‘I DON’T DO POLITICS’: Blinken denies trying to discredit Hunter Biden’s laptop

'I DON'T DO POLITICS': Blinken denies trying to discredit Hunter Biden's laptop

GOP strategist Krysia Lenzo joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Blinken’s denial, Janet Yellen warning the U.S. could run out of money by June 1 and Americans’ dwindling trust in the media. #FoxNews

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Anytime Secretary of State Anthony Blinken denying any role in pushing that 2020 letter that aimed to discredit the New York Post reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop all in an exclusive Interview with our own Ben Hall Can you explain what your role was in That and if you incentivized it well First one of the great benefits of this Job is that I don't do politics and Don't don't engage in it but with regard To uh to that letter Um I didn't wasn't my idea didn't ask For it didn't solicit it and I think the Testimony That the former deputy director of the CIA Mike Morrell put forward confirms That GOP strategist and former NASDAQ Reporter krisha linzo joins us now Christian was this a good enough Response wasn't my idea No it is not a good enough response um Point Blank it is very interesting that Anthony blinken said that he does not Want to be political now since he's been Political from the get-go even with the Hunter Biden emails that we've seen Evidence of that he's been consistently Uh in communication with Hunter and his Emails were forwarded across to his Business Hunter's business partners uh Devin Archer specifically all having to Do with barisma so why now he doesn't Want to get involved with Hunter Biden

And what he has to put forward is is Very suspect what was curious about the Tents that blinken used there he says I Don't do politics whether or not you Believe that I mean I don't necessarily Believe that but the tenses don't he Certainly did do politics back in October of 2020 when he wasn't part of Any Administration he was just working Night and day to get Biden in office so That he could be part of an Administration but I want to go back to What he said because I think he's out And out live former CIA deputy director Michael Morrell testified before Congress that blink in was the impetus For the letter then you have blinken Right there saying he wasn't who's lying We'll have to find out as of right now We haven't heard from blinken yet Um in front of the Judiciary Committee But the letter doesn't lie I mean 51 uh X uh CIA directors former heads of Intelligence signed on to these in this Letter that was significant in terms of Being a huge part of the election and What occurred right before Donald Trump Debated Joe Biden I mean this letter was Really a Telltale sign to put to arrest Anything that had to do with the hunter Biden laptop and calling it Disinformation it was a complete farce Yeah I mean and blink and he repeatedly Said he never emailed Hunter Biden but

Messages from 2015 show something Totally different it shows an exchange Between the two attempting to schedule a Meeting so how does something like this Implicate him because the receipts show Otherwise of what he's saying The receipts do show otherwise we've Seen the letters back and forth we've Seen Hunter Biden as I mentioned forward These uh emails across to Devin Archer And yes we even heard from a senator on The on Fox News talk about how he spoke To uh it was under oath and really Explained how Blinking completely denied this so it's It if he denied this under oath that's a Huge huge allegation that is ultimately A felony right yeah means I've got to Get your thoughts on this President Abide and we'll finally meet with Congressional leaders on the debt Ceiling next week but not before Treasury secretary Janet Yellen wrote a Letter yesterday to speaker McCarthy Saying quote after reviewing recent Federal tax receipts our best estimate Is that we will be unable to continue to Satisfy all the government's obligations By early June that's much earlier than We originally anticipated let me add and Potentially as early as June 1st this Does appear to be a cave by Biden he Seems to be the one that's saying okay I'm going to make the first step to get

These Republicans in the door to sort of Work on some numbers but with regard to Yellen's statement will that Fear-mongering ultimately get McCarthy To budge I think it is fear-mongering And at this point when it comes to Janet Yellen we have to take her word uh you Know at face value because she's the Person who talked about transitory Inflation it's part of her policies of Quantitative easing which really set us Up for the rate hikes with inflation What Americans are feeling right now Which is is very difficult and the debt Ceiling certainly plays a huge part in This uh with respending here Janet Yellen is trying to push forward this Fear-mongering tactic to get a deal a Negotiation across but really I don't Trust uh Janet Yellen either because We've seen her history it's because of Her we're in a lot of this as I Mentioned and Um yes it is also political she's acting Political as the Secretary of Treasury She's no longer the Federal Reserve Chair you could say that the Federal Reserve chair is also can be political But in this role I don't know if her Words really matter other than Fear-mongering yeah I mean McCarthy and The Republicans they they put forward a Common sense Bill saying you can raise The debt ceiling but you have to cut in

Certain areas Biden's pushing back on That ultimately it falls on his Shoulders and his administration do you Think that he's going to budge on this At all I mean obviously every year I Feel like we hear oh we're going to run Out of money this is nothing new but do You think Biden is actually going to Budge on this she he doesn't really have A choice unless he extends this to a Point where we really reach uh that Fiscal cliff as we always are talking About that in the past but Biden Campaigned on Unity Um I would hope that he would want this Deal to be negotiated because it would Be really difficult for the economy at a Certain point investors are going to be Concerned about what happens to uh you Know our budget and our debt but right Now I mean he's going to have to Negotiate because the Republicans have Passed the bill Um you know in the house Kevin McCarthy Did a great job and he got a lot of the The covet spending and cuts that are Going to be called back I think will be Great it's important to always remind People that what Republicans Kevin McCarthy want to do is literally go back To what it was four months ago it's not Like we're going back to 1980 levels It's four months ago meantime before we Let you go God you get your thoughts on

This a new poll finds only 16 percent of Americans have trust in the media and Additionally 74 of Americans think the News media is increasing seeing the Political divide in our country your Thoughts on that I think it all Seducation when people in classrooms When students in classrooms don't feel The the you don't have the capability to Speak up because the teachers push back Against them for having a different Point of view because it is not the Right point of view the liberal point of View typically then yes it's going to Lead into other areas particularly in Journalism when there is a critical Divide in our nation there is really no Discourse unfortunately there's no shows That not not too many shows that debate Each other these days and fear that They'll alienate part of Their audience Which at one point we used to do that There's it's it's really kind of sad Yeah it makes you wonder if we can ever Come back from this because 16 of Americans trust me that's that's low Yeah that's not a lot so it makes you Wonder how we're going to come back from This are we going to come back from this You honestly you just never know these Days especially with the hunter Biden Laptop story stories exactly like that Are it you know they're the main reason Why we can't yeah acting like it didn't

Exist and now everybody's being forced To talk about it because it's still Around five years later Christian and Lindsay thank you so much for your time This morning we appreciate it thanks for Having me of course I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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