Jen Psaki called out for ‘softball’ interview

Jen Psaki called out for 'softball' interview

Fox News contributor Kat Timpf discusses companies capitalizing on backlash to ‘woke’ ideology, a Washington bill to allow kids to receive trans health care without parental consent and Jen Psaki’s interview with John Kerry. #FoxNews

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Up and focus now Kat temp Fox News Contributor and author of the new book You can't joke about that this is Fabulous by the way thank you so much Congratulations well I will get into More of it I got a touch on this I mean How and you don't have to have children To have a feeling we were children can You imagine at 15 getting surgery and Your parents not knowing no and that's Why this is so wild to me because I mean On a basic level I believe that children Are their parents children they don't Belong to the states just overall I also Just don't see how this is possible Regardless of what you think about this Issue how would a parent not know that a Child was going through something like This I mean basically your child your Child can just run away and be gone if They're not telling you why then you Know why because this is something that Parents have to know about just Logistically regardless of the fact that I I think it's crazy to have children be Making permanent decisions uh when They're minors right right people love Them and that environment where people Are sticking needles in their arms and Going to have permanent gender and we Don't even know what the long term of That is right but they're getting major Surgeries and we won't be there to hold Them right like who thinks this is a

Good idea I don't understand who thinks This is a good idea or a even possible Idea like I said these are major Surgeries with some recovery time Involved there's no way that you're Going to be able to do this without your Parents knowing you're doing this that's A good point I mean the the the recovery So what they stay out of state they stay Out of your home for some time right and Then you have no idea where your child Is and they can't tell you that does not Seem right and logistically I mean do They become Guardians then like how is That even going to work what if Something goes wrong with the surgery Exactly then what if something goes Wrong with the surgery exactly I mean Parents have to know about these kinds Of things even just logistically it's Not possible or else you can't really Say your kids are your kids no it's so True look this seems to be happening Simultaneously with something else That's going on going woke going broke Companies learning that no joke now more Corporations are pushing back on woke Leftist ideologies e guard watch brand I Don't know if you caught this over the Weekend They had a viral campaign with the Hashtag erased writing our ad response To woke Corporate America we are a Company that believes in the truth watch

This with me cap I got this little nugget of an idea from My dad He used to watch me run and say Ain't no woman alive that can beat you And I believed him I was an Unstoppable Force a life dedicated to Perfection but Even perfection Wouldn't be enough Arkansas governor Sarah Sanders with This video featuring strong women Leaders it's titled we like our beer Cold not woke she's selling a beer cozy With the words real women on it it Stresses the importance of acknowledging Truth when it comes to gender showing All those who served in the military so On and so forth cap Yeah I think that there is this idea That if you're in this bubble you think That people only think one way right I Also think a lot of the marketing has Been a little bit lazy right like okay We want to show we're inclusive Therefore we'll put someone who is Trans In this ad whether that person as an Individual fits the brand or not and Bud Light I I wouldn't say that Dylan Mulvaney fits the brand I think that There's this important difference Between sensitivity and the thought of You can't have any different opinion or Express that you might question certain Things without being an irredeemable

Awful human being to me that's not Sensitivity shutting people up is it the Same as getting them to agree with you That's not you can't change people's Hearts and Minds that way and a lot of People feel more bullied I think by some Of this stuff which isn't really going To help anybody that's interesting too Yeah I mean I mean have we taken it from The perspective of young girls and boys Who are athletes and going through Transition and dealing with all of those Emotions and then watch watching the World fight as if they're not even Welcome in the conversation right or Equating certain questions about biology Of somebody who goes through puberty as A male having different advantages Things like their bone structure being Different having concerns about that When it comes to sports equating that With transphobia is not really accurate And it shuts down the conversation which We should be having right excellent Point one other thing too so you see it From corporations who see it in the Politics now is do you anticipate this Is going to be a topic in 2024 I think It's going to have to be a topic in 2024 It's a topic here for us pretty much Every day I think it absolutely is and I Think that people are more interested in You know shutting people down and saying That's not acceptable to think that or

To say that that's not going to stop People from thinking certain things that They want to think it's that's not a Conversation and we should be having a Conversation well critics are tearing Into former White House Press Secretary Junsaki for her softball interview with The climates are John Kerry saki here She is Um they were you know playing softball With former boss ice cream included The planet is at risk I mean it is at Risk now I remember well that you have a Bit of a sweet tooth do you want to go Get some ice cream over there that would Be let's do it okay [Music] I know you like Forrest Gump a little Bit does this remind you you've lived a Life a little bit like Forrest Gump I've Had some Forrest Gump it's got every Time I'm around here I always think of Him screaming to Jenny in the pool over Here what does that even mean I don't Know of course Gump is in the military He saved lives I mean he he ran around The world he didn't take private planes Like no no it was such a softball Interview my favorite part of that Interview was the part where she says You you know you've traveled more miles Than any other secretary of state and it Didn't come up that that means he has The biggest carbon footprint of any

Secretary of State it was very easy and I'm you know I'm not a reporter but it'd Be very easy to think of things that you Could ask okay well then why do you have So many miles if you're the Environmentalist guy but they just sat There and ate ice cream and basically Talked about how great each other were Which isn't really journalism [Music] And look I love it when people have Friends I think that's true just don't Call it something else look before we go We have to talk about you can't joke About that the impetus for writing this So I've noticed that every tough thing That I've been through and I've been Through a lot of things that I detail in The book it's never been made easier by These rules for speech that have been Put in place that are purportedly put in Place to protect people and sensitive or Difficult situations because then in Addition to going through something Difficult I felt like people were weird Around me they couldn't really talk to Me like a normal person I think that the Only way we're ever going to really get To understand each other and this goes Back to a lot of what we've been talking About is being able to fully express Ourselves too I love it I love it why Everything is funny nothing is sacred And we're all in it together God bless

You comedy leads to connections this is Going to be good thank you all right Thanks for watching the Faulkner Focus Outnumbered is next hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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