Kayleigh McEnany: Trump loves his country, he doesn’t deserve this

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump loves his country, he doesn't deserve this

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the upcoming arraignment of former President Trump, set to take place Tuesday in New York City. #FoxNews

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Did a straight up noon in the East and We are awaiting the departure of former President Donald Trump from his home Base in Florida and just moments from Now he's heading to New York City for What's set to be an unprecedented Presidential arraignment in court we're Also awaiting a news conference from City officials in New York City on the Trump arraignment what they want to tell People they're doing to get ready for The number 45's arrival Hello this is outnumbered I'm Harris Faulkner here with my co-host Kaylee Mcinini and Emily compagno also joining Us Fox Business correspondent Jerry Willis and Fox News contributor Douglas Murray The former president is flying out of Florida to New York He set to spend the night at Trump Tower In Manhattan ahead of his court Appearance criminal court tomorrow And he's scheduled to face charges Related to the hush money payments made To an adult film worker Stormy Daniels and the run-up to the 2016 election new polling shows nearly Half of all Americans believe these Charges are politically motivated well Kaylee mcinerney I don't know that you Would be able to look at them much Differently because of the timing of all Of this and the fact that this case has

Been dropped so many times including by The Department of Justice that's right Jeb Bush making that point it's Interesting the unlikely allies you are Finding for president Trump some of them Political opponents in this case former Jeb Bush former Florida Governor saying Bragg's predecessor didn't take up the Case the justice department didn't take Up the case Bragg first said he would Not take up the case this is very Political not a matter of Justice in This case let the jury be the voters Bill Barr called it an Abomination the Media even some Outlets defending the Former president on this The Economist Prosecuting Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels looks like a mistake and then The one really interesting piece I saw In the media was in the New York Times By it was a guest essay that was written It's by former Federal prosecutor and She says this at least one thing seems Clear Mr Bragg may have been the first Local prosecutor to do it but he Probably will not be the last every Local prosecutor in the country will now Feel that he or she has free reign to Criminally investigate before I move on From you because you're the only person On the couch who has worked for Our 45th president Um talk to me if you will about the Inner circle around the president right

Now that that the American people should Know he's at his home in Mar-A-Lago we Had that picture up a little while ago Getting ready to leave with the Motorcade right now yeah he has his Attorneys none of whom I know personally I know some folks who are still on his Campaign Jason Miller comes to mind Among a few others but what I would say Just you know having had a relationship Of course my former boss with this Person this is someone who loves this Country this is someone who always when I saw him in decision making during a Global pandemic that we had not seen in Our hands put the American people first He loves this country he did not have to Do this he was an affluent businessman a Lot of people go into politics because They want fame or they want money in the Aftermath this is someone who had both Of those things and stood up because he Thought the country was at a Tipping Point and he doesn't deserve this Something that's been roundly criticized By even his political opponents so Emily What can you tell me about the statute Of limitations if like you or I did Something would they apply Under this current Administration I Wonder Harris who knows who knows what Would happen to us too um I will say That so part of the argument here is That um the the underlying crime here we

Know is is or what we think is going to Happen is it has to do with a federal Elections law infringement and that Statute of limitations is five years That's why some argue Alvin Bragg has Shoehorned in what would have been a Misdemeanor with the statute of Limitations of only two years on this Federal elections law thing because it Enabled him to actually seek a Prosecution and I know you know you Mentioned sort of the unlikely allies as Well the the flip side of that is how Many elected officials have just Um sent I believe frankly really Shocking statements in support of this Jumping to conclusions affording no Sense of responsibility or duty of their Office to afford someone the presumption Of innocence which they afford uh Rightfully so to members of their own Party but simply not this one Maxine Waters says he finally got indicted I Predicted he would I predicted that Stormy Daniels would get him sometimes Justice works we have Adam Schiff say Wait she was rooting for the porn star Yes she says so too Adam Schiff says you Know he says but so too is the unlawful Conduct for which Trump has been charged Even more Grievous misconduct for which He is currently under investigation There's been no conclusions to these Investigations we don't have these

Specific charges yet Um you know Pelosi of course as we Talked about everyone has afforded the Right to prove their innocence at trial Which was frankly a perversion of the System in a statement and notice well Finally that representative Bowman from This state who says that Trump's Protestations of this prosecution of Calling it a political persecution that He says they are racist attacks on the D.A and yet representative Bowman Calling supporters of trump dogs is Somehow not racist all right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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