Jimmy Failla: This tells me Biden isn’t really running the country | Brian Kilmeade Show

Jimmy Failla: This tells me Biden isn't really running the country | Brian Kilmeade Show

Jimmy Failla, Host “Fox Across America” joined The Brian Kilmeade Show and discussed the controversy with some MLB teams allowing beer sales into the 8th inning because games are shorter with the new rules. Plus, Jimmy with the latest on the Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney, controversy #FoxNews

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So this story in particular there's a Lot of stories that come down the pie And go here comes the election here Comes the midterm all right but to think That it this story would turn the way it Did and have all this information with a War that we're supporting with a war That divides the country beginning to Divide the country more and more to Begin with and then to have a president Stuck in Ireland on his own volition the Only country we don't have a problem With he will not leave this is the Longest trip he's in the countryside Today you know and seriously think about This what they should be doing given the Condition Biden is in is at this point He shouldn't be going overseas they Should be sending him to Epcot and Telling him he's overseas might as well You know what I mean that way at least He's around for the Optics of it all but You know what it tells me Bry when you Think of you know we're kind of in like A code red moment on so many fronts Domestically right now the fact that They're willing to let him leave the Country at a time like this tells me He's not really running this thing they Did get really give creates the Perception but here's the problem is There's no Al Hague I'm in control We need a wartime I mean if Bush 43 was out of town

Cheney's like I got this yeah exactly Right I mean John Rumsfeld you don't Think could handle this they'd step in Yeah I mean you have the chief of staff Andy carbs like no no I know how to run This thing yeah so you do not have that Experience no no so I don't know who's There and somebody was telling me the Other day is that for the longest time Like it or not Ron clayne was in control Yeah this new guy hasn't taken control But I want you to hear this is a Democrat Richie Torres from New York who You might have picked up in a cab one Time cut nine look it goes without Saying that nothing is more critical to The security of our nation than Protecting the confidentiality of our Secrets and I'm just concerned about the Security failures you know how could a 21 year old national Guardsman so easily Access and leak massive amounts of of Classified intelligence so there should Be an investigation into what went wrong And Congress should act decisively to Put in place whatever safeguards are Required he's trying to softly land the Plane and to have to respond to the fact That Trump that President Biden said Again it's not a big deal it is a big Deal but nothing contemporaneous got out Yeah has ever anyone ever gotten Together in this Administration and Coordinated messages ever right because

Everything is walked back to Crisscrossed but the bigger issue is you Know he alludes to the point of you know How could a 21 year old kid get access To this that does matter but my bigger Frustration is how can we always ask These questions after the fact right Like shouldn't we be asking this there's Probably a multitude of fronts right now Where something that's a how could this Type of thing be happening be addressed On the front end but it's always after a Problem number one number two I think Obviously they want that problem because The response to this is we have to Monitor chat rooms more closely which Will give them more domestic spying Capability on the rest of us but I think The other thing and this is the bigger Issue for me is we're going to put so Much effort and I'm seeing it in the Media already into profiling this Jack To share a fella and his friends but how About the specifics of what's in these Documents I know because they don't read Well uh not not from our enemies or our Allies you know Egypt's supposed to kind Of be our pal no and they're you know Moving some decent product from what I Read in China that was real then China And general Jack King gave us credit for That you give this Administration credit Because he said when he found out that China was considering giving lethal Aid

We came out and said it yeah last time We said Russia is going to invade we Thought that would scare them away they Invaded yeah so that didn't really work Yeah it's like this one hopefully we'll We'll see but China Michael what are you Going to do about it we're on the deck Of the Titanic arguing about a guy who Cheated and shuffleboard right look I Think we got bigger problems on the boat I'm not going to lie right Um I want you to hear when you talk About people that should be held Accountable this is what Dan Hoffman Said and I'm name dropping you would Never do your Maybe he says yes I can throw your name Around you'd be surprised when I get on That show really you throw you have Permission to throw away you know Brian Asked if you could do him a favor Cut 13. So I think actually the person who's Going to find herself on the hot seat is The Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes and remember she was deputy Director CIA Deputy National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration when We had those uh serious scandals Snowden And Manning and the question I think That will be asked of her when she Testifies next is whether she did a Zero-based review of how we're Protecting our secrets and did we button

Down the hatches The old adage defense wins championships Has never been spoken in this Administration right what will be spoken Is we'll find out this was caused by Like climate change since the emissions Went up people started leaking documents It's like it's so hard to take them Serious about anything because nothing Happens with this Administration that Isn't somehow co-signed to their agenda You know you'll hear like oh well Equally acquired I mean I know you would Think this shouldn't apply here but it's Going to apply here I mean here's the Example to build in your point the chip Spill yeah oh yeah by the way if you are A company that accepts our money and Brings manufacturing home you'll be Forced to give Family Leave yeah so Excuse me what family yeah family wave Yeah and then we got to make sure you Have equity in your hiring and your Management if this company is going to Get the grant that is our money to give To so wait a second you're shaping the Look of a of a chips manufacturer who You quickly got to get online in order For our own National Security they do This with everything look at the EV Thing yeah we're just looking out for The little guy so uh go buy a 62 000 car Little guy let me ask you something uh My the one of the few people they're

