Ingraham: This depravity is spreading

Ingraham: This depravity is spreading

Fox News host Laura Ingraham examines what’s behind a growing trend of teen violence on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #ingrahamangle

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Do you remember growing up and seeing Stories on the news about young people In such numbers committing depraved acts Of violence toward others Now there's always been crime and Sometimes horrific crime but I don't Ever recall seeing scenes like the scene We saw last weekend in Chicago when People who were just walking in Chicago Minding their own business were set upon By the mob Hundreds of teens took over downtown Jumping on cars running in traffic you Saw they were smashing Windows two were Shot and motorists were terrorized their Windows done And the guys put in their face like Um they were hitting him in the face So my car is right now How's your husband is he okay I don't Know Police were outnumbered and overwhelmed By the Swarm [Applause] Even the local news decided it was Unsafe and pulled their crew from the Scene Of course this is just the latest though In a string of disturbing incidents Caught on camera a gas station and Convenience store in Compton California Which of course represents someone's Hard work and paychecks to staff it was Ransacked in a targeted hit

Come on Unchecked unpunished chaos just feeds More criminality [Music] And at certain points it almost seems Like a competition for the camera how Cruel how over the top how heartless can You be [Applause] And the humiliation of the Asian Community that seems to be the goal of Some people Cell phone video shows the harrowing Moments when what's described as a bunch Of about 20 teenagers walked into the Fish Village restaurant in College Point Queens and destroyed the place causing Twenty thousand dollars in Damages And of course we can't dismiss what We've seen on school buses we used to Think those were safe where children and Bus drivers alike have been beaten Mercilessly In Metro Georgia police are reporting That gang membership is growing Especially among the very young Again gangs have been around for most of Our country's history we all know that But we're seeing something different It's much more vicious and it seems more Calculated now these days these these Gangs are Reckless Real Reckless it's not organized no more It used to be structuring there no women

No kids now it's just a free fall A free-for-all and permissive attitudes Toward crime and liberal enclaves that's Given gangs the incentive to use younger Kids to commit some of the worst acts of Violence that's new The ganks are also getting more Sophisticated in their recruiting even Using social media disguising themselves As public interest organizations So in a nation-facing recession criminal Gangs are now a growth industry Young people in cities like Chicago know They have nothing to lose The Floyd protests took away all Inhibitions Young people were encouraged in fact to Be loud to be disrespectful They were told that the country is Racist that police are bigots No wonder so many are angry And of course the politicians who helped Fuel all of their Fury well they're just Downplaying the consequences Came downtown because it was a great Weather and an opportunity to enjoy the City that's absolutely entirely Important there are a few that came with Different intentions and they they have And they will be dealt with Um but I'm not gonna use your language Which I think is I'm wrong to say this Man An opportunity to enjoy the city

Now the response of the incoming mayor Brandon Johnson who's even worse on Crime than Lightfoot If you can believe That it was just as weak saying of Course we don't condone the destruction But we shouldn't demonize those deprived Young people either Well liberal policies help drive both Cultural and economic decline that's Causing this out of control Behavior we Know that so their only response now in Seeing all the damage that's being done On almost a weekly basis sometimes more Often it's to blame shift One state Senator Robert Peters claimed It was all just a mass protest in Chicago a protest against poverty and Against segregation what Of course that excuse makes no sense Because there was real and widespread Poverty and real government sanctioned Segregation in the south in the 1950s So why don't we have the same type of Criminality This degradation and this slide now into Cruel criminal activity It's not limited to any one race it's Being burned into our national DNA Look at the dead eyes of some of the Worst mass shooters There was Adam Lanza who killed those Beautiful children at Sandy Hook Elementary Dylan roof who killed nine in that black

Church in Charleston Then the Pulse Nightclub shooter Then Salvador Ramos the Unspeakable Inflictor of mass damage and Carnage in Uvalde And then the Twisted trans killer Audrey Hale who just killed six at that Nashville Christian School they're Hiding her Manifesto in other writings Hmm It's all stomach churning all of it So many lives lost utter callousness Most Killers seem to suffer from some Deep sense of isolation odd right you're Connected more connected than ever Before with the internet but you're more Lonely and more isolated than ever Before Many of the kids heavily medicated for Depression or anxiety some with Drug-induced psychosis maybe they Started with marijuana It's many have a deep desire at the same Time for notoriety hence the live Streaming or the last messages posted on Social media before they go carry out Their Carnage it's a lack of empathy and Often a lack of fathers Kids with no guard rails whatsoever can Quickly slip from smoking a little weed Now and then to ending up in a mob That's stopping a poor passerby as we Saw in Chicago last Saturday night You have to do better as parents our

Kids should not be out here we're out in Pariset that's my question why aren't They asking where the kids are at right Now are they tracking them they see his Behaviors Are they tracking them no they're not Tracking them So when so many elected officials and Other powerful people on the left have Spent decades running down this country And attacking the nuclear family is it Really surprising that many kids have Lost all hope If Joe Biden thinks America is an evil Place Racist Place systemically racist why Would kids be optimistic today So politicians have to stop lying to the American people about the state of Things in this country The kids aren't all right Children need love and rules laid down By responsible adults they need Communities that support Parenthood not Make it harder with soft on crime Policies drug legalization and radical Racial and gender propaganda all of that Just undermines churches moms and dads And that's the angle hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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