Jim Jordan seeks testimony from victims of Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies

Jim Jordan seeks testimony from victims of Alvin Bragg’s soft-on-crime policies

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, shares the House Judiciary Committee’s plans to hold a hearing in New York to hear from those impacted by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s policies on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Joining us now house Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan First of all Jim let me uh Let me thank you because we I read about It every day I still like a hard Newspaper I was a paper boy as a kid and I like to get a hard copy and I still Read through it and of course you know I Got a big pile every day of stuff I read But you know every day I'm reading about This you know there was a bank robber That robbed five banks got out each time On Nobel robbed another bank he had to Be the worst bank robber in the history Of Bank Robbie but they let him out Every time so I'm glad that you're Allowing the victims to tell their story That's exactly right Sean album Bragg as You said said New York's the safest big City in the country your audience knows That isn't the case you know you live There you know that's not the case Far away yeah And even this facts and figures and Stats about Alvin Bragg's DA's office Revealed that that's not the case so We're coming up there to talk to the Victims the people who've been impacted By this crazy left-wing ideology that Says we're not going to put bad guys People who do harmful things to other Americans we're not going to put them in Jail and then bad things happen we're Going to talk to those families and

We're not just going to go to New York We're going to go to other cities I've Talked to our subcommittee crime crime Subcommittee chairman Congressman Biggs He'll be there with us he wants to go to Other cities and do this same thing but It is that critical because Alvin Bragg As you know is going after president Trump when you have all kinds of things Happening in his town that are harmful To families who live there let me ask You your investigation your committee is Looking into whether or not our FBI has Been politicized and our department of Justice has been weaponized you have Many whistleblowers in the FBI coming Forward I've interviewed a couple myself And I understand that there are many More coming are you at this early day Based on what you have heard from Whistleblowers that I have not heard and Maybe this audience has not heard are You convinced the FBI is politicized and The doj is weaponized I am son it's a brave whistleblower who Brought us uh came forward and told us About what was going on in the Richmond Field office they were looking the FBI In the Richmond field office was looking To put sources in churches have Informants in Catholic parishes that's What they were looking to do someone Needs to give him a lesson in the First Amendment this memorandum that they put

Together that we now have a now have This memorandum talks about doing just That and it was signed off on by two Senior analysts and the chief division Council there how can a lawyer sign off On something like and frankly but for The Whistleblower I don't know that this Wouldn't still be going on and this Thing was sent out to all the other Field offices now stop and think for a Second yesterday was probably more Americans in church than any other day Of the year the day we celebrate the Resurrection of our savior more millions Of Americans going to church now what if This FBI thing would have been carried Out there would be people in the church Spying on fellow parishioners fellow Fellow church goers that that's what They were looking to do that's how scary This is what they've done to the first Amendment when you put it in context Remember the FTC a few weeks ago we Learned was asking a private company who Are the journalists you're talking to Name four personally two of those Journalists testified when one of them's Testifying while Democrats are asking Who his sources are the FBI is knocking On his door and now we learn that here In the last month now we learn that the FBI was looking to put informants and Develop sources in churches where you go To talk to your pastor to your priest

Looking to do that that is frightening Stuff and that's why the work we're Doing in this committee I think is so Darn important let me ask you based on What we have been witnessing and what You have seen and this this spectacle That was unfolding last week with President Trump do you believe that the Clintons and the bidens have been Treated differently than Donald Trump Of course yeah Well of course they have Sean I mean Look I I said they spied on his campaign They raided his home and now they indict Him and they indict him even though Alvin Bragg wasn't going to bring the Case but saw that President Trump Announced he's running for president is Leading in all the polls and so they go After him and I'm actually very very Concerned that they're going to go after Him in Georgia and I'm also concerned That the special counsel is going to Come forward with an indictment too and If the special counsel does that think About this Sean if he does that on the Classified documents issue and they Don't do anything to Joe Biden who's had Classified documents at his home at his Beach house in Chinatown at the Biden Center right he's had him all over the Place if they don't go after uh President Biden and do something to President Trump that that is frightening

Stuff and I'm afraid that maybe where Things are going I certainly hope that's Not the case but yeah this is the double Certainly hopefully it's not the case in Reality you believe it probably is Because I know I do I hope not because as as Kim strasso had In the Wall Street Journal a couple Weeks ago when you crossed this Rubicon You start having these kind of Indictments done for purely political Reason even Andy McKay even Andy McCabe Said he wasn't too impressed with Alvin Bragg's rollout of this indictment last Week when you have Andy McCabe saying Things like that you know how political This whole thing is and going after President Trump Congressman Jordan great To have you thank you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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