Israel’s response to Iranian attack could be ‘imminent’

Israel's response to Iranian attack could be 'imminent'

Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas, joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the latest on what’s expected with Israel’s response as House lawmakers are expected to weigh several foreign aid bills this week. #FoxNews

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We are back with a Fox News Alert we're Waiting to see how Israel responds to Iran's unprecedented attack this weekend The IDF says this launch of so many Missiles cruise missiles and uavs into The territory of the state of Israel Will be met with a response we will do Whatever is necessary to protect the State of Israel Texas Congressman Randy Weber is leading the effort to condemn Iran with a landmar landmark bipartisan Resolution that is being unveiled today And before that he joins us right now Congressman good morning to you so Israel has made it clear they are going To respond and we're hearing that this Response could be emminent what is your Reaction to that and what does that mean For us and our security here at Home well Don garley thanks for having Me uh it's about time that people around The world understood that Iran is the Leading exporter of terrorism Israel has Been the brunt of it for a long time as You well know uh the PE the upper Echelon if you will in Iran calls Israel The little Satan and America the great Satan so we should be paying attention We should be condemning everything like That Iran does and actually we should be Banning everything they export with all Kinds of sanctions and making sure that They feel the pain of being alienated From the rest of the world Community

We've got to do those things but the Problem is this Administration doesn't Seem to get that and that was evidenced By this exchange John Kirby disregarding The administration's on freezing of Funds for Iranian leaders watch now that We know that the Iranians do not listen To President Biden's public warnings is There any regret here about unfreezing Billions of dollars for Iranian leaders During the president's Administration What unfreezing are you talking about he Unfroze billions of dollars for Iranian Leaders yeah really I don't think so None of those funds funds set up in an Account by the way by the previous Administration goes directly to the Supreme leader the irgc can only be used For humanitarian purposes and we're Watching that account very very closely Congressman is this Administration that Naive to believe that this money is not Being used to fund Terror like we saw on Saturday Todd are you kidding it's only For humanitarian purposes didn't you Hear him now if you believe that I've Got some ocean front property in Oklahoma I want to sell you it is Unbelievable the amount of ignorance That this that this Administration is Demonstrating time and time again as if We just play fair with Iran they'll Eventually come around and nothing can Be further from the truth so there is

Now renewed focus on passing a foreign Aid bill of some form and yesterday House Speaker Mike Johnson said that it Could come in four separate parts a to Israel a to Ukraine a to Taiwan and then Another uh package having to do with Tik Tock um is this idea of four separate Bills going any anywhere Congressman well we had the conference Yesterday evening or yesterday afternoon Before votes and we had a lot of Discussion about that uh you're going to See them come to the floor and everybody Gets to vote their District you know I'm The Gulf Coast of De Texas very very Conservative District we love Israel um We are all about making sure that the Chinese Republican I mean I'm sorry the Chinese Communist party doesn't get to Uh get into our kids tick tock accounts And those kinds of things so everybody Will vote their dist Uh the fourth bill that you kind of Alluded to Carly is what's we call the Repo act which lets us sell Russian Assets that we've confiscated so I think You're going to see those come to the Floor we're going to have some debate uh The speaker committed to that you're Going to see amendments allowed you're Going to see hopefully the rule passed And hopefully we'll actually get Something done it's an interesting way Of breaking it down to get as much

Support as possible Congressman Weber Thank you so much for joining thank you Sir appreciate it I'm Steve duy I'm Brian and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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