It’s a tragedy, but is it really about race? | Will Cain Podcast

It's a tragedy, but is it really about race? | Will Cain Podcast

‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-host Will Cain discusses the tragic shooting of Kansas City teenager Ralph Yarl. #FoxNews

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Sad story out of Kansas City Missouri Objectively tragic news of a 16 year old Boy black boy named Ralph yarl who was Sent by his mother to pick up his Siblings at 1500 North East I can't remember the name of the street 1500 Northeast Street and instead he went to 1500 Northeast Terrace Whatever it may be he ended up at the Wrong address Conflicting reports then ensue about What occurred what seems clear is Something that occurred just before 10 Pm at night was that Ralph yarrow rung The doorbell 84. Year old man who lives inside the house Andrew Lester gets up out of bed from Watching television he has a solid door On the inside with a clear glass storm Door on the outside both of them which Are locked he opens the inside solid Door and sees Ralph yarl reportedly well Over six feet tall In Lester's Estimation and Report pulling on the Handle and coming inside or attempting To come inside the glass door Lester pulls out his revolver fires Through the glass door striking yarl in The head once he's on the ground Lester Shoots again and Strikes him this time In the arm

Yarl retreats to the street where he is Found later By authorities Bleeding yarl is alive and in serious Condition Lester was arrested and held For several hours before being released On his own recognizance this is a story That is plastered around most of your Mainstream media Washington Post MSNBC CNN on television and it is being told Through a somewhat familiar if somewhat Unique Circumstances a somewhat familiar Narrative and that is that Ralph yarl Was shot ringing a doorbell while black There are protests there are signs that It is not a crime to ring a doorbell It is undoubtedly A very sad and tragic story It is most likely without knowing more Of the details not an easily Identifiable much less provable Crime if Andrew Lester reasonably Perceived his life to be in danger Through what he thought was an imminent Break-in he has a right to self-defense And these are some of the tragic Mistakes that happen inside of the human Condition of course the case is being Made that this would not happen where Ralph yarl not black now I don't know And I will not pass judgment on

Any conclusions Because I don't know As is often the case in these types of Situations all of the facts I didn't know All of the facts around the reports that A noose was found inside of Bubba Wallace's NASCAR garage What that led me to was a Lack of conclusion and inherent in in my Estimation necessary skepticism on Everyone else's conclusion that are Randomly aside and garage inside of a NASCAR facility would suddenly show up You know a garage where often there are Pull ties to pull down a garage door Randomly show up in a noose but that Kind of skepticism the refusal to draw a Conclusion is of course for a good half A decade now evidence of racism if you Do not see it primarily and exclusively Through the prism of race then you are Not unlike the alleged racist shooter Racist This is the modern American Instinct and We can see it play out in story after Story interestingly this last week Transportation secretary Pete Buda judge Was mocked because he highlighted to Msnbc's Al Sharpton how America's roads And bridges were racist He talked about disparities in traffic Accidents pedestrians hit by cars that More I believe in his words black brown

Tribal indigenous people of color are Victims of traffic accidents pedestrian Accidents and so forth because of a lack Of access to crosswalks and lights and I Don't know what else that makes a road Racist What's interesting about this no rather What's important about this and I said This the other day on the five Is this Racism exists in America that is an Undeniable fact and one that maybe is Not said aloud by people like me when I Say people like me I mean I don't know Conservative white men rational Fact-based men who look at individual Circumstances and ask what are the Contributing factors when you do that I Know I know and I'm not passing judgment Or telling you what's right or wrong I'm Simply telling you that I know through Personal experience a reality that People think when you do that you are Denying the existence of racism because They see things almost everyone does Through the two windows their own two Windows to the world Their eyes their experience And most black Americans have Experienced racism in their lives So when you deny or ask for the facts And stand in the way of a conclusion and A particular story in the news what many People feel is that you are denying

