If a 21-year-old guardsman can get access to this info, can’t the Russians and Chinese?: Sean Duffy

If a 21-year-old guardsman can get access to this info, can't the Russians and Chinese?: Sean Duffy

‘The Bottom Line’ host Sean Duffy and Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen react to a 21-year-old’s arrest in the classified documents leak probe on ‘The Story.’

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So joining me here on set former Wisconsin Republican Congressman Sean Duffy co-host of the bottom line on Fox Business and Mark Thiessen former Chief Speechwriter for President George W bush American Enterprise Institute senior Fellow and a Fox News contributor Gentlemen thank you this is as I said it You know it it's disturbing on a lot of Levels Um is this a Given what we know right now Mark is This a treasonous Yeah crime it is it's treason uh and Look Jennifer Griffin made the point That you know after 9 11 we loosened uh Access to intelligence I had a top Secret security clearance after 9 11 in The Pentagon in the white house and I Can tell you the goal was not to give 21 Year olds access to finished CIA product That reveals sources and methods uh we The goal was to Break Down The Walls Between the intelligence community and The FBI because they weren't talking to Each other no one was talking about Spreading intelligence this far and wide And the idea that a 21 year old kid can Expose expose sources and methods of how We spy or how we have been penetrated The Chinese people Liberation Army Because apparently we've we've exposed The fact that they uh that we know they Have a new Hypersonic missile that can

Reach the United States that they Exposed our penetration of the Russian Defense Ministry that could affect the War in Ukraine I mean the incompetence Is stunning Um and and it wasn't unlike Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning it wasn't Ideological it was some kid kid trying To show off to his friends in a gaming Chat room and has literally affected Global national security by doing so It's it how this happens is just beyond Me yeah I mean that's one of the big Questions you know there's there's the Micro question here and the macro Question here the macro question is as Mark says there were Um pieces of intelligence here that were Talking about the tensions that exist Between the Wagner group and the head of The Russian military Assessments about how successful based On all of our calculations Ukraine could Potentially be in this spring offensive I mean these are very foundational Understandings of what's going on in the World that are not shared outside of This environment right and so what Really strikes me you know is is this Young man I think technology is Advancing faster than a lot of the old Folks at the Pentagon can can keep up That that's what I think just watching This right and I wonder how many other

Young people have the ability to Circumvent this I don't know Sean if he If he was able to get into a system and And read what was there they said that He was transcribing the stuff initially Then he started taking pictures of it And then sharing the pictures with them Because transcribing it all got a little Right but cumbersome but but roll back For a second we spent 800 billion Dollars yes we do Pentagon you'd expect They have missiles and ships and planes But also they uh have advanced Technology to make sure they keep our Intelligence safe 800 billion dollars a Year and here you have this kind of leak And you made this point I think the American people are shocked that a 21 Year old Guardsman can get access to This information if a Guardsman can get Access can't the Russians can't the Chinese who else can get access and so Yes I think we hold the Guardsmen Accountable he accessed the information I don't think it was for ideological Reasons however it has the same impact In undermining our uh our credibility With our allies but what general is Going to lose their job what's General Is at fault for the for National Security to make sure you can't breach Into the Pentagon and get this highly Classified information and if For six to eight months you don't notice

Where's the FBI where's the doj exactly The problem with this Administration is Known as held accountable someone has to Lose their job I mean again this guy Should go to prison but we have real Problems in the Pentagon I don't think The administration wants to look inside To go who is the problem who else we Have to bring in to make sure our Secrets are safe yeah yeah you know the President's in Ireland uh he spoke to Parliament today what would you expect You're a former speechwriter at the White House if you were advising this President and all of this is coming down What would you say to him about how to How to address it today Um I would well first of all I would I Would look at what the what has been Exposed and say fix that like the fact That we're gonna We expose the fact that We're that they don't think that the Ukrainian offensive is going to work Well that's because they're not Providing them the weapons for it to Work uh expose the fact that the uh that Egypt was trying to sell artillery to The Russians you know well maybe we Should put some consequences on that so First thing is let's fix the problems That this is exposed that we all didn't Know was happening but he did his Administration did there I mean this is Just lifted up a rock and we're seeing

Some of the just incompetence that's Happening in this Administration in Terms of this leak take it seriously he Said today you know it's not that big a Deal it what is he talking about we We've exposed sources and methods of how We penetrated the Russian Ministry of Defense of the Chinese people's Liberation Army it's a very big to quote Uh Joe Biden it's a big effing deal you Know say that it's a big deal say that I'm going to get to the bottom There's a lot of there's a lot of in the Messaging that we're hearing from the White House John there's a lot of sort Of downplaying like okay everybody no It's not a big deal this isn't a big Deal either uh you know they're shooting Down our drone not a big deal pull a Balloon flying over our airspace not a Big deal this is also not a big deal I Mean I feel almost like the whole apparatus Is kind of covered like chilled out you Know like oh we're not we're only back At work three days a week we're not Really keeping a close eye on what's Going on Um pretty soon everybody will be back to You know Full Throttle when and here's Here's the problem with that so if Joe Biden undermines how serious this really Is which we all agree it is incredibly Serious all of a sudden the Congress is

