Jonathan Turley: ‘Time is running out’ for Hunter Biden

Jonathan Turley: ‘Time is running out’ for Hunter Biden

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explains on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ how Manhattan District Attorney dropping his bid gave Republicans a ‘victory’ in their House Oversight Committee investigation. #foxnews

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Far left Manhattan D.A Alvin Bragg Dropping his lawsuit against the gop-led House Judiciary Committee clearing the Way for them to interview a former Prosecutor who investigated former President Trump here with the legal Follow-up constitutional law expert and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley Jonathan thanks for being here Presumably this is not something Elvin Bragg wanted to do does it want this Person testifying why did why is he Dropping this suit at this point Well this is a pretty definitive victory For the committee and chairman the Chairman who's been fighting to get this Attorney before Investigators this is a target-rich Environment a pomeranz is someone that Has been subject to withering criticism Including by people like myself because He abandoned professional values that Define us you know he he resigned in Protest because Bragg was did not appear Inclined to charge Trump then he wrote This book in the book he wrote this book Even though his office asked him not to They said it would undermine their Investigation and he wrote a book about Someone who hadn't even have been Convicted or charged and yeah so this Book really shattered all of our Notions Of professional conduct so he's going to Have a tough time in front of this

Committee Bragg finally threw in the Towel because the committee clearly is Jurisdiction I mean there was a a Frivolous challenge And what are they going to be able to Ask them how political was this Investigation and effectively they're Going to hopefully get to the the bottom Of whether this is driven by evidence or Whether this is driven by Spite Well you know I'm going to keep my focus On the courts that's where I prefer all Of this to be handled this is clearly a Political prosecution even people on the Left have said that this is a bizarre Theory I don't think that there's any Election violation here which is one of The core elements of these charges so It's going to have to go through the Courts but I think it's a raw political Prosecution and ultimately I think Bragg's Legacy will be forever tarnished For his taking the step as for pomeranz He's going to have a heck of a time in Front of this committee because I don't Know how he's going to answer some of These questions he sure is let's stick With the justice department and move Over to Hunter Biden because his Attorneys are going to meet with next Week with doj officials who are Investigating him as we also learn Prosecutors are considering sounds like Two misdemeanor counts for failure to

File taxes a felony count of tax evasion And a felony count purchase related to a Gun purchase what's Hunter Biden facing Here Well these are still significant charges But you'll notice not on that list is a Fairer violation the the allegation that He was an unregistered foreign agent Many of us have asked why the Administration seems to be disinterested In that particular crime they brought That charge against Trump officials uh With great liberality over the years and The concern many of us have is that if You charge Hunter Biden with a fair Violation it focuses attention on President Biden himself because he's the Subject of the influence peddling and so There's a great concern here as to why Pharaoh which has been used so liberally In the past is not on the table here but Obviously these remain serious offenses The problem for Hunter Biden is that Time is running out because the house is Now in control of the Republicans They've started to investigate this Influence peddling and the evidence is Coming out and that's only going to bill Pressure for charges so I think at this Point the hunter Biden team wants to cap This off before it gets any worse quick These are the charges that don't Implicate Joe let's do it now Hunter Goes onto the bus for for the smallest

Of things very interesting Jonathan Turley thank you so much for joining us As always thanks Pete breaking it down I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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