If it weren’t for Elon Musk, we’d be approaching totalitarianism: Shellenberger

If it weren't for Elon Musk, we'd be approaching totalitarianism: Shellenberger

‘Twitter Files’ co-reporter Michael Shellenberger argues the government’s access to Twitter data and efforts to censor individuals on the platform is ‘very disturbing.’ #FoxNews

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Michael schellenberger co-reported the Twitter files and Michael good morning To you welcome to our coverage here I'll Play another clip in a moment here but Uh what did you think of last night and What he revealed to the American people I mean it's all very shocking I mean we You know we were in the process of Reporting on the Twitter files and we Knew that the Twitter staff was being Very biased in their censoring of Ordinary Americans for saying things Like a woman is not a man or a man is Not a woman we also know that there were Strong efforts by government funded Agencies to try to censor people for Just expressing Um for describing vaccine side effects And so I think it's really uh quite Disturbing you know we're about to make A big call for more whistleblowers to Come forward we need more people inside The social media companies to come Forward I mean I think people don't Really appreciate how close we came to Really having government censorship of All the major social media platforms if It hadn't been for Elon Musk buying Twitter we would never have realized how Close we came to uh I think what can Genuinely be called a kind of Totalitarianism Tucker asked him about You know laying off 80 percent of staff And still being able to run Twitter in

The way that he wants to with all of Those people that were laid off in your Reporting did you have any sense of how Many people had this kind of access and If they were in particular doing Anything specific with it You know it's hard to know I mean you Know I mean I think it's telling though That the former Chief counsel to the FBI Went to Twitter to be deputy chief Counsel and one of the things I keep Hearing in my research on this is that Nobody ever leaves the intelligence Community we we kept seeing the FBI Badgering Twitter for more information We also saw former FBI employees like Clint Watts running disinformation Campaigns claiming that there were Russian bots in fact they were ordinary Citizens on Twitter using that to sort Of discredit particularly Trump voters You know people on the populist rate and So yeah I mean you would just see it's a Little bit like what Elon said is that There was just a lot of discussion by Mid-level junior senior employees over Who should be censored whether they Should be censored and my assumption is That the senior staff had access to all Of those DMS and then when you saw that Level of federal uh when you see that Level of interaction with with federal Law enforcement agencies Um it's not a hard stretch to imagine

That they had access to the DMS let's See where that goes he wants to encrypt Those DMS as Dana mentioned a moment ago Just play clip number four guys this is On AI he thinks he can make a better Model that is more trustworthy I think Is the words that he uses uh watch I'm going to start something which I Know you're called Truth gbt or a Maximum truth seeking AI That tries to understand the nature of The universe and I think this this might Be the best path to Safety in the sense That an AI that cares about Understanding the universe is unlikely To annihilate humans because we are an Interesting part of the Universe I don't Know how much you've gone into this yet But do you think that is possible Yeah I mean I mean first of all I mean I Think Elon is having a very good moment Here I mean he confronted the BBC last Week when they claimed there was more Hate speech online he the the BBC Reporter could not give a single Instance then you saw musk opening up um And raising the alarm about AI Appropriately I think the other Interesting thing is that musk called For government regulation that's not Something that you hear from Big CEOs of Big tech companies uh CEOs don't like Regulation he said it's a big pain but Here we are with this very radical

Technology that we truly don't Understand including the people that Created the technology don't understand So I think Um you know credit to Elon for I think Raising the alarm and and calling for Pretty moderate uh regulatory solution And and revealing you know the extent to Which you have bad government Involvement illegal potentially Government involvement in Twitter and Then you also have a need for government Involvement in regulating AI so I think We all have to mature a little bit in Evolve a bit to deal with some of the Complexity created by these new Technologies Michael schellenberger always good to Have you to start us off today with a Lot to think about I'm Brian Kilmeade and it means Lee Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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