Jeffrey Epstein calendar reveals names of prominent figures

Jeffrey Epstein calendar reveals names of prominent figures

Fox News contributor Bill McGurn argues the prominent figures named in Epstein’s private calendar were likely trying to ‘extract’ money. #FoxNews

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A new report from The Wall Street Journal exposes The prominent names on Jeffrey Epstein's private calendar some Planned meetings include CIA director William Burns barred College president Leon botstein an Obama White House Counsel Catherine rumbler uh the Meetings in question all occurring after Epstein had served time in jail for sex Crime involving a minor back in 2008. Remember that fox was contributor Bill Mcguran joins us now Bill we're looking At these names and if we don't know them By name we know the position of power What does this tell you Well it tells you Um that he was very rich person and when You're very rich you have connections And you have money and other people want Them and that didn't change by its Conviction You got ahud Baraka on this so uh that's A little bit surprising doesn't mean Necessarily he's into the unsavory part But knows a guy has money uh Martin Nowak of Harvard University he's given Millions to Harvard you know I also Found it interesting too that this Bard College group Bard College president Leon Boston now Bard College famously is Supported basically totally financed and Propped up by George Soros so you have a You have an intertwining of two very Controversial multi-millionaires

Billionaires Yeah I think if if you have a lot of Money and you're friendly at any with Any college President you're going to be Hit up for money look a lot of these People are trying to extract money from And he gave it out he probably gave it Out to build up his credentials you know Social credentials and the only thing That's striking to me again uh the story Made clear they weren't sure many of These meetings actually occurred they Were just scheduled but um what's Amazing to me is that how the conviction And the time in jail for a really uh Despicable act didn't really matter so Much you know it was business as usual But I guess that's what you can buy when You have a lot of contacts and um a lot Of money and and Jeffrey Epstein really Cultivated that he knew how to do it That was the secret to his success yeah I mean we don't really link these guys To Epstein Island uh there's no linkage There unlike the black book that it Turned up but I'm really concerned about William Burns you just worry about People being blackmailed William Burns Former Ambassador Russia William Burns Is now the director of the CIA I mean You think you might have had a sixth Sense to say I probably want to stay a Million miles away from this character

Well again we don't really know what he Was talking about Um you know I've heard rumors about Jeffrey Epstein's close ties with the Different countries in the Middle East Um so we don't know but it does look Very unseemly it looks like people are Rushing to go see him and um again uh For you and I if we were convicted of That I don't think we could get invited To a bingo hall and uh Jeffrey Epstein Look he dazzled people right that's how He operated dinners private dinners Jets Uh flying to places Um all the glamor life you know that Most people certainly if you work for The CIA Um that's not your lifestyle you know if You're a government bureaucrat bill it Just reminds me of China if you want Something uh pay them off and you'll get Influence It's the same thing Will sell their soul for for money uh or The buy it yes William uh William McGowan Bill mcguran thanks so much All right thanks Brian all right we'll Follow this story I think every one of Them needs to explain themselves I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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