Very impressive with this Administration Got Michael Reagan Alicia showed up he Shows up makes the announcement in the Rose Garden I mean can you wait for the President to come back no I mean do you Have to quickly who is it who's making These rules all of a sudden he's taking Questions the president told me like Yeah I'm not really I had to tell I have To talk to the Irish children yeah like So I'm one of those guys you know I grew Up in the ray in the 80s Reagan Presidency Levittown you know post-world War II gi's return home from the war Very patriotic I root for the country Doesn't matter who the president is it's Like I didn't like Roger Clemens growing Up but he got traded to the Yankees Guess who rooted for Roger Clemens but Were you cheering for him when he wasn't Uh no not at all you know he's not gonna Work no it is going to work because I Didn't quit the Yankees because they got Roger Clemens I continued the route for That quitting of course that's what I Mean but I don't quit America because Biden's president but the reality is When I'm looking at the moment we happen To inhabit right now this is this whole Presidency bra is like it's like an ITunes user agreement what I mean by That is they just telling Biden to Scroll to the bottom and click I agree To whatever they've put onto the table

That day you don't don't get the feeling He's in charge I know we say that but It's it's kind of borne out by moments Like this where Regan goes to the Rose Garden and is speaking there are so many People speaking where the president Traditionally would speak and that's the Tell to me right even there's no you Know Foreign Press Conference overseas Even the White House you know the Press Pool like why are they there they're There to do what so I remember the story Was Steven Spielberg I don't know if It's true or not he just walked on to uh He walked onto the universal campus and Just set up a shop he had no business Being there and started taking pictures Yeah and next you know he's Steven Spielberg I mean in a way you could walk In the White House just call the Prescott president Of entertainment fashion and uh and uh Middle East I used to think a guy with My background could never get in but if Hunter's walking around the White House Right on I mean I'm great hey hello the Sanders put this to you when Hunter's Over there asking the secret assistant The Irish kids are asking Hunter with The secrets his success is I think he's Screaming the bottle they literally Asked him that so so uh the other big Story that you're trying to avoid and I Don't like it it's you're trying to

Avoid is baseball has picked up to such A pace yes that it's a cut a half hour Out now if you sell beer for a living And you stop selling beer in the seventh Inning you're losing money so some Stadiums are deciding to continue to Sell beer until the eighth ninth inning Here is the Phillies Matt Strom he's Upset by this the reason we stopped it In the seventh before was to give our Fans time to sober up and drive home Safe correct correct yes so now with a Faster paced game and me just being a Man of common sense if the game is going To finish quicker Would we not move the Beer sales back to the sixth inning to Give our fans time to sober up and drive Home instead we're going to the eighth And now you're putting our fans and our Family at risk driving home with people Who have just cranked beers 22 minutes Ago Heart in the right place uh wallet and Head in the wrong place the reason they Have a high you know average annual Salary Major League Baseball of like Three and a half million dollars a year Is because guys like you and me pay 22.50 a beer in the seventh inning and The eighth inning right he's right on The time technicality he he would Technically be correct but the revenue They would lose out by speeding up the Game the whole point of speeding up the

Game was to increase Revenue meaning get More engagement from a younger audience That needed a faster Pace report to tune Into in the short term you got to lose Some sales yeah I mean now two things Though when he says you know some of These teams you know cut beer sales to Give the fans time to sober up it's not Always true like the Milwaukee Brewers Okay they had only cut beer in a seventh Because their fans had usually moved on To Stronger stuff than alcohol Have you done that study no that beer Yeah ain't gonna do it anymore what else You got up there you know what I mean But uh I listen I appreciate the guy Expressing true concern for the fans Because you know Major League Baseball Isn't really doing that you know no one Of the things about you that I thought Was very interesting you one of the few People who thought was a good move to Have Dylan Mulvaney on the Bud Light can And I said Jimmy are you sure good for You and so Jimmy She worked out for Budweiser you know You know who really did make out like a Bandit though was the girl who did this Because they can't fire her because even Though she's cost them six billion Dollars I never thought about that yeah They can't fire him because then it was Just so much just some marketing person Thought I have a good idea no she

