Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden “Proud” About Economy As Just 13% Say They’re Better Off Under Biden

Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden "Proud" About Economy As Just 13% Say They're Better Off Under Biden

Comments made on 1/23/24

And is the president frustrated that Americans are feeling better about the Economy but they're not feeling better About his ring I think what the President is is proud to see is that the Data is showing that consumer confidence Is up is that we're able to see gas Prices under three bucks in more than in 27 States that's important that's what The the president is happy to see the President is is is happy to see that We've created more than 14 million jobs That's what we're going to continue uh To work on an economy that is that that Uh that makes sure that we build from The bottom up middle out and let's not Forget we're going to continue to lower Cost for the American people and so as Long as we do that as long as we do our Job the president does his job then That's what matters

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