IDF spokesperson reveals 4 hostages were held hostage by Palestinian civilians

IDF spokesperson reveals 4 hostages were held hostage by Palestinian civilians

Former IDF spokesperson Jonathan Conricus joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to break down the latest news emerging from the Israel-Hamas war. #foxnews

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This morning four innocent Israelis Safely back home with their families After being kidnapped by brutal Hamas Terrorists and held hostage in Gaza for 8 months the daring IDF rescue carried Out in a densely populated refugee camp Where the hostages were held in the Homes of civilians joining us now former IDF spokesperson Jonathan kriz uh also a Former lieutenant colonel in the IDF uh Sir thank you very much for being here Thank for having me um for our audience How did this go down well it went down After weeks of planning collecting Intelligence from various sources Including doing preparations and Operations in order to gather Intelligence on the ground which then Finally allowed Israeli Commandos the Elite of the elite Israeli Special Forces to understand where they were Being held and then to launch an Operation that basically hit two Locations and the key thing was to do it Simultaneously the underlying assumption Was that if Israel hits one place where Noah or the other place where the three Men were being held if we don't do it Simultaneously the risks for the lives Of the other location or the hostages Being held in the other location were Very high so it had to be simultaneously Israeli troops were able to infiltrate Without being noticed and so this means

They were wearing civilian clothes I Mean they were they were not didn't come In in a military formation this no they Didn't advertise their Advance ahead of Time and and they surprised the Hamas Guards and the civilian sentries that Hamas has deployed along the area they Got to the locations burst in unfor Unfortunately in one of the locations an Israeli Special Force Soldier was Severely wounded he later died of his Wounds which is a terrible loss for Israel he is a real uh Bonafide hero his Name was Aron and the operation is now Named after him he was the leader of the Uh counterterrorism unit and what the Israeli troops did was go in Simultaneously get the hostages out and The more difficult part became actually The vehicle exfiltration and this is a Very densely populated area very small Alleys very lots and lots of people Around it and what basically happened Was that one of the vehicles got stuck And when they got stuck they came under Tremendous fire I'm talking massive Machine gun fire RPG Rockets it was a Really intense Situation that is also where I think Most of the Palestinian casualties that We see the Palestinians touting on International media and it gets a lot of Attention of the amount of Palestinian Casualties most of them were in that

Area where Israeli troops came under a Lot of fire with the hostages in the Vehicle and then finally thanks to an Envelope of fire and Israeli soldiers Fighting their way out made their way Towards the coast were two helicopters Awaited and the first helicopter took Noah to safety and then the second Helicopter took the other force with the Three Israeli hostages out it's Incredible you mentioned weeks of Planning I even read that there they Built a mockup of a couple of these Apartment rooms I mean that's how Sophisticated this was in their desire To get inside quickly yes and that is The level of detail that they had to Have in order to have any chance of Success and that must be a reflection of Serious real-time intelligence that that They're um do they does that mean they Have the Israelis have somewhat of a Sense where most of the hostages might Be held sadly I don't think it does Really you know this was made possible Because Hamas decided to jail these Hostages and to have them above ground In a civilian populated area and we've Seen this in the past this isn't the First time that Hamas jails Israeli Civilians in a civilian Palestinian Environment and where by the way the People who were guarding and forcing the Israeli civilian to stay there were

Palestinian civilians it's all a Civilian situation here but many other Isra Israeli hostages are presumed to be Held underground in specially defended Hamas compounds with instructions for The Hamas guards there that as soon as You hear any kind of ID eff activity you Execute the Israeli hostages and that is Of course the main scenario that Israel Wants to prevent there have been Successful Israeli raids in the past in RAF about three months ago Israeli Forces again were able to go in Unnoticed and save two Israeli men Civilians who were taken from the kib What does this tell you about the the The strength of Hamas at this because This is an area that's been cleared but It's not fully cleared obviously correct This you mentioned centuries those are Civilians that have walkie-talkies and They're willing to give a heads up to Hamas if something looks suspicious do They are they reconstituting in places Where you can't have Israeli troops all The time so what we know that they're Doing is that with hostages they've been Moving them around these hostages that Were now sh saved they were in different Locations and they tell Israeli soldiers And Intel officers after they were saved That we were moved around and that is What Kamas does has been doing with the Other hostages as well to make it as

Difficult as possible for Israel to Actually get in they've been shifting Them around move around in civilian Populations C population in civilian Houses sometimes Underground sometimes Above ground with the full knowledge and Complicity and in many cases active Participation of gazan Palestinians Civilians and that's a very important Point because you know what Hamas does By its strategy is constantly to model The line between what's military and What's civilian and they always try to You know all of their Fighters they're Dressed in civilian cles and then they T Them in civilian casualties to they get Reported as such in international the International press um I want to get Your comment as well because there were Some anti-israel protesters surrounding The White House they defaced some Monuments uh they're calling out Genocide Joe chanting uh you know you're A sellout pack your bags and get the Hell out smearing red paint on Andrew Jackson I mean if these these protesters Um are really angry at Joe Biden's Approach to what's going on in Israel What's your take so I've been at Protests like these um around the world Not only in the US I've seen them in Scandinavia seen them in other parts of Europe I've seen them in the UK and I've Seen them here in the US the common

Denominator that I see is a lot of Hatred towards the West a lot of Anti-American sentiment sure the Jews And Israel are front and center of most Of the vicious uh rethoric here and most Of the hatred but what I see is a bunch Of people who do not respect uh American Values who do not respect Western values And are very bloodthirsty towards Israel Uh what I'm concerned is that more and More of public domain is slowly but Surely being conquered by this type of People anarchists who have no respect For the past and who are who stop at Nothing in order to get their messages Across real quick just is Israel given The ability to actually take out Hamas Is is America holding back Israel from Finishing the Fight I think that Israel would likely Want to fight harder and faster um and I Think that Israel should be doing that And I think that it would be in the Interest of Israelis and Palestinians to Get the job done faster and quicker to Get the suffering done and I think is Well can and should be doing it we shall See well uh Jonathan kriz thank you for Your time thank you for having me great Stuff

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