Is the war on fossil fuels about to get worse?

Is the war on fossil fuels about to get worse?

‘The Big Sunday Show’ panelists discuss AOC continuing to push the climate narrative and how the Biden admin is set to crack down on power plants. #foxnews #fox #thebigsundayshow

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I think it is important to acknowledge That the scale and the scope of what we Are proposing is massive but the scale And the scope of the climate crisis is Even bigger and if we are not proactive About very aggressively and Transformationally addressing our Infrastructure our Workforce our Preparation for the climate crisis then The costs of not addressing it are going To be far greater Okay welcome back to the big Sunday show As AOC doubles down on her Green New Deal the Biden Administration is about To take their war on fossil fuels a step Further with a major Crackdown on power Plants the plan which will soon be Released by the EPA would require coal And natural gas plants to cut or capture A vast majority of their carbon Emissions by 2040. those plants Currently generate more than 60 percent Of our electricity and while President Biden is regulating energy here in the U.S he is emboldening China's influence With his electric vehicle push China Makes about 75 percent of the batteries For electric vehicles house Speaker Kevin McCarthy calling out Biden's Strategy earlier on Sunday morning Futures listen But right now he just expanded the Amount of money that government will Subsidize for new renewable energy but

These solar panels are made in China we Block the ability for their come so now China is sending to other countries you Know what the president did he lifted it And now allows China to send it to other Countries dump on the market will go After American businesses and you know Who what's economy is going to get Stimulated China by using American Taxpayers that is what's wrong Okay so it does seem like there is a Little bit of hypocrisy here uh the President wants to drastically cut Carbon emissions from coal and natural Gas plants and he also wants Americans To switch to electric vehicles by 2035 But we have to buy the batteries from China because as we just saw the bulk of These batteries are made in China so We're going to be giving our money to China kellyanne can you just lay out the Hypocrisy here because it's it's really Hitting me over the head yes I think It's hitting all the viewers over the Head this one's pretty obvious and Transparent and one thing that the abide Administration is not the two things Made in China right now that should Concern everyone three things a fentanyl These batteries and Hunter Biden's Fortune that's under investigation all Made in China the fact is that this is Not just hypocritical but they're trying To change our Behavior through

Government dictate and this is what I Want people to realize if they take away Your choice for fossil fuel car if they Take away Um the these plants and if they regulate These plants in a way that kills all Those jobs it's very reminiscent of Joe Biden on day one Anita killing the Keystone Pipeline jobs I think just out Of spite it wasn't even out of ideology But they also don't make sense with Their own policies I think it's always For the sound bite I think it's always For the check the box and they don't Realize that it's totally hypocritical With other things they're doing you had People to judge the embattled I think Completely incompetent Secretary of Transportation in his two SUVs pulling Up to the White House to The West Wing Entrance and shortly there before taking A bike out and biking the last sort of 100 yards and then everybody saw him put The bike back that is reminiscent that And John Kerry the Windsurfer very Reminiscent um of I should say it's very Symbolic of what they yeah but I want People to understand that if you choose To have an electric car that's your Choice and I think if somebody's Compelling those choices they're more Expensive there aren't charging stations Available everywhere where and where There are we're sort of taking precious

Real estate away from other things that That people want I think this really Hurts the poor most of all one last Thing about AOC I know she's some National star so I wanted to dig into a Little bit more about the stats in her District they have almost double the Poverty rate of the rest of the country And double the property values as well I Mean double the property prices so I Think she's got to go home once in a While and just take care of the people Closer at home not try to be some International Superstar on climate Change we also mentioned John Kerry it Likes to win surf but he also likes to Fly in his private jet overseas but yet He is really ringing the alarm about Climate change listen to what he has to Say here It's getting hotter there are going to Be more intensive weather events and it Will cost us an awful lot more money so As that happens as people see their Farms you know the crops ripped away or Their homes destroyed you watch the Pressure grow and I believe we're in a Transformational moment I think this Will be one of if not the but it'll be One of the top three issues in the 24 Presidential election Uh Joey you live in Georgia a little bit More of a rural area than where we are Right now in New York City are you

Concerned that your home is going to be Destroyed anytime soon that's what he's Saying right there no because my home's Built up out of the flood plain so the River in the back can't make it there I'm not worried about it all the water Can rise and that but that's not really What we're talking about here there was A meme I saw on Twitter today that was Perfect it was in response to Earth Day It says remember the people telling you Take care of the Planet live here and It's a picture of Manhattan listen I Live on a 40 acre cow Farm I just spent My life savings Dubai you can tell me Those cows are bad for this planet while One family takes up 40 acres and doesn't Destroy it in any way but really what This is about this whole regulation that The body Administration is about to Bring down upon us and cause all the Poor people out there to pay more money For energy it's a response to the Supreme Court stopping an Obama era rule That now the inflation reduction act Gives back to the body Administration The ability to do it so Congress passed This with the help of none other than Joe manchin so this all has come on the Shoulders of coal minor loving Joe Manchin he's going to cause coal and the Cleanest natural gas in the world to Cost more money for no other reason than Joe Biden knew he had to do something

That made cap and trade look good yeah Well kellyanne mentioned that President Biden did Kill the Keystone Pipeline Project on day one of his presidency he Campaigned on shutting down the fossil Fuel industry let's take a look at a Quote from his EPA see what they have to Say they say we have been clear from the Start that we will use all of our Legally upheld tools grounded Decades-old bipartisan laws to address Dangerous air pollution and protect the Air our children breathe today and for Generations to come you know Tom I Thought kellyanne made a great point I Mean first of all not everybody wants to Switch to an electric vehicle and Secondly not everybody can afford it They are more expensive there are not Enough charging stations to really make It work at this time and so what what Choice do people people have I mean if You live in California the governor There says you got to get one by 2035. Yeah well what are you going to do well I mean I I want to fight this on many Levels because it is an issue of Freedom They want to force this green economy on Us just like they wanted to force the uh You know this covid regime on us yeah And so it's a freedom issue it's also Similar to covet it doesn't work the Green Revolution is not working John Kerry said that it's going to destroy

Homes and it's going to destroy Farms Well the Green Revolution is destroying Homes and Farms so we have to go AOC Admitted she said look the costs of this Whole thing are great but the Devastation of the uh of climate change Is going to be very great we just have To Say that's not true it is not true the Costs are greater look at the talk about Destroying Farms all those Farmers the Dutch Farmers they're they are Destroying Farmers livelihoods with the Green agenda they're destroying Americans homes because the people in This this Grand transformation that Doesn't affect John Kerry and doesn't Affect AOC does affect American families When you want to change economies in Such large scale there's going to be Victims to that yeah and you know people Are going to speak out about it but we Will follow this story for sure in the Meantime Straight Ahead scares in midair As engine bursts into flames after an American Airlines flight hit a flock of Geese yikes we are going to tell you and Show you what happened in midair plus That meltdown Okay but does that man have a point a Big Sunday show debate on this hi winner Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a Favor I want you to click to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page this is the

Only way that I know for sure that You're not going to miss any great Commentary any great news bites any Great interviews coming your way on Fox You can get it all here on YouTube so Subscribe right now

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