Going to step up Republicans are going To engage and they're going to go to war With Joe Biden well I think that's Horrible for the country I think this is A bipartisan moment where Joe Biden says This is serious Republicans who go yes Mr President it's serious let's work Together Republican and Democrat to make Sure this never happens again this is Not political this isn't partisan but it Will become partisan of Joe Biden Minimizes the serious nature of it and Again I think to the point of Joe Biden Said listen we got real problems I'm not A tech guy but I'm going to find out What went wrong and this will never Happen again and Republicans help me out Precisely precisely exactly I mean That's you want to hear from the top Look this is treason we're going to Pursue this through the justice Department but if it is what it appears To be it's treason if if this young man Does not face the appropriate penalty What is to dissuade anyone else who can Find their way around a computer and let Me tell you I guarantee you there are Many of this young men they got to be Held to accountable too who hired this Guy who gave this guy access to these Intelligence who up the chain of command There has to be accountability or else It's never going to get fixed yeah that Was one of the questions in the Pentagon

Briefing you know what happens up the Chain of command because the captain of The ship Is the leader in these environments Right so if people under you are putting American Secrets at risk there has to be Accountability and I think that is it's It's almost like a um kind of a disease That has crept across all of our Apparatuses like where it's like oh no Nothing really matters and no one's Really held accountable and I think People are so fed up with it Sean but They are and I think that every American Recognizes that mistakes happen no one Is perfect no Administration I mean There's thousands of people who work for Joe Biden there will be mistakes they Can go they can accept there was a Mistake here I take full responsibility We'll fix it and they really forgive the American people are very forgiving but When you play the other hand and go wow It's not a big deal everybody and play It down and again the seriousness the Serious nature of of the leaks are real Um again that's when I think the American people get angry they can just Look at last week when they had the Report on Afghanistan and they said well I didn't see Kirby says I didn't see Chaos I don't know what you're talking About like there's no nobody got fired Over that nobody got fired over that no

One gets Should be fired for saying that I mean He completely destroyed his credibility And in the process The credibility of His administration they lie to us all The time President says that no one ever No one told him to keep lead troops Behind which is just bald bald-faced uh Lie he downplays everything there's no Accountability for mistakes no Admissions of any mistakes I mean just The other day Bill Clinton came out and Said I made a mistake by forcing Ukraine To give up its nuclear weapons I feel Responsible for this war at least he's Willing to do it you know when is Joe Biden going to say I did something wrong I made a mistake we're going to fix it I'm going to take responsibility for it They don't do it I mean you know that That problem exists across a few Administrations and we've seen it happen Many many times and I do think that it Trickles down through the rest of Society right nobody wants to take Response everything is always somebody Else's fault Um I I think as Americans we have a History of you know standing up and Saying I I messed up on this I need to Take the heat for it and we're gonna go From there now here's another question You know we've talked a lot about AI Recently right and I was saying to you

Before we started now everything I look At one of my first questions is is this Real did someone make this did someone Create all of this intelligence and then I'm thinking is this coming from Russia Is it coming from China is it really This young man or is he just the front For something that they created in this Chat room thing and the guy that we're Looking at on the screen who's talking In a black silhouette is he real you Know so you really start to question all Of what is what people are capable of of Creating Sean they say oh he had no Connections to Russia or China that's What the young man says okay that's the Starting point what do you think do not Care that it would be again the effect Is the same but I had the same thought That if the Ukraine is going to run out Of missiles by May 23rd I'm like are we Rope-a-dope in Russia are we baiting Them into something is this real is this Action intelligence play because again You don't trust any of the information That comes out and you're right with With AI you can't trust anything you've Seen while we're talking about the dog That you said that you saw a little Snoopy before it's like is this real or Is this fake I don't know anymore I know And you know I mean obviously our job is To follow all of these leads and figure Out what is substantive I think it's

Very interesting that some of these Organizations who are very skillful Online got to this young person Before before the FBI did and I think They have to answer for that too why Don't they have these individuals who Are good you know do working for these Organizations maybe they ought to be Working for the FBI Mark yep maybe and Uh you know and but again he's sharing This with a bunch of kids I mean one of The kids in this story he had to get his Mother's permission to talk to the Washington Post he's that young my guess Is that this young man was living at Mom And Dad's too in Massachusetts we don't Know yet but just one point we'll follow The case right we'll see that case Progress what we won't see is how other Countries refuse to share information With us anymore what is the intelligence Consequence of this to America in the Future as other countries look at these Kind of breaches and Americans say we Don't really trust but you know it makes Me wondering We will not see that part I mean Consequence of this it may be that these Other countries have this stuff too um Because it's been online for six to Eight months so maybe they weren't all That shocked 800 documents yeah 300 so most of them Not publicly six to eight months I mean

Are they have they gone drawn to Discord And pulled these down and you know do They have them I mean it's just you Would hope so all right um stay with me Guys if you will hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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