Jim Jordan reveals what the ‘most scary thing of all’ is

Jim Jordan reveals what the 'most scary thing of all' is

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, discusses the indictment and prosecution of former President Trump and the Biden family’s business dealings with China. #foxnews

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Welcome back joining me right now is the Chairman of the house Judiciary Committee Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan Mr chairman thanks very much For joining me this morning You bet good to be with you but is your Reaction to this Alvin Bragg indictment Of President Trump Well overall it's ridiculous I mean First of all uh Mr bragas conceded that He used federal funds we know that this Grew out of the federal uh uh the the Special Council investigation which is Federal statute and most importantly Involves a federal election I mean here We are as you indicated we're four Months away from the the first debate in In the primaries for the election to the Most important office we have President Of the United States and so it is Ridiculous I think the American people See it for for what it is I mean think About it Maria uh secretary Clinton can Destroy 30 000 emails Joe Biden gets to Keep quiet his uh his classified Document issue but with President Trump They spy on his campaign they rate his Home 91 days before an election and now They indict him on a campaign Finance Violation when he didn't even use Campaign funds for the for the uh Transaction in question so this is Ridiculous the country understands it And that's why we three different

Committees are are trying to get Information and answers to to key Questions uh from a district attorney Brag yeah but Congressman I mean this is Really happening I mean Trump is Preparing to surrender after this Indictment on Tuesday now the Manhattan D.A has confirmed that he used Federal Money in his investigation into this uh So-called hush payment that was made to Stormy Daniels give us the significance Of that Well they keep saying oh you're not Supposed to be involved because you know This is a local prosecutor prosecution Decision and we're saying well look you Use federal funds you conceded that in Your response to the letter that that Myself Mr style Mr Comer sent to you a Few days ago you conceded that you've uh That we think this grew out of the Special counsel investigations I said Earlier which is obviously a federal Statute and maybe most importantly this Involves the most important election we Have the election for President of the United States remember the dod wouldn't Bring the case the that side Vance the Previous district attorney would not Bring the case even Alvin Bragg himself Even though he campaigned on going after Mr Trump uh president Trump when he gets Elected he decides not to bring the case Then two of his assistants resign pitch

A fit get the left all fired up and Maybe most importantly president Trump Announces he's going to run for uh President and then suddenly he changes His mind and comes forward with this Indictment uh this past week so uh that Is I think why we have the questions we Do in and why we've asked Mr Bragg to Sit down with us and answer our Questions and we expect that he will do So uh but we'll find out what I what I Think is most important everything is on The table because the American people Deserve answers to why a district Attorney is doing what I think Kim Strassel and her piece pointed out so Clearly Crossing this Rubicon doing Something that has never happened in the History of our great country well what Are you when are you expecting to speak With Alvin Bragg if he does not come to Testify in front of the Judiciary Committee will you subpoena him Uh everything's on the table Maria we're Going to talk with the other chairman uh And look at the response we just got his Letter back we're reviewing that but uh We think that this is uh here's the Thing maybe the most important thing we Think this is bigger this involves all Of us I don't think it's an accident That the same week we learn that the IRS Knocked on Matt taibi's Door while he's Testifying in Congress that same week is

When we learn a district attorney is Going to a left-wing district attorney Is Soros back district attorney is going To go after the former president of the United States I mean that is the scary Thing that they paid a foreigner think About this they paid a foreigner to put Together a fake dossier to spy on President Trump's campaign the FTC sends Letters to Twitter demanding who are the Journalists you're talking to and then Of course when Matt taibes testifying The IRS is knocking on his door and now An indictment of a former president the Guy who happens to be leading in every Single poll this is about all of us this Is about going out after anyone who Opposes the the left's agenda the Establishments agenda and that's maybe The most scary thing of all well you Also have right now the bank records That your colleague James Comer has Released showing that money did go from Chinese officials tied to the Chinese Communist party to Rob Walker's account Which is a partner a a former partner of Hunter Biden and then distributed to Biden family members so it's all Happening around the same time and uh What about that you've got an entire Committee about the weaponization of Government Yeah and the fundamental question there Is what was what were they getting paid

For what service did they provide you Got these millions of dollars coming Into this account to get sent out to Various members of the Biden family for What what did they do what what what What service what benefit what work did They do that's the fundamental question That's why Mr Comer's committed the Oversight committee is looking into this And and looking at all these quote Suspicious activity reports and I always Point out they're called suspicious Activity reports for a reason there's All kinds of suspicious banking activity Going on here Um that's what we want to get to the Bottom of as well and again I come back To this we talk about all the time but This double standard the idea that think About just the the classified document Issue Joe Biden got to keep that quiet In the run-up to the midterm elections But not president Trump no no no they Rated his home 91 days before the Election Hillary Clinton got to destroy Emails but not president Trump they spy On his campaign and they indict him now For some crazy campaign alleged campaign Finance violation it absolutely makes no Sense and again I think the American People understand it well we're hearing A lot of upset from the Republicans but What can you really do about it Well we pointed out I mean the key is

Get the facts on the table we're doing That with all kinds of issues where we Think agencies have been turned against The very people the American people They're supposed to serve so you get the Facts on the table and then you look at Legislation our job but we're Legislators our job is to pass pass Legislation write laws and pass Legislation so we'll look at that and Maybe most importantly Maria is we Control the power of the purse and That's we're going to have to look at The Appropriations process and limit Funds going to some of these agencies Particularly the ones who are engaged in The most egregious Behavior so the doj And the FBI Yeah and what I'd really like frankly I'd really like for the government just To stay out of the election process 2016 They spied on his campaign 2018 the Mueller investigation 2020 they Suppressed the hunter Biden story 2022 The rate is home 91 days before an Election wow and now the leading Candidate for president United States 2024 election they indict the former President and the top candidate who's Leading in every poll just let We the People decide who we want to elect and Stay out of the election process for Goodness sake all right Mr chairman Thanks very much chairman of the house

Judiciary Committee Congressman Jim Jordan thank you hey Sean Hannity here Hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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