Dianne Feinstein to Resign after being on medical leave Since early March Congressman wrote Khanna of California tweeting it's time For Senator Feinstein to resign we need To put country ahead of personal loyalty Followed by representative Dean Phillips Of Minnesota replying I agree with Rokana I believe it's now a dereliction Of Duty to remain in the Senate and a Dereliction of Duty for those who agree To remain quiet Feinstein herself is Asking Schumer to temporarily replace Her on the Senate Judiciary Committee But again this would only be temporary There's a statement right there I mean Look it seems like we are headed toward A messy divorce because while she said Hey I've got shingles I need a little

Time she's not fully resigning what say You Bobby Yet in messy divorce it is Todd when you Take your grievances to social media Right like this goes back to like Seventh grade relationships things Aren't going right you put on social Media as Senator Khan did there too and It becomes very messy toxic and hard to Recover from and yeah you said this is Just temporary and a lot of this too as You hear people speak in the Democratic Party about Um uh appointing pro-choice judges and With her no I'm not being president Right now it's nine to Nines they want That they want that 10 to 9 advantage And yeah this is not probably going to Be uh an easy solution I think now that It's aired on social media and you got People on both sides commenting and Arguing back and forth on it um I think Your phrase messy divorce as you Astutely put it Todd is probably even an Understatement at this point I think We'll be talking about this for weeks to Come and probably no sufficient Resolution and the Democrats certainly Don't want that but they're putting Themselves in this position because it's Democrats doing all the infighting Bobby Barack thank you sir I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox

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