Jimmy Failla: Woke mayors are making U-Haul rich | Fox Across America

Jimmy Failla: Woke mayors are making U-Haul rich | Fox Across America

Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla explains why a growing number of people are fleeing Democrat-run states like New York, California and Michigan.
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We'll start in New York we'll work our Way around the country Uh ten thousand people ten Thousand people Have moved out of New York so far this Year Okay they attribute this to Kai crime The lack of affordable housing the fact That we are the one of the highest taxed States in America Basically New York New Jersey Connecticut California the tri-state Area we are paying more money in taxes Than anybody thanks big government Wenises but understand Just during the first quarter of 2022 We had 14 800 Empire Staters move their Licenses to Florida so that was just the First quarter in total 65 64 000 577 New Yorkers moved to Florida last Year Now I bring that up why because what Does every single New York politician Love to get on TV And do bash Florida Every single one oh well it's better Than what DeSantis is doing down in Florida not even close same thing with Gavin Newsom uh Ron DeSantis in Florida They're catering to emotion and not fact More people are moving to Florida than Any other state in the country you know What that means it means people like

Florida Means they don't feel oppressed they Don't feel under attack they don't feel The burden of high crime and higher Taxes They feel something this whole entire Country was founded on which is They didn't have the Draconian lockdowns That we did they didn't see their kids Lose Over two years of academic gains because Of overzealous coveted lockdowns I love The poorly education get it okay According to this is so fascinating okay Cornell University estimated that during The first year of the pandemic alone so This is 2020 to 2021 336 000 people Moved out of New York City 336 000 people like yeah we're not doing This They cut the police budget by a half a Billion dollars that's What was the end result of that Skyrocketing crime Okay quality of life pull from Siena College Came out yesterday said 27 of State Residents in New York 27 of State Residents say they want to move away In the next five years that's a quarter Of our state here in New York a quarter Of our tax base Says they want to move in the next five

Years this could be a problem big Problem because how do you fund All of these Pie in the Sky woke Fantasies if there's nobody there to pay Those tax bills I think he's got a part Yeah and you want to know what the point Is this is the point everything woke Turns to Okay 67 of residents say New York wasn't Affordable only 37 said it was okay but Let's go further 49 of respondents said New York was fair Or poor when asked if it is a place Where they feel safe from crime So half the people said it's either fair Or poor meaning they don't feel safe From crime okay think about that 57 said The political system doesn't work Compared to 38 percent who said it did Do you understand why that's significant Because New York is about 85 percent Liberal And 57 of the respondents to the survey Were like nope not working it's not Going on here And understand that's why Kathy hokel Almost lost okay Kathy hokel if you Remember took over the position she Replaced handsy Andy Cuomo Andy okay he of course was famously run Out of town because he didn't have the Best office etiquette around the ladies You ever seen a grown man naked But she has taken over for Cuomo and

Just been Cuomo part two I mean the only Real difference is she's not writing a Book about how to handle the pandemic in The middle of the pandemic like Cuomo Did but for all intents and purposes She's not cracking down on a woke District attorney like Alvin Bragg who's Not Prosecuting violent crime he's Lowered 52 percent of violent felonies To misdemeanors like literally You're giving a slap on the wrist To someone who stabbed a person you get Like literally you're giving them a slap On the wrist of someone who shot a Person that's who Alvin Bragg is that's Why New Yorkers are so apoplectic that They're going after Trump That I've got to be honest with you if New York was a safe City right now Wouldn't care if he was going after Trump and it was legitimate But Alvin Bragg literally ran for office By vowing to arrest Donald Trump Leticia James the Attorney General same thing Trump is up here in New York right now Giving a deposition today on an Investigation into financial fraud that Was brought by Leticia James who Literally ran for office on a vow that You would prosecute Donald Trump this is Politics as Usual it's a scam but you Understand they're appealing to an Increasingly shrinking base of people Who would just rather be mad at