Their own existence their own experience But that's not what's taking place at All what's taking place is in the court Of public opinion simply asking for not Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt but a Shred of evidence to back up a claim so Let's start with this there is racism in America and I have no doubt that it has Been experienced I do not think that Racism is the exclusive province of Perpetrator a victim of any one Particular race I think there are white racists there Are Latino racists I think there are Black racists I think there are white Victims of racism Ah that's true I do I Think there are brown victims of racism And I think there are black victims of Racism I think there is black racism Towards white people and I think there Is white racism towards black people and I think all of it is actually on the Rise in America because racial division Has been fueled by destructive and Dangerous people hell-bent on their own Personal gain I will introduce you to One of these destroyers perhaps the most Dangerous man in America In moments But I do not think racism in modern America is largely explained through the Prism of systemic racism meaning the Justice system or the legal system I Don't think it is completely irrelevant

And eradicated from every system in America because I think every system in America is driven by human beings for Example do I think there is racism in Sports let's just narrow in on Officiating I do that's not because I Think the system of officiating is Racist but rather officials and referees Are made up of individuals I've seen This and again just to be clear this is Not to say officials and referees are Racist This is a very Sensitive conversation that requires us Not to have all passed the LSAT test but To under a stand a few logical Connections right like it's a is an Infamous Um question in the law school Examination uh entrance examination and It goes something like this All baseball players wear hats but not All people that wear hats are baseball Players You see There are racists in every Walk of Life Racist judges racist lawyers racist Politicians racist referees or officials Racist black people racist white people But that does not make all black people All white people all referees all judges All lawyers are all politicians racist I've seen it play out in Youth Sports oh I have I promise you I've told you

Before that my son spent some time going To not just majority but overwhelmingly Predominantly black schools for much of Their young life and on sports teams Where they were literally at times one Of maybe only one or two white boys on The team and I promise you I have seen Referees blow a quicker whistle on Behavior that is mirrored from a white Player to a black player now I don't Think that makes the referee malevolent You know and I don't think that excuses Every behavior of every player But what I'm telling you is what I think Is In America which by the way systemic Racism if you really want to pinpoint The most obvious place of systemic Racism in America it's in the education System it is in public education and it Has by no coins it's been the one place That Democrats have shown no interest in Rooting out or pursuing in fact Perpetuating systemic racism in public Education just ask anyone who's been Involved in charter schools Now I think systemic racism Is at its lowest point in American History I think America by the way just To be clear as we're walking our way Through this topic I think America is The least racist Nation I think not only Is America the least racist Nation on The planet I think America is the least

Racist nation in human history that's Right fact I think it is the least racist nation in Human history I also do not believe that Racism is the in the top I don't know Several hurdles facing various Populations in America including black Americans not the top of the list of Things holding back any any single Individual That doesn't mean though it doesn't Exist in America So I think America is the least racist Nation in human history the least racist Time we live in now in American history Systemic racism at its lowest point Quite obviously with the abolishment of Slavery Jim Crow the Civil Rights era at Its lowest point in American history but Racism yet remains and in my estimation It remains at the level of the Individual All right now Racism The acknowledgment of racism existing at The level of the individual requires Work by every single individual to see Each other through the prism of Merit And character and judgment And make no mistake it is not wrong to Also judge culture But it is it is the work of every single Individual to eradicate racism and what I would suggest to you is

The acknowledgment of the existence of Racism is more undercut By not people that question the facts And circumstances of any given situation But rather people that distort claims of Racism to the point of absurdity like Pete but a judge making his case for Racist roads that not only undercuts People going yeah there is still racism In America I actually think it inflames Racial Division and creates more racism On the individual level level In America But there is nothing more destructive to Race relations nothing more More Devious than those who profit off of Racial divisions and one of my in in my Mind one of the most destructive men in America is an attorney by the name of Ben Crump let's take this story back now To Ralph yarl I will withhold judgment Because I do not know facts I won't form Conclusions until I understand the story But I will say the case to be made that Ralph yarl was shot ringing a doorbell While being black is undercut by the Presence of Ben Crump Look if you are someone who has lied to Me four times regardless of your race by The fifth time I'm not going to be granting you the Grace of Truth The benefit of the doubt

