Judge Jeanine: Hunter Biden scandal is far more corrupt than you can imagine

Judge Jeanine: Hunter Biden scandal is far more corrupt than you can imagine

‘The Five’ co-hosts react to reports the Biden campaign and then-senior adviser Anthony Blinken orchestrated the letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials to discredit Hunter Biden laptop story.

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The hunter Biden scandals are far more Corrupt than you could ever have Imagined remember the infamous letter Signed by 51 former intelligence Officials saying the dirtbag's first Son's laptop was Russian disinformation Well it turns out that the Biden Campaign orchestrated the entire thing Xcia director Mike Morrell revealing in Sworn testimony that Secretary of State Now Secretary of State Anthony blinken Who was then a senior Biden campaign Advisor led the effort to release that Letter Republican Jim Jordan ripping Into the revelation That letter became the basis for keeping This information from the American People and the other thing that was Important we learned in that deposition With Mr Morrell is they were even Mr Morrell was even trying to direct who The Biden campaign told him who to get This to in the media it was that Coordinated It was a total political operation and The most important fact is Laura it was False Both Joe and Hunter used that letter as Proof to dismiss the laptop There are 50 former National Intelligence folks who said that what This he's accusing me of is a Russian Plant they have said that this is has All the Care four five former heads of

The CIA both parties say what he's Saying is a bunch of garbage certainly It there could be a laptop out there That was stolen from me there could be That I was hacked it could be that there Was the that it was Russian intelligence It could be that it was stolen from me And now there's another damaging Development on top of the IRS Whistleblower according to a new report There is growing frustration in the FBI Over why it's taking so long to charge Hunter investigators wrapped up the Probe a year ago and are just sitting on It we're also learning that Hunter Biden's attorneys will meet with the doj Officials next week Okay now you know I want to start with The 51 Intel officers and the fact that They knew Martha that this was a Political operation that they were Involved in their credibility was online Both Republicans and Democrats former Heads of the CIA they didn't care enough About truth and Justice and we found out Afterwards that people would have voted Differently that would have changed the Election possibly probably and yet Nobody seemed to care should we even Worry about more You know I went back and read the letter To remind myself what was in it and it's So Superior it's basically like we we've Been around a long time we understand

The Russian government we know how their Minds work we know that you saw a laptop With a bunch of salacious photos on it And emails about 10 for the big guy but Hey we know what we're talking about We're really smart we're Jim Clapper We're John Brennan we're Mike Hayden We're all these people who've been Around a long time and going and going Back to what you said Janine they were Asked to do this by the campaign and Morel said you know we thought it would Quote help Biden they go on in this Letter to say you know what we firmly Believe that America the American people Have to be the ones who control the Elections they have to have the outcome Not a foreign government we wouldn't Want that to happen meanwhile you know These members of the government are Trying to have a huge influence over What happens here and I'll just finish By saying that in the heart of this Letter they say look they sense the Russians are sensing weakness they don't Think that Trump can win they they you Know don't they want him to win right And if Biden wins they want to weaken Him they don't go on to say these 51 Officials who are super smart about Russia and if that happens Russia will Promptly invade Ukraine [Music] So this is it just smacks of this sort

Of superior language in this whole Letter you don't believe what you saw Believe what we saw and now we know that It had a political origin not a deeply Felt origin it's like they all called Each other and said you know what guys I'm worried about this laptop thing I Just saw we all know this could you know This this looks like it came from a Political motivation and you know Lawrence the these guys were the head of CIA many of the directors deputies some Of them they know how to confirm whether Or not something is real or not real all You had to do was look at that laptop And know what was in it see emails and Contact people who might have written Those emails is the Deep State as deep As we thought well see that's just the Thing judge no one asked to look at the Last laptop I mean we're under this Impression that these people are honest Brokers and they weren't because it was All about getting their guy in and Everyone knows it now you know judge as Someone that travels around the country And talk with American people on the Day-to-day basis this Republican primary May be over before it even starts merely Based on the issue of fairness Donald Trump didn't get reelected Because people didn't like his tone and Tenor what if it was justified what if People were after him what if the