Republicans Then walk down the street without Getting jumped beat up by some paintless Time traveler Okay California is having the same Issues Detroit Michigan's having the Same issues Baltimore is having that issue Milwaukee's having that issue Philadelphia is having that issue and You know what every one of these cities Has in common they are run by liberals [Music] Let me give you some of this okay this Is fascinating Gavin Newsom wants to be president he's Running right now like he's actually Running he's on a five-state campaign He's running campaign ads And he's like no no I'm uh oh no I'm not Uh trying to bump Joe Biden off the Ticket I'm just uh running it's practice it's Uh it's practice for 2028 in case I run Then I just want to pretend run now come On don't push me he's goal hanging That's what he's doing Gavin Newsom no 77 70 of Democrats don't want Biden to Run again they're going to support him If he runs because they hate Republicans But that's the problem with putting Party over country If it's more important for your party to Win your whole country loses including

You and if you don't believe me look at These one-party towns like California Gavin Newsom got recalled had absolutely Positively no business went in that Recall But the Republicans put forth Larry Elder sweet guy And the Democrats successfully labeled Him as the black face Of white supremacy what you've just said Is one of the most insanely idiotic Things I have ever heard everyone in This room is now Dumber for having Listened to it that's what the Democrats Do in the face of a black conservative They're like well he's a white Supremacist and you're like wait what How are you even allowed to say that That's so stupid But that's what they did to Larry Elder And in a party and a state that's so Overwhelmingly liberal Gavin Newsom won Re-election going away despite the fact That his whole entire state if you go to Any big city including San Francisco Where he was the mayor it's now an Outdoor toilet [Applause] But part of the reason why is they Continue to cater To this narrow-minded you know it's Patronizing ideology here is Gavin Newsom okay They got a gang problem in La crime is

Through the roof understand San Francisco opened up a flagship Whole Foods biggest Whole Foods in the Country Whole Foods is owned by Amazon biggest Company in the country They had to close it after a year Because the employees wouldn't show up To work anymore because they were Getting beaten and robbed Okay that's how Lawless it became a Flagship Whole Foods an expensive store Now if a big expensive store with all Kind of money and all kind of backing Can't stay open what does it say for the Local mom and pop in these places it Says they don't have a chance But here is Gavin newsom's bringing up The fact that there's a gang problem and Then he apologizes for saying gangs Because he knows that could be Embarrassed that could be a pejorative That was embarrassing listen to this Clip 26. hey that's not a pejorative They're organized groups of folks guys Gangs of people that are coming on Forgive me for some games I know forgive Me for saying gangs this is the biggest Schmuck I've ever met you know gangs Does Carrie a Negative connotation towards a group of People yo they're mugging people raping People and killing people they don't Deserve our conversational consideration You know who does the victims Bingo but

They don't prioritize victims that's why People are fleeing these places We're now living at a time that is more Empathy for the criminal than the victim Well you know we can't jail these people It's a disproportionately jailing Certain minority groups so uh let's just Let everybody go But you understand 90 of violent crimes Are committed against members of the Same race So when you empty prisons in the name of Equity all you're really doing is Prioritizing the law breaking members of A community at the expense of the law Abiding members of a community But here's Gavin Newsom going out of his Way by the way I apologize for saying Gangs I I shouldn't be saying gangs you Know shut up fool but that's a guy Who wants you to believe he could be Your next president he's running do you Understand he has a Super PAC he has Launched a pack he is campaigning he's Down in Florida talking about the band Bucks and the don't say gay Bill and Obama you're not telling me the truth Florida didn't ban gay people would just Shut up if you've been the South Beach Have you been to Key West Two of the biggest gay populations in America and you know what they're doing Down there having fun because that's What you're supposed to do

Okay nobody's under attack the Democrats Run on pretend attack And in order to run on those pretend Attacks to placate that woke ideology They're letting the real criminals They're letting the real attackers go Free Which is why it is so expensive to get An outbound U-Haul from any of these Woke cities you want to get a U-Haul Into New York they'll prop practically Pay you to drive it there Because they need them so desperately For the people going the other way Okay you want to get a U-Haul into San Francisco into La absolutely But the problem is they can't get Anybody to do it Because nobody in their right mind would Move to one of these woke cities cities That were formally thriving until the Woke policies got voted into office and Wrecked everything in sight We killed this city We killed this city by God we won't kill This city We killed this city by going one [Music] Thank you Say you might rob me Or punch me in the face Mayors don't care they know there's Crime in every place Go pee on the sidewalk

Pooping for Daylights Too many there will say Healing man-made right In November we We killed this city by going Whoa we killed this city We killed this We will kill this city We killed this city by going [Music]

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