If you have been the boy who has Cried Wolf On half a dozen occasions I'm probably not going to show up when There's a wolf at your door What is the saying that George Bush Butchered Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me Ben Crump has shown up to advocate For Ralph yarls now I don't think that Says anything about Ralph yarl nor the Facts of the case in this tragic Shooting of Ralph yarl but I do think as A messenger it makes me inherently Righteously rationally Reserved hesitant skeptical why Let us go through for a moment Ben Crump's resume let us go through how Many times he has Cried Wolf Ben Crump arrived on the scene and Arrived into infamy in 2014 when he told The nation in the wake of the shooting Of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri The brown was killed while holding his Hands up and asking the police not to Shoot he launched a saying that remains To this day a falsehood hands up don't Shoot that did not happen Michael Brown Did not have his hands up he did not ask The officer not to shoot Michael Brown Had just robbed a convenience store and

Punched the officer ran away turned Wheeled and stormed at the officer don't Trust me trust the department of justice Under previous president Barack Obama Which disavowed the lie that was told By Ben Crump hands up don't shoot and That lie cost lives that lives destroyed The city of Ferguson Missouri burned Down neighborhoods and if it matters to You the neighborhoods that they burned Down were businesses owned by black and Brown He in the wake of those riots that then Spilled over Across the Nation saw People die at the hands of that lie and Ben Crump was only getting started In 2020 he told people that the police Came to the wrong address in Louisville Kentucky and killed Brianna Taylor I was Having a conversation with a friend at Work the other day it was the case I Believe it was just last week in New Mexico where the cops showed up to a Guy's house they're outside they're Armed I think they're at the wrong house Right the cops and the guy doesn't know What's going outside his house so he Comes out he sees guys with guns he Pulls his gun the cops shoot him and Kill him his screaming wife and kids Inside call 9-1-1 saying my husband's a Child there's people outside with guns They don't know it's the cops I don't Know the facts I don't know if the cops

Announced themselves I don't know what But I was telling this story and how Tragic it is and this guy said yeah That's that that's you know that's what Happened with Brianna Taylor they showed Up to the wrong address and I couldn't Remember in the Moment Like is that Right are those the facts that are when Home was like that doesn't sound right Because it's not right That was the LIE told by Ben Crump that Cop showed up to the wrong address my Friend still doesn't know the truth to This day he thinks that lie is the truth Where how many years removed And the LIE made its way around the World before the truth had a chance to Get its pants on That lie has been fact checked and Proven false like I pull up as we speak The Louisville Colonel uh Courier Right here the Louisville Courier The Courier Journal R rating of that claim false they Address us right there on the search Warrant but Ben Crump once again Seated the LIE How about in the same year in the most Infamous case at least in the past I Don't know what several decades George Floyd Ben Crump told the public that Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin knew each other From a nightclub insinuating there was a

Conspiracy afoot that Chauvin mud had it Out for Floyd there was a personal Vendetta and knew each other From the nightclub False It was a big year in 2020. that's the Same year he told the public remember Dante Wright who was killed by a police Officer she thought she she says she Alleges she thought she was grabbing for Her taser she accidentally grabbed her Service revolver she fires into Dante Right and kills him Vin Crump says Without any evidence or no real ability To know that she killed him Intentionally He's just Reckless Words are a play thing a tool They're knives that he throws throughout Society whatever body falls falls Told the world that Jacob Blake remember Jacob play Blake and Wisconsin was Unarmed and that he was there as a Peacemaker to break up a fight just lie Upon lie upon light you know that Jacob Blake had a knife I don't know does your Average person out there know that's a Lie do they know That Jacob Blake was going for a knife Do they know that his girlfriend had a Restraining order against him do they Know he was trying to drag kids out of The car do they know any of these things Do they think he was there as a

Peacemaker As Told to them by Ben Crump Do they believe he was unarmed based on The LIE By Ben Crum Do you remember Makia Bryant Makia Bryant was the girl in a fight with her Friend or another girl and Makia Bryant Had a knife and she was attacking the Other girl's backup was against a car do You remember this video and Makia Bryant's lunging at the other girl right Officer shows up on the scene he's Yelling at him to stop yelling stop and Then he fires and shoots Makia Bryant Why the officer she had a knife she's Getting ready to plunge it into the Chest of the other girl also for what It's worth a black girl So a black girl about to kill another Black girl And Ben Crump says the officer shoots Her And told her that told the world that Makia Bryant was unarmed By the way this one's extremely blatant Because there was a video you can go Look it up right now wherever social Media you use go look it up you look up Makia Bryant you will see the knife in Her hand Wasn't hard for anybody including the Officer to see somebody's about to die A big crumbs lie Rules the world