Election as it relates to the Information that was being uh Disseminated wasn't fair we already have Polling data that says that people would Have changed their vote if they would Have known the Scandal between Joe Biden And Hunter Biden and now we find out That the intelligence committee the People that we have the community the People that still have security Clearances didn't even ask about the Laptop they were and then the secretary Of state was a political operative I mean that is some shady business yeah And that is the intelligence community That caused so much trouble uh during The Trump Administration but you know One of the things uh that Geraldo that I'm concerned about is now that we have This whistleblower uh who's talking About the grand jury presentation that As with the grand jury has been finished For a year it's been five years since They began the investigation now what we Get is The Whistleblower as a lawyer Goes to Congress he says look I want to Protect my guy he's a high-level IRS guy And what is Hunter Biden's lawyer come Out and say he comes out and he says Listen if anyone uh this IRS agent if Anyone's committed a crime the IRS agent Has it's a felony for an IRS agent to Improperly disclose information now the IRS agent hasn't said anything other

Than send his lawyer out and this is the American we live in they want the guy Who wants a whistleblower protection to Be prosecuted and not Hunter Biden uh I Just want to remind everybody that I Supported Donald Trump when this was Happening I supported Donald Trump until The day after he lost the election uh And and insisted that he did not But I remember thinking when the laptop Hit judge that this is too good to be True this can't be out the president's Son is there smoking crackies with Hookers he's doing they this has to be Uh this is Russia I mean it it because It was so it seemed like a setup it's It's it I mean could the Sun be that bad Could uh the intelligence Community not See through this and when I saw the Letter uh as Martha recalls I was uh you Know very impressed with it and I was I Was chagrined I was oh my goodness they Weren't that these are people that were Around Joe Biden they knew about his son The Obama Administration even told Joe I Don't think I wonder if that's true I Wonder if that's true no exactly of Course literally bows from the Obama Administration telling Hunter as well as Joe Biden you can't be doing this the uh The the White House council's office Told them to knock it off when he was Vice president it's been uh the quiet Secret in Washington how out of control

Right yeah by that point so I mean it Wasn't a secret that he was drugged that Yeah I I got all that but but to think that All of these names this very impressive List and yes they are If they were deep but they think that All of them got together and said we're Going to go With basement politics rather than some Noble State is there a deep State yeah uh I Don't know I I think that what they're What there is is shallow people who do Everything for political games and who Intelligence community in the United States of America Greg I want you to Take a listen to this That Hunter Biden and a drunken stupor Dropped off his laptop do you think Stuff like that could just have been Planted in there and be completely fake I do to me this is uh this classic Textbook uh Soviet Russian uh tradecraft At work for all we know these emails are Made up or maybe some are real and Others are fakes we don't know as I and Several of my former colleagues have Pointed out publicly that it does bear The Hallmarks of Russian disinformation Greg yeah I mean uh the claim in the Letter is a hoax it's a hoax this was a Deep State smilet and we we talk about How this happened there's a former CI

Director to taking orders from the Biden Campaign to gather up Intel agents to Create a hoax right and then this story Almost always ends there but we never go Further That letter had to go somewhere right it Was an exclusive for Natasha Bertrand is That her name at Politico why her like How did she get the letter how deep was She involved because this is important She was the same reporter who was behind The dossier she was put she pushed that Thing so hard she made it appear that There are all these Outlets I don't know If you guys remember this about the Dossier it was it was the it was Business Insider it was the Atlantic it Was Politico but she was the sole author But it sounded like this was going Around and around and around and the Result is not necessarily corroborating Evidence because there wasn't any she Got a job at MSNBC they rewarded her Despite the fact that she was wrong on Everything and you think well maybe Maybe you learn a lesson from that but Then they then this laptop hoax comes up And they feed it to her and why because She was masterful at the Russian dossier Hoax so that that's why she got rewarded So it should have set off the alarms Which she was behind that letter which She got that letter first everybody in In journalism said wait a second that's

The same that's the same person that Pushed this this dossier she's wholly Unreliable and oh wait a second that's Why she has it that's why she has it so And then yet they all played along and To my knowledge she still has a job She's known as a national security Reporter how is that even possible the Two biggest lies of the last three years She pushed You know the sad part about all of this Is that it was interference in a Presidential election should be illegal Should have believed the New York is a Crime hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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