Ingraham: We’ve become a laughing stock

Ingraham: We’ve become a laughing stock

Fox News host Laura Ingraham gives her take on how the country has changed during President Biden’s time in office on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews #fox #theingrahamangle

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Suicide of a superpower that's the focus Of tonight's Angle oh it was more of the new normal In Biden's America today Israel [Applause] [Music] [Music] Uses and it was more peace and love for The Pro Coalition in Chicago on Saturday I'm going to teach you a chant in Persian that you can use if you ever Encounter those zionists you're going to Say Marar Mar marar Is is it can mean death to or down with So can we get a marar we can get a marar Yes Marar death to Israel death to America Now these are the voters by the way that Joe Biden was desperately trying to Court over the weekend by telling Israel To bring down the temperature after the Attempted drone attack on Sunday Morning By Iran now it's been a muddled mess and An embarrassment to the United States message to Iran In This Moment Don't the US confirming that Iran has Fired a barrage of drones and missiles Toward Israel a significant escalation In the Middle East has President Biden Considered maybe beefing up the public Iran posture to be more than just one Word you're you're referring to don't

And so let's talk about and they did it Anyway and let's talk about What now let's pause for a moment and Realize first off that this isn't 1994 It's not 2004 America sadly is not the force she Once was now how can we be we welcome People in country who stand deeply Opposed to our Traditions our Judeo-christian uh beliefs and who can Blame them look after all remember what Our top leaders say about America America has a long history of systemic Racism addressing profound inequities Including systemic racism we're going to Rip out the systemic racism that still Affects our laws our institutions our Culture now these aren't the words of a Superpower because superpower is proud And Resolute America under Biden is Ashamed and Shaky now way back in 2011 Pat Buchanan Predicted all of this in his bestseller Suicide of a superpower will America Survive to 2025 the West is disintegrating it's the Greatest civilization the world has ever Produced and I think it is dying in 1905 Western Empires controlled the Entire world with the addition of Japan And Asia six or seven countries America Included controlled the entire world we Went through two world wars that carried Off something like 100 million people

All these Western Nations they all lost Their Empires almost all have lost their Armies and navies they have lost their Basic fundamental Christian faith their Culture has begun to disintegrate and The people have begun to Die now we see that Buchanan really was Right as usual today the same people who Got us into this mess are now somehow Stunned that Americans are opposed to More foreign intervention more money for Ukraine and those same people think that America is weaker and our enemies are Stronger because the American people are The problem and the representatives in The house lack the will to stand up to Our Enemies and these same people think that If we just agreed to borrow more money If we agreed to take take on more Commitments to other countries if we Agreed to trust Biden and his team even More then things would be better well They are completely wrong the American People are still loyal they're still Patriotic they're still committed to Building a richer and safer world for Everyone most still support Israel they Still mistrust Vladimir Putin they still Want America to be number one the Problem isn't the American people the Problem is what our leaders have done to The American people and America measured on the basis of

Purchasing power parity China's economy Is now larger than ours the United States is over 34 trillion in debt and Counting the United States Intel Community lacks lacks Credibility and young people they're not Interested in joining the military Anymore government gen Geniuses gave Into globalization and gutted our Jobs look the United States has hated Around the world that wasn't an accident It resulted in part from the constant Drum beat of anti-American propaganda Put out by Hollywood and our own Government by the way both constantly Tell the world that America's Irredeemably greedy polluting everything Racist evil who can forget Obama's Apology Tour now these conditions mean that the United States doesn't have the type of Leverage that we once did in world Affairs and of course Biden he's just Made everything worse he's simply not Credible as a global leader we have Become sadly under Biden a laughing Stock can you ever imagine him putting Putting him on the phone with other World leaders imagine listening to those Calls they know he's not serious and Therefore they think that we are not Serious after all we elected him it's Not surprising that evil countries Everywhere are on the March and it's

Certainly not surprising that Washington Seems helpless to stop them but the Answer here isn't to criticize House Republicans or write more op-eds calling On Americans to make sacrifices for Ukraine let me be clear Americans will Not support a government that they do Not trust and they're not willing to Support throwing away resources on Policies that are doomed to fail that Was true when we left Vietnam it was True when we left Iraq and Afghanistan And it's true Now look at the chaos that has been sown Around the world in Biden's first term And then then imagine how much worse it Will be after four more years of Biden's Decline and that's the angle hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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