All of these lies Roughly the estimates are they say from The riots in 2020 that you know went the Whole summer of 2020 roughly one billion Dollars in property damage in total 30 Deaths in America in the ensuing riots And an absolute destruction of race Relations in America thanks To the boy who cried wolf who fooled me Not once but tried to fool me better Than half a dozen times the liar the Destroyer the most dangerous man in America Bin Crump and now Ben Crump Is in Kansas City Helping to make the case for Ralph yarl I am so sad for this young man I have a 15 year old who's over six feet tall I this is who no doubt who would no Doubt get the wrong address Have I ever showed up at a house knocked Thought I knew the people and cracked Open the door hey you guys home yeah Absolutely I have it's tragic from start To finish is it inconceivable that a guy Would be sitting in his house and he Goes answer his door and he sees someone Maybe pulling on the door maybe not Ralph yard says he wasn't An attempts to defend himself absolutely Not The world is full of tragedy and I will Reserve understanding what happened I'll reserve the conclusion Beyond

Knowing that what took place was a Tragedy But I also know That there is a Serial liar a destroyer On scene who undercuts Ralph Yaro who Weaves lie upon lie upon lie who's Attempting to tell the story In Ben Crump Story number Two The rise of Independence At least in recent American history what We're looking at is the largest Percentage of Americans who identify Neither as Republican or independents A new poll out Shows that almost half of Americans now Describe themselves as Independence 49 According to a Gallup poll This is a Plunge in people who identify As Democrat or Republicans since 2004 That's gone from 35 percent To 25 percent that's for Democrats and 33 percent To 25 for Republicans Independents over That same time period went from 31 in Third place To 49 percent Well out ahead What does this mean well let me tell you What I think it doesn't mean first People often mistake the idea of Independence as people who are in search Of a third party I don't think that's

True I don't think they're looking for their Modern day Ross Pro I think they're Looking for a No Labels party I also Don't think it means that Independents Are centrists That's often what is implied or Understood or taken away that Independents are simply people who want A bipartisan approach to governance and I don't think that's at all what that Means by Independence they suggest this Large is driven by Gen X and Millennials Who I think Simply do not see themselves through the Lens Of a partisan of a party Of a team Of Democrat or Republican But that does not mean They would consider themselves Wishy-washy in the middle I think many Of these people are actually pretty Extreme on some issues and maybe it's on Gun ownership or maybe it's on you know Uh the the the government Leviathan I Know there are many Republicans or Rather many conservatives who look at The Republican party and say what have You done to control government probably Would neglect to Define themselves as Republican Their independence does that make them Centrists or what about Democrats who

Love Bernie Sanders and God love them at Least they're honest they want to see Some socialism in America maybe they Don't consider themselves Democrats does That make them centrists But more importantly than that what I Think is going on is a scrambling of the Political Policy lines and to this I do largely attribute at least it's Revelation the exposure of this to Donald Trump I think America first Shuffled what it meant to be Republican Look look for most of issue Republicanism economically was not too Distinguishable from libertarianism As close as we can get to unfettered Capitalism the Republicans probably toy Moy more with corporatism Um less regulation less taxes Rising tide lifts all boats the free Market free trade make cheap Goods in China progress with technology here more Education And social conservatism But what we've seen through Donald Trump Is a belief Inside of conservatism that the working Man has been left behind the middle Class Rural America Those hollowed out by NAFTA and the ship In a way of their jobs to China

