JD Vance SLAMS Woke Military Initiatives

JD Vance SLAMS Woke Military Initiatives

Woke doctrine will cripple our national defense and leave the United States, and the world, vulnerable to enemies of liberty.

Let's get progressive politics out of Our foreign policy if a majority of Americans don't believe something we Shouldn't be forcing it down the throw To somebody else But this is what American foreign policy Has become we ignore the fact that we Don't manufacture enough of our own Weapons and we send woke gender studies Professors to Africa when the Chinese Are building roads and bridges and Hospitals and you know why this matters It matters because Africa has an Incredible future in the economy of the 21st century and if all the minerals and All the resources and all the Possibilities of Africa in the 21st Century are controlled by China we are Going to suffer can't manufacture Computer chips without some of those Minerals you can't manufacture weapons Without some of those minerals so let's Get the woke stuff out of our diploma Scene let's get back to an American Foreign policy based on our national Interest

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