Jim Jordan responds to Alvin Bragg’s lawsuit

Jim Jordan responds to Alvin Bragg's lawsuit

House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sounds off on ‘The Story’ after New York prosecutor files suit. #foxnews #thestory

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Thank you very much with that we bring In house Judiciary Committee chairman Congressman Jim Jordan Congressman good To have you with us today thank you for For coming back on the show Um this is from Tucker's interview last Night with the former president Trump on Weaponizing the justice system watch us As we start this is all weaponization They're weaponizing our justice system Talking but if you're somebody a Republican let's say running for office And you get a subpoena You might as well resign because you're Not going to be able to survive it and The voters aren't going to handle it the Voters aren't going to take it what They're doing is weaponizing the system And there's never been anything like it And it's all disinformation and does That go congressman and chairman to the To the heart of what you would like to Ask Mark pomerance about Yeah of course because Martha we know The FBI wanted to spy on parents they Wanted to Target traditional Catholics Try to get informants within churches we Know that the IRS knocked on a Journalist door while that journalist Was testifying in front of our committee While Democrats were asking who his Sources are and now we have Alvin Bragg Interfering and obstructing our Investigation into election interference

Election interference in the most Important election we have which is the Election of who's going to be president Of the United States so never forget What Alvin Bragg did here he used Federal money to indict a former President I mean indict a former President he used Federal money to to do That with no underlying crime here he Couldn't even state that at the press Conference and then when we try to Investigate he says no no no we're going To take you to court and the guy we want To talk to hasn't worked for Alvin Bragg For a year and he wrote a book on this Very subject that's why we want to talk To him we actually kind of want to know Too what was there any involvement with The Biden justice department with the With the White House and how this all Worked out so those are the questions we Have but this is I actually think Alvin Bragg is is obstructing our Investigation our constitutional duty to Do oversight yeah um here are some Thoughts on that from from Josh gerstein About why Bragg might not want Mark Pomeranz to be publicly questioned watch I think the concern is that if they did Get pomerance on the witness stand or in A deposition that we might see a lot More of the inside baseball within Bragg's office being spelled out Publicly and I think Brad's just not

Eager to see that happen it would Certainly be a distraction to uh the Indictment and the case that he brought Last week yeah what do you say to that Sir Probably true we know people went to Work for the district attorney solely to Go after president Trump pomerence even Said I'd do it for free I don't need to Get paid because he had this Vendetta This this this agenda to go after uh President Trump so yeah we want to know Those kind of answers or those kind of Questions and we also have just the sort Of the fundamentals here the Department Of Justice didn't bring this case the Federal elections commission wouldn't Bring this case the previous district Attorney side Vance wouldn't bring this Case and even Alvin Bragg himself when He gets elected decides even though he Campaigned on it decides he's not going To bring the case because you can't use Michael Cohen for goodness sake a guy Who lied to Congress went to prison for Lying you can't have him as your star Witness but he doesn't Alvin Bragg Doesn't change his mind yeah until Mark Pomeranz leaves writes the books and and Creates the pressure from the left to Get Alvin Bragg to do the flip-flop and Then indict the president it's weird That he went forward with this case Given that you know people experts on

Both sides feel that legally he's on Really unstable ground here and that he Might lose and he might bad in the end For having brought it and worse he might Look like he did it for political Reasons which you're posing and it's so Interesting to me because the on the Other side of the the Stormy Daniels and The payment Um the the argument he's making is that The FEC you know that that broke FEC Rules because it was an attempt to Influence voters before the election What is the FEC say about Bragg's Investigation and the potential for it To influence voters Great point we I mean I think everyone Sees this for the political operation That that it is I mean that that's I Think that is so evident even the left Even legal Scholars on the left even Andrew McCabe for goodness sake when When Brad rolled this out last week the Indictment and the arraignment happened Last week even the left even Andrew McCabe said not not too impressive of a Case he rolled out here so I think Everyone sees it for what it is we want To get some answers to some pretty Important questions because after all We're talking about the guy who's Leading in every single poll the guy who Was former president leading in every Single poll and frankly we also have

Legislation that we're going to bring Forward if you're going to do something Like this at least it has to be removed To Federal Court we have a colleague Who's going to introduce that bill yeah There's some legislative things that we Want to focus on as well and that that's Kind of what elections are for Before I Let You Go I I don't know if we have This video guys in the control room but It struck me to watch Hunter Biden Walking down the streets and shaking Hands and doing the Rope line in Dublin Uh earlier today or I think they were Actually in another town in Ireland and I'm curious you know what what caused Through your mind when you see Hunter Traveling with the president and you Know doing the Rope line shaking hands With everybody I think it's just how Brazen the left Has become I mean I mean go back to what I said earlier the fact that the IRS Knocked on a journalist door while he is Testifying in front of Congress after That same journalist had learned the FTC Mentioned him in a letter to a private Company I just think there's no bounds Now this is the scary part the Biden Hunter Biden behaves this way you I Think you're going to see I think you're Going to see the state of Georgia go After president Trump I hope it doesn't Happen I think you may see the special

Counsel go after president Trump I hope It doesn't happen but that's just how How ridiculous the left has become and It's not good not good at all for our Great country yeah well clearly an Expression that they are not worried About Hunter they want he the president Wants him right by his side we'll see Where the investigation that you all are Doing goes Congressman chairman Jordan Always good to see you thank you very Much sir Thank you everyone I'm Brian Kilmeade I Want you to do me a favor I want you to Click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only way that I Know for sure that you're not going to Miss any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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