Kayleigh McEnany explains why Trump’s VP pick is ‘so important’ amid legal troubles

Kayleigh McEnany explains why Trump's VP pick is 'so important' amid legal troubles

Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany and Lawrence Jones join ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss voter support for former President Trump if he is convicted before the 2024 election. #FoxNews

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If there is a conviction in a trial Between now and the Election how do you feel about that Would that change things for you Absolutely not I'll always stand by Trump he stands for America and I stand For America as well how much does it Matter to you if there's a conviction Between now and November it doesn't it Doesn't it doesn't for me I still Support Donald Donald Trump doesn't Change anything NOP maybe fires me up More I feel like you know it's a hunt so Um doesn't change my vote for Trump at All that is nothing but a smear campaign Against Donald Trump because their fear They're in fear of him I'm just looking Out uh for myself and my family and I Just want you know a better life for That you know he'll do crooked things All the time he has a proven track Record I like his policies I'm sticking With Trump trump supporters here in New Hampshire saying a possible Federal Conviction would not sway them from Voting but polls show a guilty verdict Could maybe hurt their formal president In the general election want to bring in Kaye mcin and Lawrence Jones great to Have you both here can we just point out The obvious that was a trump rally right Yes a lot of those people have been in Line for eight hours minimum I mean you Knew where their loyalty lied but the

Reason why we bring that up call for Number two is the Reuters poll from About three weeks ago if there's a Conviction of a felony by a jury look at Column right among Republicans uh would You still support Donald Trump and 28% Say no hence the reason for the back and Forth okay so let's get to talking about This you talked to the president this Morning do you want to listen to a Little bit of that okay call for number One here this is Lawrence and Donald Trump this Morning what's a day one like of a trump Presidency part two okay you're going to Number one we're going to have the same Border and even stronger if possible We're going to get rid of inflation very Quickly we're going to be drilling like You've never seen before we're going to Get and we're going to start paying down Debt we have so many great things we're Going to be doing He seems like he's already got it mapped Out yeah he's in a good mood and uh he Wants to unify the country that's his New message right now that it is the System that is going against him you Know back to that last topic that y'all Were talking about of the people uh Voting for him if he's prosecuted I was Talking to this woman uh in the diner Today and she's a Nicki Haley uh former Nicki Haley supporter you'll say and she

Goes she's right that chaos follows Donald Trump and she made that same Argument today on America's Newsroom but The thing that she doesn't talk about is That the system is against him and she Goes after reflection that's why I have To support him because if I don't Support him because of them going after Him and the illegal prosecutions and the Two-tier justice system then I say it's Okay for me and there's a lot of Republicans that feel that way that may Not like the tone and tener by the way Me and the president talked about that Yesterday and his argument is like They've been coming after me since Before I declared so that's why fight The way I fight interesting Harvard Law Over here what do you think KY yeah look I I think it there there's an argument To be made that it's improbable a Conviction Could Happen judge chatkin Last week issued a six-page uh decision Which basically said Jack Smith stop Filing motions while this is appealed That time does not count against the Seven months I'm allowing Donald Trump To prepare this case so that's likely Pushing back that March timeline but to Underscore the point of Lawrence Jones Here a lot of Voters look at this and They say look the New York Times Surveyed election officials and the New York Times F found that in Alvin brag

Case no one had ever brought a case on a Federal election charge New York Prosecutors that is to say uh then you Go to the civil case in our own brain Room couldn't find a comparable case Where there was a crime without a v a Situation like this without a victim That was prosecuted in the Civil realm And then you go to the ballot removal And you know in Maine one unelected Secretary of state gets to remove Someone from the ballot so that's the Animating feeling among Republicans However Donald Trump has to win Independence and that's that's why the VP pick is so important having someone Out there who can litigate these cases Going on in a way that is credibly Received by independent and Suburban Women I was thinking about that this Morning because there were voters who Went from Obama to Trump and then back To Biden how does President Trump plan To get those voters again to switch and Go with him well if you remember if you Look at that Pew poll that was done Right after the I'm sorry Gallup poll That was done after the election and Right before the election 52% of American said they were better off under Donald Trump they didn't vote for Jo Joe Biden because he was good on policy or Because they felt like he was going to Make life better things were going well

For them they voted that way because of The tone and tener um you have the Conveniency to talk about tone and tener When everything is going well well for You though and you're not going to the Grocery store and inflation is in you And crime is not out of control and the Border is not under car you know so you Can make those type of arguments what We're hearing from voters is is much Different which is why I told people From the very beginning of this Republican primary process that these Candidates were wasting their time now They deserve the right to run but I've Been talking with diners all over the Country Urban America Middle America Everything and they all say the same Thing we want to return to life being Better for us uh Interesting there's going to be a Fundamental question at some point this Week and we might as well go ahead and Just crack it open right now how many of These issues that you're talking to Among diners all across America how many Of these issues problems Scenarios crises can Joe Biden make Better in the next 10 months that's the Fundamental question it's all the Border It's all the economy you economists Would say to you the economic Outlook is Looking better interest rates will Likely come down the FED has indicated

That which makes cars more affordable Which makes housing more affordable is There enough time though for voters to Feel any change in the economy and Donald Trump what a powerful message to Be able to say when I was President of The United States we had wages going up For black Americans for Latino Americans The economy was stronger and more robust Than ever before until Co hit uh so he Has a strong case to make and can Joe Biden reverse the feeling it's not Enough to say the econom is great the Feeling that voters feel yeah to that Point real quickly the the president as Well as the White House have not Conceited on the point of feelings They're they're explaining away and I I Think he would have actually a great Opportunity because when you get him off The cuff sometimes he can be very Personable but they have conceded on That point and so until they concede on I down to the Rope line of the I'll talk To them I'll talk to them post it up at The White House Peter duy allows it you Guys stay warm here in New Hampshire I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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