Jacob Franklin’s public information as well as his criminal history. Nauvoo Illinois 62354.

Jacob Franklin's public information as well as his criminal history. Nauvoo Illinois 62354.


150 N Gordon St
Nauvoo, IL, 62354

Nauvoo man arrested on 3 separate warrants; Deceptive Practice, Theft, and Identity Theft



Greetings YouTube my name is U.S Constitution auditor I’m located here in Adams County Quincy Illinois as you Already already know I bring to you Today some information public Information that is uh publicly Accessible and and the YouTube links That I’ll leave below you’ll be able to Have access to that as my subscribers Um there’s a YouTube guy going around by The name of corrections101 on YouTube Spreading false narratives false lies False accusations that were made against Me Um which is currently being dealt with In court Um basically his name is Jacob Franklin He’s located at 150 North Gordon Street Nauvoo Illinois You can take this information and do What you will with it do not threaten Him do not harass him Um we have standards here and ethics on This side of the fence Corrections 101 Unlike you Mr disturber that goes Around causing problems Um Mr you think that you’re Mr squeaky Clean but in reality You’re not Mr I’ve been arrested for Deceptive practice identity theft uh Let’s see here uh this yeah deceptive Practice uh Theft of identity and also theft uh Franklin’s the West arrest was for

Provides KPD BPD KPD is stands for Keokuk Police Department BPD b-boy people D dog stands for Burlington Police Department And he was also uh see here oh Your best friend officer Dykstra And also Mike bowley was also involved In the investigation that was a joint Investigation between three Jurisdictions Des Moines Iowa Burlington As well as Nauvoo Illinois that was Complaints made well behold usually Criminals like yourself there are Corrections 101 aka Mr Jacob Mr Jacob Franklin I should say Mr Jacob 45 years Old of age Um he was held on a Lee County warrant Back in 2016. this is old news but it’s Relevant news because he’s going around Claiming that everyone’s this and Everyone’s that Today is a day that justice has served He was held on the Lee County warrant Back in 2016. 4A Let’s see here it was uh it was on Lee County was a ten thousand dollar Cash only Bond I mean he had to pay ten Thousand dollars to get bonded out if he Didn’t he just shot his ass in there Um he had a no bond warrant out of Des Moines Iowa Wednesday May 4th of 2016. He also had another one for 150 000 and That was a uh 150 000 Bond

Um and that was for The uh deceptive practice as well as Identity theft For uh Burlington as well as not new Illinois Uh Mr Corrections 101 uh this is your Final and last warning remove your Videos Or suffer the consequences of a Restraining order and I will be going to Hancock County to follow one now that I Have your identity Um Mr uh Corrections 101 you are given Hereby today which is Wednesday Oh sorry Saturday April 1st no this is Not an April Fool’s joke April 1st Until at 11 31 you have 24 hours until From today to remove every video Containing my face my name My YouTube name off your YouTube account You have 24 hours to follow if you do Not consequences will follow legal Actions will Will uh will happen and repercussions Will happen so you have until Monday I’ll leave until Monday actually when The courts are open you have till Monday 8 A.M when the courthouse open to remove All your videos if not then I’ll have a Court ordered that you’ll they will be Removed

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