James P Owen: Cowboy Ethics

James P Owen: Cowboy Ethics

Best selling author James P Owen speaking at the Center about his book Cowboy Ethics, the code of the west, business ethics and how modern society can benefit from these uniquely American values.

We’re all kind of looking for something The whole country is yearning for Something I think we’re sick and tired of the the Son of the greed and the shallowness of Life and you can remember the skin Corporate scandals every day every time He picked the paper up it was with was Not Enron world comma Delphia went on And on and on it was a culture of greed And a culture of avarice and hubris I Spent my whole career on Wall Street That I used to be proud of that And all of a sudden barons like what am I doing here and this cost me to write a Book cowboy ethics they became a Best-seller what’s so special about Cowboys I can tell you that’s nothing to Do with a hat boots the cowboy seemed Larger than life He was certainly good always counted no Matter what you sensed there really is Something special about these folks they Seemed to carry themselves with an Authenticity Musicmusic directness there’s a humility There’s kind of a quietness It really does set these folks apart Your sense the deep yearning for a Simple time the time when you can count On people to keep their word to honor The Golden Rule Was any 30-page contract Cowboys remind Us of the values that built America

But at a time when feels like the whole World is going downhill the old rules no Longer seem to apply Cowboys point us back to basics back to Fundamental principles of white and long And back to the idea that personal Character which resides within not your Job title not your lifestyle my bank Account his personal clarity is the Truth measure depression cowboy stand Tall because they stand for something What does that mean they stand for Something it means they live by a code Dakota West this is not a history of us And nobody’s going to turn the clock Back 150 years this color west couldn’t Be more relevant to our life today Because it takes us back to core values Like courage honor self-reliance Integrity and the result was this book I’ve called Calvary ethics you’re not Called to ten principles to live by so The ten principles on my take on the Coldest we don’t have time to go through All ten but I just want to take two or Three live each day with courage It doesn’t say be brave then say be Courageous it says live each day with Always finish what we started Cowboys You know hating quitters remember some Things aren’t to say and don’t draw the Line we all know what that’s about There’s a line out there somewhere it’s Not enough to have a pain what matters

Is maybe different and what counts is Actions not words was so caught up in Between your success fixators the cowboy Reminds us that the best things in life Are things at all and I’ve in the heart Than me that this cowboy is cultural Icon represents the best of America mr. Courage is the optimism is too plain Hard work that built this great country Of ours the thing is being a cowboy in The job description it’s a way of life I Think these principles these ten Principles to be meaningful for anyone With any faith through Backward and I like to think that these Ten principles would be as valid a Hundred years from now as you are today

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