It’s time for moral clarity: Netanyahu spokeswoman

It’s time for moral clarity: Netanyahu spokeswoman

Israeli PM Netanyahu spokeswoman Tal Heinrich discusses the war against Hamas and Netanyahu’s expected address before Congress on ‘Sunday Night in America.’ #foxnews #fox #sundaynightinamerica

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Welcome back to Sunday night in America Benjamin Netanyahu will soon address a Joint session of Congress likely in Late July I was on the floor of the house for A Netanyahu speech years ago he made a Compelling case for what life is like is The only democracy in the Middle East Surrounded by unfriendly countries some Of whom want to push you and your people Into the sea from The River To The Sea That's the chant being surrounded by Enemies should be good preparation for Netanyahu appearing before the squad if They show up for his speech and some Other lefties in Congress as well the World has changed dramatically since Netanyahu was last before Congress There's been progress with the Abraham Accords but now it's war that dominates Congress has doves in both parties but There are Democrats who appear openly Hostile towards the Jewish state with Some calling for regime change in Israel Which is Rich since they haven't called For Russia Iran or North Korea to Replace their leaders so what will Netanyahu say what should he say will he Do a better job of ignoring American Politics than some Democrats have done In ignoring Israeli politics and are we Closer to a ceasefire is Biden still Pressuring Israel to withdraw even as Hostilities in the north increase and Hostages remain kidnapped

Hinrich is a spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister and she joins us Now welcome to Hamas to the South Hezbollah to the north and American Politicians calling for regime change These seem like challenging times for The nation of Israel these are Challenging times and thank you for Having me on and for mentioning this uh Quite an overlooked aspect of the war I Would say because people tend to forget That this is not just a war between us And Kamas and Iranian proxy in Gaza we Also have Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza we had constant Terror attacks from Emerging from the West Bank from Judea And Samaria uh just a few days ago we've Had missiles from the Red Sea targeting Our territory meaning the hoodies in Yemen another Iranian proxy and thank You for mentioning kisala you know uh Notice this number since the beginning Of the war on October 7th we've had more Than 17,500 missiles combined targeting our Territory from both north and south Jbala and Hamas we have 61,000 residents of the north who are Unable still to this day for more than Eight month now to return to their homes Because ofala over the past week we've Had to uh you know fight fires in the North for more than nine hours we've had Projectiles and explosive drones

Targeting our communities causing Injuries and damage and whatnot uh the Prime Minister he took an a tour of the North with the IDF and there was a Security assessment just a few days ago And he said very clearly that one way or Another we will restore uh Security in The north uh it is up tobala to decide If it's going to be a diplomatic way or Uh the military Way you know Congress has changed a lot In the time since I've been there but But I don't think the Prime Minister Netanyahu has I my guess is that he is Going to avoid American politics and Focus kind of what he focused on last Time which is that Israel is unique it Is the only democracy in a sea of Theocracies and non-democratic Governments I mean that that is my Prediction is that he will resist the Temptation to insert himself into our Politics even though Democrats do not Resist the temptation to insert Themselves into Israeli politics so uh I I think you're right and we'll find out When the Prime Minister gets here uh in Late July and he will speak directly to The American people thank uh the American Congress uh for the Overwhelming support that we have been Receiving since October 7th even though This is not sometimes what what you see On TV and what's being highlighted by by

The media but we know that the American People stand by us because you guys hate Terrorists and you and we hate Terrorists of course and and and we're Fighting against pure evil sheer evil as President Biden called Kamas early on When when he came to Israel uh to stand Bias in the country so the Prime Minister will uh speak the truth about This war and our very very just War Objectives as we Define them on day one Of of this war to bring all of our Stolen people the hostages back home to Dismantle the Kamas terrorist regime as A governing body in Gaza as a military Wing in Gaza and to make sure that this Ter territory I should call it a terror Tory uh will never pose a threat to us Never ever again uh this is not ch since Day one of the war and uh this is time For moral Clarity the Prime Minister Will obviously thank the American people And also remind everyone uh that we need America by our side and and the moral Global Leadership Before I Let You Go you Mentioned evil and you mentioned Hamas Uh so there is a ceasefire Hamas is not Going to all of a sudden accept Israel Uh except the Jewish state in the region So to me a ceasefire just gives them Time to regroup and rearm but I will Give you the last word on whether or not It is worth pursuing I think there's

Something that I I I need to highlight Here there's a difference between a Temporary humanitarian pause in the Fighting for the release of hostages Something that we facilitated back in November and we agreed to do again and The notion of a permanent ceasefire that Would leave Hamas in power that's not Going to Happen thank you tall Hinrich and we Will as you say see in Late July EX Exactly what prime minister Netanyahu Says as he ad as he addresses a joint Session to Congress thank you for Joining us on a Sunday night thank you Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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