Kamala Harris demands six-week cease-fire in Gaza

Kamala Harris demands six-week cease-fire in Gaza

Former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus discusses Israel’s boycott of cease-fire negotiations. #FoxNews

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A Fox News Alert Israel boycotting Ceasefire negotiations yesterday as Hamas terrorist report refused to Provide a list of the hostages still Alive in captivity the news coming as Top Israel Cabinet member Benny gance Traveled to Washington to meet with President Biden's Administration members Including VP Harris later today so What's next for Israel and is this Administration trying to divide the Israeli government joining us now former IDF spokesperson and Senior fellow at The FDD Jonathan can kriz Jonathan great To see you again first off why is Benny Why is Benny Gans coming here when Benjamin netanyahu's far-right lud party Spokesperson uh said this was a Unauthorized visit and Netanyahu Reportedly said it's going to be uh that We can only have one prime minister at a Time in a tough conversation he had with Benny gance before he left what's going On Here yeah good morning I hope you can Hear me well I'm in southern Israel in Zot close to the action close to Gaza so It's no secret that the Strategic ties Between Israel and the US are of the Utmost importance for Israel and for Regional stability and as such I think All Israeli parties are trying to do the Best with the current situation and Perhaps most importantly alleviate

Pressure from the US which is leveled on Israel in order to be forced into this Deal that is is now being spoken about a Lot and that Israel really wants to Release our hostages but we find Ourselves in a situation where Hamas are Making Preposterous demands perhaps Banking on the fact that they know that There's a lot of pressure on Israel and I think that the visit of Minister guns Is part of the effort to try to Alleviate some of that and get a better Bargaining position for Israel do you Believe prime minister Netanyahu wants Him to go or not is this spokesperson Wrong saying that he did not want him to Go I think it serves the eventual Purpose of getting Israelis home and That is what eventually matters the most Politics are important for politicians What Israelis care about is getting Israelis back home and winning the war And we've gone too many nights and days And the families are waiting for their Loved ones to be returned from the hell That Hamas is keeping them and in my Mind I think that any right means Justifies are Justified here in order to Further the chances of us getting them Home and winning the war uh I don't know Why why don't you answer the question Though does Netanyahu want Benny gance to go and is This an attempt by this Administration

To defy the Israeli government who Clearly have a problem with your prime Minister I don't know I honestly don't Know what the Prime Minister prefers and What he doesn't prefer but I think that This cabinet is more or less f focused On defeating Hamas and trying to get the Best conditions possible for getting Israelis home I think a big challenge That we have ahead of us is the issue of RAF there are that needs to be taken it Needs to be done but the IDF has been Told to wait and wait and wait until the Deal is made in order to deliver the Final and decisive blow against Hamas And in military terms that is never a Good thing when you when you lose Momentum and when you stop in your I Hear you here's the vi here's our vice President calling on you guys to stop Fighting Watch I will repeat the threat of Hamas Poses to the people of Israel must be Eliminated and Given the immense scale of suffering in Gaza there must be an immediate [Music] Ceasefire for at least the next 6 weeks Which is what is currently on the table Can you have uh can Hamas be defeated if You don't go into Rafa the short answer is no Hamas cannot And will not be defeated until the IDE Of takes Rafa dismantles the tunnels

That have been running weapons into Gaza For the last 15 20 years through Egypt Without those tunnels closed Hamas has a Way out and it has a way to build its Future capabilities and trying to argue Otherwise would be not telling the truth We need to win this war we need to Defeat Hamas in a decisive way for them And all other terrorists to understand What fate awaits them when you cross the Border into Israel when you Massacre 1,200 Israelis mostly civilians they Cannot be allowed to live and see the Light of another day the war could end Very quickly and as the Vice President Says ceasefire can in and is Within Reach if Kamas surrenders if they turn Over the hostages unconditionally and if The Hamas coward leaders emerge from Underground under their hiding Underneath Israeli civilians the war Would end I think very quickly because Israelis want to get on with living but That isn't the case and the the decision Here is by Hamas and it is simply no way Of ending the war without defeating Hamas and defeating Hamas comes after we Take ra right and all those civilians Every civilian death is a tragedy but It's Hamas is to blame you guys are Dropping Flyers text messages making Calls you're providing corridors to exit It's up to Hamas to do it but instead They keep People In Harm's Way because

They cower uh in basement of schools and Hospitals Jonathan thank you so Much thank you for having me and have a Good morning all right stay safe I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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