A populist image began to be cultivated I think a more empathetic image Those left behind by corporatism in America that wasn't who that wasn't Mitt Romney At the same time Democrats always said They were for bringing jobs back home to America that they were for the little Man and they increasingly embraced the Idea of the Leviathan I mean they always Were there for the Leviathan but I'm Talking about now how about censorship I Mean wasn't that supposed to be in the 90s the thing that rock stars railed Against Republicans and now it's Democrats who've waived the banner of Silence A bridge free speech I think we took so Many not all not 100 but so many of the Traditional issues and we shook them up Like before you play 42 with dominoes You know you ever had a shake in Dominoes Shake It Up You know it's not gonna be a perfect Shuffle but it sure shook up a lot of Issues and I think in the wake of that Many people like I don't know I'm here I'm there I'm with this issue And none of them fit any party And then by the way on a more stylistic Front how about the rise of Joe Rogan You know what is Joe Rogan I don't know He liked Bernie but he seems to be Conservative on many different cultural

Issues what is he He's said in the past he's on the left Sure sounds like he's on the right I Don't know What did the vaccine what did covet do To our conception Of partisanship I think what we're looking at is Honestly in modern day America that Doesn't fit the traditional definitions Of the two parties a mature economy late Stage democracy late stage Empire I Don't know That no longer can you tell to the prism Of hey should we have Um a progressive income tax bracket that Goes to you know Eisenhower levels or Should we drop it to 25 it just doesn't Fit the American debate Today And someone and I don't think just Substantively but stylistically that's What Donald Trump did for many It's gonna have to touch it's going to Have to reach out it's gonna have to be In touch With these Independence Story number three hey pick up after Your kids And we need villains like Draymond Green Uh check this story out From Pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays

Andrew Bass He tweeted the following He said with a picture of his kids Anthony bass pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays the flight attendant at United Just made my 22-week pregnant wife Traveling with a five-year-old and Two-year-old get on her hands and knees To pick up the popcorn Mess by my Youngest daughter Are you kidding me there's a picture and Yes his kid's tapping away on an iPad And uh yeah there's a ton of popcorn on The floor underneath your seat And Anthony Vass is mad at the flight Attendant didn't clean it up herself That she wanted the mom To pick up the popcorn I gotta tell you I'm with the flight attendant Now first of all I'm gonna presume just Because it seems inconceivable Anthony Bass wasn't on the plane right because Why is the 22 week old wife have to do It you get on your hands and knees Anthony clean up the popcorn but I'm Assuming he wasn't there So look my kids are well past this age But when you go to a restaurant right Maybe your kids in the high chair maybe He's not And you know how it was right he's Tossing food everywhere whatever ending Up on the floor I mean after a meal with

Kids and much more with multiple kids The floor looks like an absolute Battle Zone it looks like a food fight from Animal House it's it's hard to imagine How one could get a ratio that is even In the realm of efficiency a food into Mouth versus on the floor it's it's Travesty I I I'm not saying it makes me a better Person but I think it makes me the right Way to do it that my wife and I was like Oh God we can't we can't leave this Restaurant like this yeah you can't Expect the waitress or the bus boy or Whoever To deal with that So you get out there real quick and I Don't think you have to make it perfect Either I don't think you need to ask for The broom and you certainly don't need To ask for the rug cleaner but you need To do a once-over you need with your Hands you need to sweep it up clean it Up get under the table that ain't the Waitress's job now her job in the bus Push-up is to clean correct but I think We can all don't don't don't we agree There's a threshold there right Like Let's say You went into a restaurant or say you Were going to meet your buddies at a Restaurant right okay and you went Someplace else first and you grabbed a

Gas station burrito and you come in with You brown bag it and you're you finished It maybe on your walking in but you want To hang out with your buddies and you're Going to order a nice tea do you take The bag and just chunk it on the floor Ah they'll get it Even at a stadium I feel weird uh peanut Shells are always the because that's What you're supposed to right like at a Ball game you crack the peanut shells You leave them on the ground and you Shouldn't feel weird right they come Through with a sweeper and do that but You don't I don't leave my trash on the On the floor I take it with me on the Way out Throw in the trash can Right Certainly in a restaurant You don't expect the waitress to do that Extra mesh you made you know the Beyond Reasonable level of mess and the flight Attendant and then they have the cleanup Crew afterwards yeah they're there for Safety they're there to you know Hand out some drinks that kind of thing But they are there to get on your hands And knees and pick up the popcorn under Your kids no I think you got to do that I think you got to get on the hands and Knees and do the cleanup job I think it's beyond her job Duty I think You've pushed it to the limits