Thought she had a good move because she Thought she was insulated again I don't Doubt that she thought it might work Clearly wrong there but she's insulated Against getting fired if for no other Reason then it makes the company now Look trans full because a lot of this is A front-end Shakedown well for one thing The odds attacked against it because She's a woman and it's still a man's World yeah but number two is then she Goes out of her way she might even be She might even be white can you imagine But think about this everybody yelling At you about the gender pay Gap Dylan Mulvaney's been a woman for like an hour He's got 10 million in the bank I don't Know what that study holds up anymore Yeah we kind of blew it the only thing Dylan's done to alter anything is facial Work yep right and yeah so so there's That going on and the other thing is and This is the part I think is so stupid Because they gave him the can to what Command rate one year of Womanhood I Said this to Hannity last night I'm like So Bud Light you're giving beer to a One-year-old girl how is this okay but I Thought will Cain and I have to give Proper analysis will Cain Analyze This He goes the thing that's bothering me Most is she's pretending to be a little Girl yeah she's asking she has a Six-year-old thing I want to be a woman

Like Caitlyn Jenner didn't pretend to be A teenager no and make no mistake about This okay and I know this from being in Showbiza guys worked his way up through Stand up and everything else every we All know Dylan Mulvaney we know a Version of Dylan Mulvaney what I mean by That Brian is a person that went to Every audition known to man and was Willing to do anything to gain the Relevance that Dylan Mulvaney has gained Dylan was on Dylan on the Dylan side of This was on Ellen okay he was on The Price is Right he was in the traveling Version of the book of Drew Barrymore Yeah and Drew Barrymore and had Literally auditioned for everything Every open call the opening of an Envelope Dylan Mulvaney was there so Understand some Dylan Mulvaney was Famous before not famous but as a man Was trying dying like heck to become Famous was auditioning for every open Call on Earth and then probably about a Year and a half ago dawned on him her as The relevance of tick tock was growing And influencers were gaining more clout You know what would really get me some Heat on Instagram is not being a goofy Guy but what if I just did this in a Dress it's trendy and that's really what This is and we don't begrudge him her Their right to do it that's not the Issue here people are not backlashing

Against transgenderism when it comes to Bud Light they're backlashing against Beer is the one thing we had left that Didn't involve any of that right and you Would think they'd be afraid they should Be but that's why they're losing the Money and they should lose the money she Trashed the audience right what what is The number Allison do you know is it 5.8 Billion dollars they lost a market cap Because like the way I threw the money Of a billion a million you have to count The empties when you count the empty It's five cents a can you count the Empties Allison I mean please before we Close the sale listen when we come back We'll find out what a loser Bud Light is But specifically how much they lost and Will Jimmy ever drink beer again as a Protest we'll find out don't say it Don't say it okay so thank you all God Bless you all let's go let's go Lake Lick the world let's get it done let the World The world so Jimmy's here Jimmy's gets Set to do his show Jimmy uh failure Jimmy's gonna be a bananas in Rutherford On the 21st and 22nd uh Rutherford New Jersey yes different I want to make sure They go to the right Rutherford a really In Pennsylvania on May 6th Clearwater Florida on May 20th Davenport Iowa on The 6th of June excuse the third of June Saturday night baby now what if we want

To see you with Kennedy so Kennedy and I The last in Liberty tour that's what Starts in May that's Reading Pennsylvania May 6th oh okay so you Didn't put her on there yeah I just I Just gave you dates I'm sure she would Have put you on if she was on no no She's pretty low maintenance she's not You kill Mead one of the reasons I'm Touring with Kennedy instead of me You're the bigger Diva I don't think There's any question about probably the Biggest it's either it's either me or John Scott well they call behind the Scenes they call Brian Diana Ross a lot Of people don't know that and what was What's been about Diana Ross she's great I love the surprise okay a lot to deal With though um but what were we just Learning about this was a disastrous It's so this was disastrous right it's Every kiss it's every every event every Time they stuck a microphone near him Something weird happened we're gonna go Lick the world then you had that moment Where the guy asked him what the key to Success was he didn't know the answer so Hunter stepped in yeah because he asked You about success and he goes we got to Make sure nobody here has covered and They're like wait what just happened There's an old movie called Hot Shots Where they have this fading General he's Played by Lloyd Bridges and they're like

How are you General and he's like Hawaii Shoot I'm supposed to be in Oklahoma That's our president right that's not Good well the worst was fetterman yeah When he said hello and good night Everybody yeah good night and he won Listen we have to we cannot pass Judgment on fetterman until we see what Type of Senator his wife turns out to be Right you're right well we know she's The best Senator ever so who can we Expect in your radio show oh today's a Banger okay so there's a couple of Things going on battling Bill Hammer is In the house baton leadoff co-host of America's Newsroom uh Charles McBee who Is the head writer for Charlemagne Charlemagne the God over on Comedy Central and then our Friday Headliners Always play playground politics with 14 Year old Lincoln phela your son comes he Comes on he closes the show and does Your mom allow that well I'm gonna lose Custody someday if Jenny ever bails your Honor he had him on the radio he took Him to Reno yeah it doesn't end good Jimmy it's great to see you the best how Many other shows are you gonna be on Today today I'll be on water's World a Little bit later on in the day and uh You'll see me on digging and uh Sean Duffy I went on Brian Kilmeade I want You to do me a favor I want you to click To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube

Page this is the only way that I know For sure that you're not going to miss Any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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