Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Republicans For Biden’s Border Crisis As Dems Block GOP’s Border Bill

Karine Jean-Pierre Blames Republicans For Biden's Border Crisis As Dems Block GOP's Border Bill

Comments made on 1/23/24

The president spoke to this last week uh A little bit too he said you know he he Called out he said to House of Republicans do you really want to Actually fix this problem do you really Actually want to uh do the work that's Needed to deal with the issue that we're Seeing at the border do you really want To fix this immigration system I'm Adding on to what the president said but That's a question for House Republicans I think we have proven Republicans in The Senate and Democrats in the Senate Have proven that we actually want to Work on this issue uh on this broken System and so look if they are real About this if they want to fix this Problem then they would get involved They would get involved but they haven't Right you heard me say back at the end Of uh last year they left in the middle Of December while negotiations were Happening with Republicans in the Senate And the Democrats in the Senate so you Know this is a real problem this is an Issue that uh Americans care about and They want to see it done in a bipartisan Way that's what we're trying to do that That's what we're trying I don't know Why House Republicans continue to get in The way

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