Now The flight attendant you know Ball's Enough to be like hey you and by the way 22 weeks what is that five months That's noticeably pregnant right yeah I Can't remember think so noticeably Pregnant I mean You know maybe we're all dealing with The Human Condition here like oh I'm Sorry you're pregnant maybe if there's Noticeably pregnant okay I got this one But otherwise you clean up after your Kids The world is not there for you to walk To walk behind you Picking up you or your kids mess or make The kids do it by the way these kids are Toddlers Where they can lean down and pick up Don't you think It's not a hard ass clean up after Yourself The Golden State Warriors in round one Of the playoffs have their hands full With the Sacramento Kings the Kings have A 2-0 lead on the Warriors and that home Court advantage in Sacramento is amazing It always has been so jealous maybe it's Because they really only have the Kings Dallas we don't we don't do this the Same way we're not not at the cowboy Games not in Mavs games maybe the best At stars games like I think the athletic just published a

Player's poll on like You know most intimidating crowds and Best places to play And worst like for example the Mavs is Not worse not best just Meh Kings man that is a Awesome homecourne event and Darren fox Has been great So there's a moment in the game the Other night where Uh demon sabonis goes to the ground He kind of gets tangled up with Draymond Green sabonis definitely grabs draymonds Leg and Ankle a little bit I mean weak Like ankle hold and Draymond then and a Real super exaggerated punk way you know Acts like he's been totally tripped Steps onto sabonis's chest not that hard By the way and then sort of spring leaps Up in the air like launches trampolines Off of sabonis's chest and then sabonis Does the European soccer star thing of Acting like he had his Chase chest cave In Okay look no heroes in this story But there is a villain Draymond got uh Attack A flagrant he got ejected from the game And he should and here's my takeaway Draymond is an absolute Punk Like unlikable And yet necessary And makes the NBA more entertaining

We need our villains I think I've told you the story right When I was at ESPN I did stories with Outside the lines and he's 60 and when The guy's in charge of brilliant Storyteller when I were talking and he Was like look Villains are better than Heroes they're Just better Better characters through which to tell A story heroes are flat they're One-dimensional Villains are complicated They're interesting Like right now I'm gonna tell you we're Gonna do a have they done this they Haven't I don't think a singular like Biopic of Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader Be honest which one's more interesting Darth Vader origin story not Luke Luke's Boring Vader's interesting Kylo Ren Interesting Walter White we didn't just Go into the anti-hero mode of Storytelling because we're a degenerate Culture which we are we're rotten we did It because they're interesting like They're Evolution they're they call it De-evolution Or deconstruction Walter White Tony Soprano Villains Saul Goodman

Deadwood the bartender elsewhere engine Villains are interesting now maybe that Is because we don't have good enough Storytellers with enough of a moral Compass to see what is complicated or Interesting about the Journey of the Hero not just a plot driven Journey but The character-driven journey because it Is hard to be the hero I don't say that From personal experience I don't I Wouldn't know but I do know that it's Hard You do the right thing not because it's Easy you do the right thing because it's The right thing and that's inherently What makes it hard so if we had better Storytellers they could better Understand the Journey of the hero the Internal the inside journey of the hero Maybe we'd have better stories about Heroes But the way it is now maybe it's just Easier They make it entertaining Billings And Draymond makes I just got done the Last podcast telling you I'm not Captivated by the NBA playoffs And now with Draymond going full heal WWE yelling at the crowd barking trust Me not likable not a fan but all of a Sudden I'm watching I'm more interested We need our villains they make

Everything more entertaining And I guess in the end the villain is What gives rise To the hero That's gonna do it for me here on the Will Kane podcast I've had a good time Talking to you I will see you again next Time hey it's Will Kane click here to Subscribe to the Fox News Channel on YouTube it's the best way to get our Latest interviews and highlights and Click to subscribe to the will Kane Podcast for full episodes right now

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