‘KARMA’S A B—-‘: Tiger King’s Joe Exotic has a message for Trump

'KARMA'S A B----': Tiger King's Joe Exotic has a message for Trump

‘Tiger King’ shares his plans to challenge President Biden for the Democratic nomination in 2024 on ‘Lawrence Jones Cross Country.’

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Welcome back so we brought you an Exclusive interview with Tiger King Joe Exotic just a few weeks ago when the Infamous zookeeper first launched his Presidential campaign and now Joe has Got a brand new announcement he's Running as a Democrat now he previously Ran for president in 2016 as an Independent and then he ran for governor Of Oklahoma as a Libertarian in 2018. so I spoke to Joe about what made him Switch parties and how he plans to beat President Biden from behind bars watch So Joe we had you on last time because You announced that you were running for President you were running as a Libertarian that has since changed You're now running as a Democrat why yes Sir Well you know uh To do nothing but but fight amongst Themselves and they their views were a Little too far out there but so running As a Democrat I can I can you know There's not going to be one party that Anybody's going to like but I think I Can make more of a difference debating And getting President Biden's attention As a Democrat You know I I believe in pro-choice I Believe in the Second Amendment I I Still don't believe that anybody under 21 should have an assault rifle you know I I believe in uh lgbtq transgender

Things should should not be happening The kids under 18 uh uh there's just Views on on every aisle that that I Agree with let's say you get released And you make the debate stage with the Commander-in-chief Joe Biden what are You going to challenge him on The War on Drugs that he started in 1994 And and has been pushing all this time Uh you know the United States has has an Ocean line on just about every part of It except the northern and the southern Borders and the southern borders of mass American people give their lives for the Freedom of this country And the people that are coming across The border are getting a free pass Joe There's a new Democratic party there is Bernie Sanders there is AOC the Progressives controlled the party period So how are you going to message to those People are you prepared to take those Folks on I am I am I you know and and there's Some things that that I agree with Bernie Sanders on you know but there's There's a lot of things that I don't I I Have no problem getting rid of student Debt but if we're going to get rid of Student debt we're getting like we're Gonna give the people that work their Butts off and paid their loans off on Their own we're going to give them a Break somehow or or give them some cash

Back what is your thought on the Trump Indictment do you believe that was fair [Music] Anybody else the system of two-party Justice in this country with the rich And the poor we've got to stop You say that you've been targeted you You say that the former president of the United States Donald Trump is being Targeted now in this prosecution what What is your message to the former President What would you tell Donald Trump So all I got to say to him is karma's a Chaining that's your message for Donald Trump do you worry do you worry because You're from you know people know you From Netflix The Tiger King do you worry That it's too much baggage for the American people I get Justice and it's time you know President Biden would be the smartest Thing that man ever done was to look at My pardon that's on his desk look at the Evidence don't party Or because I'm running for office pardon Me because it's the right thing to do so What would you tell the American people What is your message why are you the guy What's your message for for the people You know what You know what get on my website Joe Exotic2024.com I answer every American Person that has a question my platform's

On there My Views are on there this call Is from a federal prison Joe Exotic the Tiger King uh from federal prison sir Thanks so much for joining the program Again You got hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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