John Kirby Reiterates Biden’s “View That A Two-State Solution Is The Best Path Forward”

John Kirby Reiterates Biden's "View That A Two-State Solution Is The Best Path Forward"

Comments made on 1/22/24.

It's the president's view that a Two-state solution is the best path Forward for people of uh Gaza for the Palestinian people as well as the Israeli people and as he said in those Comments um there's a lot that can go Into creating what that construct looks Like um and when we say two-state Solution what does it actually mean and There's many different interpretations There's lots of different ways you can Get at that uh ultimate solution um and The president as he has always done kept An open mind about trying to pursue that Now he's also under no illusions of how Difficult it's going to be to get there Particularly with this conflict going on In Gaza

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