Kayleigh McEnany: Now they’re all blaming each other

Kayleigh McEnany: Now they're all blaming each other

‘Outnumbered’ hosts discuss former White House chief of staff Ron Klain’s comments on treatment of Vice President Kamala Harris. #foxnews

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Kamala Harris getting a wake-up call From American voters as she braces for 2024. the vice president continues to Face Fierce criticism from Republicans And members of her own party for Stumbling in interviews and making Minimal if any progress on the tasks Assigned to her notably the southern Border but former white house chief of Staff Ron Clane is now rushing to her Defense claiming it's not her fault that People don't seem to like her watch Why do you think sexism and racism are Part of the problem no question about it I think that you know she just hasn't Had the right she she hasn't gotten the Credit for all that she's done What's that and while White House Allies Try to repair the vice president's image It seems like the American public isn't Buying it the latest Fox News polling Shows just 41 percent of Voters have a Favorable opinion of Vice President Harris 57 percent have an unfavorable opinion Of her and only 43 percent say they Approve of the job she's doing in office Chris possible 2024 presidential Candidate Tim Scott told Fox on Wednesday the only thing worse than a Joe Biden presidency is a Kamala Harris Presidency and it seems like the American people agree yeah he definitely Took some shots for sure but you know

What it doesn't all first of all what She represents for women and minorities In the office is spectacular and we have To acknowledge that but it's not always About gender and identity how about just The fact that it could be about Leadership and poor leadership at that And the fact that you have a job you've Been entrusted by the American people to Do something and if you're not doing That job we have the ability to hold you Accountable for that you're the borders Are I live in a border state of Texas we Spend billions of dollars a year on Border security in the state of Texas Where is a plan where is the plan not Only for border security but to maybe Fix the broken immigration system that Has to do with visas and the fact that Nearly half of the illegals in this Country came legally on a broken system There's so much that needs to be done You know but we also have to acknowledge It's not her problem this is our problem We have forgotten the fact that we are a Team in the United States and team is Together each achieves more and a great Team has a great coach and we put great Coaches or at least we've elected Coaches that we hope are great sometimes They're not and we've got to hold them Accountable to that because a great Coach is a great leader and right now We're not getting good leadership and I

Think that's the issue yeah respectfully Um I I disagree I think simply because She's an utter failure so to me Casey I Don't I don't see her as a Representative or model in any form I Don't I don't believe someone holding an Office means anything until they perform That's a position of service she has Exhibited no form of leadership no form Of accomplishment as evidenced in part I Would say by how many have departed her Office certainly at a minimum she's not Maintaining any type of inspiring Environment Um because a lot of people have been Running for the hills the whole time Right you say she's the borders are so That she is tasked to be the coach of That let's say that she's tasked to be The coach of her staff 17 have departed Since she took office I mean you hear These stories coming out and It's just Sad I mean you let's look at the Democratic party you have these Superstars so you want to tackle sexism You have uh Hillary Clinton you have Michelle Obama who wasn't an elected Official but she is a shining star of The democratic party uh you have Nancy Pelosi I mean you can't argue with their Accomplishments uh and it's just falling Flat and it's unfortunate and Interestingly Jerry to that point you Know when Ron Clane says well sexism and

Racism are part of the problem he says She hasn't gotten credit for what she's Done the issue is evidenced by the fact That no one is able to articulate what She's done give me specificity and an Articulable accomplishment that she has Done that has bettered America in any in Any one of the what six seven titles That she has I haven't seen one yet and They haven't either that's why they're Unable to articulate it but don't forget It's just about her skin or her gender Well to that point if I were her today What I would do is call her on Clane and I would call him out and I would say Stop making excuse this is for me I am Not a victim you're embarrassing me in Front of the entire country it's not Sexism it's not racism this isn't what It's about do you think Indira Nui who Was the CEO of PepsiCo for 12 years That's just unheard of being a CEO for 12 years the average length of time People serve five years do you think she Said you know I'm Indian it was racist I'm a woman it's sexist no she never Said that if you want to lead look she Has a seat at the table she is Vice President of the United States she's a Heartbeat away from being the leader of The Free World you're you know you have The keys to the kingdom move right lead Yeah and part of my problem with this Administration Kaylee um and

Specifically with Biden and kamla is the Fact that you know leadership includes Humility leadership includes acceptance Of responsibility not just inspiring and Taking action and all we get from this Administration is blaming others it's an Abject refusal to take responsibility For the consequences of their decisions Or utter lack thereof or everything was Trump's fault let's watch an example of The fact that Kamala Harris continues to Blame Trump for the Border crisis Under the prior Administration they Essentially dismantled The system It and broke it and we have been since We came in office attempting to fix it In a number of ways which includes more Judges more Personnel making sure that We secure the Border but that we have Also an immigration system that is fair And humane The blaming Biden Administration that's What they should be called because they Continue to blame it's not just Ron Klein who says it's sexism and racism It's also gensaki she said that about Kamala Harris it's also Kamala Harris's Own staff according to axios Harris's Allies point out she has faced sexism And racism and argue that the White House has not helped her enough so They're saying the White House now They're blaming each other even within

So it's not just blame Trump it's like Blame others in my administration's nuts But I also want to point out we'd be Remiss if we didn't mention today Biden Is at his historic low in approval 37 According to Gallup and it comes hand in Hand with the economy getting pretty bad Marks economies 16 say the economy is Good just a word of warning to Republicans it used to be the old adage You know it's the economy stupid well it Wasn't the economy stupid in the Midterms the economy had low markings And Democrats did very well so we've got To come up with a new playbook the Republicans do because the economy being Bad by them being unpopular it's simply Not enough to get across the Finish Oh take heed listen to Kaylee on that All right hey everyone I'm Emily Compagno catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on Outnumbered every weekday at 12 p.m Eastern or sets your DVR also don't Forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily highlights

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