Jim Jordan: This is a serious crisis

Jim Jordan: This is a serious crisis

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, shares what he learned from listening to New York City crime victims’ testimony on ‘Hannity.’

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Right here moment with reaction is Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan A prop Jim is Hank Johnson at the Unmitigated Gall to call uh this Wonderful woman who lost her son wow Miss brame is not a prop she's not a Stunt she's a mom on a mission and I Learned a long time ago that Mom's on a Mission beat politicians every single Time and she showed that today I would Say this song the witnesses we had today Were some of the most my time in Congress some of the most compelling Witnesses we have ever had we had a dad Whose son was attacked we had Miss frame We had the Democrat city council member Who's lived in his whole life 71 years In the city and said he's never seen it This bad so yeah these weren't props These weren't stunts these were people Telling their story they're not into Politics they just want a D.A who's not Soft on crime they want Safe Streets They want a Subway they can ride and This is happening all across the country 27 of the 30 most dangerous cities are Run by democrats where they typically Have a D.A like Mr Bragg who's soft on Crime this is why the New York Post said It was good that we came to town put a National Spotlight on this because That's always the first step in stopping This ridiculous treatment that is Happening in so many of our urban areas

You know Congressman I'm glad you came To New York and I'm I'm glad the Democrats expose themselves here I said This earlier since 2009 Congressman you Know you watch this show I scroll the Names names Americans never heard of all The people shot shot and killed in Chicago nobody how come we never hear About those names you can predict On Any Given weekend how many people are going To be shot in that hellhole of a city And then shot and killed and probably be Pretty accurate you know what and nobody That's a democratic-run city for decades Democratic state for decades and Nobody's lifted a finger to save the Lives of innocent children now in New York City there was one mayor he took a Lot of crap for it but he saved a lot of Lives and including a lot of minority Lives his name was Rudy Giuliani [Applause] Yeah and it's but it's it's also bigger Than the violence sometimes it's just The theft there were 327 individuals Responsible for 6 000 of the thefts in New York City I mean think about that That's 20 per person and in fact we used To call that stealing taking someone Else's property if you don't have a Deterrent if you don't put some of those People away if you don't charge those People prosecute those people they just Keep doing it so do it after one two

Three do it after 19 times but for some For for goodness sake stop it somewhere That's the kind of stuff that's going on And what is Alvin Bragg doing instead of Dealing with this kind of criminal Activity he's using federal funds to Indict a former president for no crime And then when we want to investigate That and do our constitutional Duty and Talk to a guy who hasn't worked to him For a year he takes us to court that's What we were highlighting today just how Serious the crime problem the real crime Problem is in New York City well said uh Congressman Jim Jordan the great state Of Ohio Madeline again thank you so much God bless you praying for you okay hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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