Joe Concha: The gravitas is gone from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Joe Concha: The gravitas is gone from the White House Correspondents' Dinner

Fox News contributors Joe Concha and Tom Shillue and FOX Business correspondent Kelly O’Grady weigh in on what Americans can expect from President Biden’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner on ‘Cross Country.’
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Let's bring in our panel and said Fox News contributors Tom shallou Joe Concha As well as Fox Business correspondent Kelly O'Grady so so I want to gaze your Excitement of this event Joe we know the President's uh approval rating is low But I want you to hear from the American People that I talked to in New York City That's why package How would you describe Joe Biden a good President decent he's nice he's nice Okay yeah he's nice What comes to mind when you think about President Joe Biden oh Lord I like Jeff You like I feel he's a little bit old Right now with regard to hey I can't even say I guess how old I am He's getting old it's almost Your grandpa Yeah he's old he old And cool excuse me I'm putting on my Sunglasses if you could describe Joe Biden how would you describe him not Dedicated at all give me a break that's A bunch of malarkey so you said you said He did us a favor and I don't think he Should run again he did us a favor the First time and I think he should just Bow out gracefully what did he do [Music] You think Donald Trump Delirious probably kind of seems to have Trouble performing a sentence What comes to mind when you think of Joe

Biden I don't really care about him you Don't care about as long as the country Is safe and peaceful you know we're all In this together we're standing here Talking lies and nothing is wrong yeah As long as the keep is yeah all right Let me say I love going on the street Because they always going to tell you How they think the president approval Rate is sitting at 37 percent his Disapproval at 59 wow Joe how is he Going to be received in a more I guess Friendly crowd Friendly crowd that you just spoke to in Manhattan right well the way but he has The press the people that have kind of Concealed him how are they going to Receive him than that oh he'll get Rousing Applause here tonight because He's going to talk about the importance Of a free and fair press Lawrence he's Going to talk about the importance of Transparency out of his administration Right but never judge this President on His words always judge him on his Actions here are the facts around those Actions he has had fewer press Conferences than any president in 40 Years at this point of his presidency We've seen it time and time again he Gives a speech gives remarks and then Turns his backs on reporters as they're Trying to ask questions and then most Importantly when he does take questions

It comes from a predetermined list and Then as we saw this week we saw even Some reporters play ball and say here You go sir here's the question in Advance so he's going to celebrate the Press tonight and on Monday go back to Ignoring them so Tom I guess the big Question is you know I'm no comedian but It's all about the timing delivery of The joke he's going to have the prompter To guide him I'm assuming Big Font Um is he going to be able to land the Punches though well I'm sure I mean Roy Wood Jr great comedian he's he's good I've worked with him before and he's a Funny guy and I think this is kind of a Hell gig it's a hard gig to do I Wouldn't want to do it I probably Wouldn't turn it down because you know You get a it's a big audience it's a big Opportunity but it's hard in a room like This when you're playing with people at The round tables it's kind of cavernous It's not like a comedy club there's a Lot of a delay that you have to deal With so the I think the best way to Approach it is really just to read the Teleprompter make sure you get your Jokes down right you've worked with the Writers you've got good punch Lines Just Plow through it and don't worry about The audience reaction because that's What follows you up when you try to if You ever try to work the crowd because

It's a very awkward crowd to try to work It's true Kelly Um when it comes to the jokes do you Think it's going to be an equal Opportunity are they going to hit Everyone in the room every Network or is It just going to be skewed to just one Group of people well I wish I could say It would be equal opportunity but I Think past White House Correspondents Dinners have showed that it might be Skewed towards certain places I mean I Think we're going to hear him tout the Economy and how well it's doing Um you know I think that's a little bit Of a laugh because I do want to go back To that poll that you mentioned 37 Percent approve well if you're talking About the economy only 16 percent think He's doing well so I think it's going to Be a bit of an eye roll when you hear Him say how well the economy is doing It's so true Joe I know we do this every Single year and it's supposed to be a Moment a pause where everyone is Supposed to laugh sure but I don't think The American people are feeling the the Politicians and the elites laughing Right now because their circumstance Sure they want to see Chappelle someone That is actually a real comedian but I Don't think they like these guys doing This event right and it's it's no Offense to to Comedy Central where you

Used to work I believe oh yeah yeah but I think it's a different Comedy Central Now than when you were there Tom Absolutely during the Jon Stewart years Six of the last seven hosts of this Dinner have come from Comedy Central as If that is the only place that we can Get a host from give me shalu yeah put Jimmy fella up there or break the bank Ricky Gervais right I mean this is a Dinner that once had Bob Hope right one Of the greatest comedians of all time he Hosted her Conan O'Brien who you know Yeah you're right right there I mean so The gravitas I think is gone and I think Half the country is resigned to look at This and say you know what I know that The jokes are all going to go one way so Why should I even bother just like they Do with late night TV these days with Colbert Kimmel and Fallon Um Tom salute do you think Greg gupfeld Is there ever a moment for the the king Of late night to make an entrance here It'll be great it'd be a smart move Because you know people would tune in I Bet the ratings would tick up a little Bit the thing about this dinner is it's It's very predictable you and I were There in 2019 it was a little bit less Predictable then because they were all Acting as if they were under attack Because of the Trump Administration do You remember all the speeches the little

Pins they had the pins I wasn't going to Mess up my suit for that pin I know and It was one of those things where you Almost had that it was like the ribbon You know they wanted to see with that PIN on and it was some kind of phrase About free speech is if Donald Trump Saying fake news and poking fun of them I mean what Donald Trump did to them is What they always do they were always Doing to Donald Trump like he roasted Them back and they didn't like it and They acted as as if they were under Attack meanwhile who is the is the Biggest sensor of all Joe Biden and his Administration so they came in and they Started I mean they started taking Journalists off of their platform and They completely ice the Press up hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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